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Author Topic: [NES] Mega Man 3 - "Magnet Man" by peteberman71  (Read 101 times)


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[NES] Mega Man 3 - "Magnet Man" by peteberman71
« on: November 25, 2017, 11:06:14 PM »

Submission Information:

Series: Mega Man
Game: Mega Man 3
Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Title: Magnet Man
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: peteberman71
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Re: [NES] Mega Man 3 - "Magnet Man" by peteberman71
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2017, 11:17:48 PM »

Hi! First thing, check the formatting guidelines. There's a couple of thing to fix.

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Re: [NES] Mega Man 3 - "Magnet Man" by peteberman71
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2017, 05:59:28 AM »

Hey, there, Pete! (Can I call you that?) Welcome to NinSheetMusic, or as we call it, NSM!

I looked at yer sheet, and I am happy to say you're off to a grrrrrreat start! In order to progress, though, we should go through a few rules together, rather than you just being redirected to the official thread Trasdegi linked you to. Don't be intimidated by all this! I'm here to help you this time! Just please take this stuff to heart, it really helps the updaters, who help check and accept your sheets! (FYI: I am not one of them) BTW, thanks for this sheet! We have several Mega Man fans here on-site, but I mainly focus on the Game Boy titles, and Dudeman's sheet's link is dead. WaluigiTime64, why didn't you get this one? You already stole Toad Man Stage from me

The following feedback is for if you are a Finale/Finale Notepad user! If you're not, we'll figure something out.

Before we start, always post a YouTube video in your submission thread! Preferrably, make it a non-extended version, in case an updater wants to convert to .mp3 (more on that later).

Before we begin, let me get something straight: all regular text made using the Text tool is in Times New Roman!

1. Song title. Centered, size 24, bold with quotation marks. FYI, this song is called "Magnet Man Stage". Don't worry, I made this mistake, too. Many sheets.
2. Game name. Centered, size 12 and italicized.
3. Composer credits. Size 12 and bold. Can either say "Composed by" or "Composition by", your choice.
4. Arranger credits. Size 12 and italicized, like the game name. I don't know what arranger name you'd prefer, so I just put your forum username.
5. Tempo marking. Should be an expression.
6. Instrument label. We know this is a no-brainer, but still, people are picky here.

Top row: Developer and/or publisher, next to its initial release year. Publisher, if applicable, comes first.
Bottom row: always the same for these newer sheets.

For every page after the first, the song title should be up here by default; size 12, with quotation marks.

^^ Oh, and these last two should be centered on the page.

As for the arrangement itself...

Great shot at this! As a beginner here, you had very few note/rhythm inaccuracies! Let's discuss a few:

m1: The Nintendo Entertainment System, putting it simply for this situation, didn't have the capability to play more than 3 notes (excluding percussion,) at once, but those extras aren't really hurting anything, so if you wanna leave them, that's fine by me.
Also, speaking of, the composers for its games never really changed volume/dynamics that often, but if you're unsure of what to put, use a simple mezzo-forte. We need at least some kind of dynamic marking.
m2-3: Consider the speed these fingers will be moving at. I know it hurts, but we're gonna have to go against note accuracy and remove the bottom notes for the pianist's sake.
m4 and Similar Situations: This "dotted eighth-dotted eighth-eighth" pattern isn't the best way to spell such a phrase. Go with "dotted-eighth-tie-sixteenth-eighth".
m6 and Similar Situations: You're not always writing notes out to their full values. It also creates an unnecessary clutter of rests.  Make sure they're held out long enough. Listen closely to the song.
Also, at this speed, staccatos on the sixteenths is too much. Remove them, because however they're played won't sound much different.
m11: Flip stems away from each other in separate layers.
m14 (LH): Remember your spelling. Use this chart to help:

m22-23: You've had some close calls before, but I feel this is where a line should be drawn. You're asking the pianist to stretch their hands out waaaaaaay too much, so bump the bottom layer up an octave. (Yes, I know, it hurts, but we gotta do what we gotta do.) Also, remove the bottom notes on each last set of sixteenths. You know why.

m24 (Final Measure): When octave dyads start to move fast, sometimes you should remove the bottom note to make things more playable.

The tempo should be 10 bpm faster. To determine tempo, try using this handy tool!

I checked the notes and rhythyms, and I have a few words to say:

Good job for the most part! Just make sure you don't overcomplicate rhythms. Stay true to the original, spell them right, and don't interchange staccato'd notes with shorter notes. If you're listening off of YouTube, go to the settings and listen at half speed; this helps a lot. Also try converting the video to .mp3 and using AudioStretch! It's a very helpful tool -- kudos to Latios212 for introducing me to it -- and you should try it if you're not absolutely sure everything is accurate.

Once again, super job on this! Now, I won't do this for you every time, but for now, just download the .zip file below containing the files you'll need to replace your current submission files. These, as far as I know, are all fixed, with the proper notes, rhythms and formatting tidbits.

.zip file containing everything you need!

We hope you enjoy your stay here! Ciao!
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Re: [NES] Mega Man 3 - "Magnet Man" by peteberman71
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2017, 08:35:36 PM »

Bump for arranger.

If you don't respond relatively soon, I'll have to remove this.


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Re: [NES] Mega Man 3 - "Magnet Man" by peteberman71
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2018, 03:23:37 AM »

I see the files are already edited with Levi's edits... peteberman71, please in the future post when you make changes and to respond to feedback, or else your submission will probably be archived.

This is looking pretty neat, but looking at the intro you're breaking 3-voice polyphony here. The lowest notes in the right hand in measure 1 aren't in the original, and they are redundant since they octave double the left hand, so you can go ahead and remove them.
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