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Author Topic: Magalamoto's Compositions- Pokemon: Citrine Version Pt. 2  (Read 113 times)


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Magalamoto's Compositions- Pokemon: Citrine Version Pt. 2
« on: January 29, 2017, 12:48:25 AM »

Hello, composition thread, and welcome to part two of the Pokemon: Citrine Version soundtrack. Exactly twenty days ago, I made the first post on this thread that contained the first ten songs to the upcoming Pokemon fan-game, Pokemon: Citrine Version. As I promised before, whenever the soundtrack receives ten more songs, I make another update to the topic on this forum. Some notable additions to this update include the Title theme, most of the Jingles (trainer defeated, wild pokemon defeated, gym badge obtained, etc..), the Vs. Gym Leader theme, evolution themes, route 2 theme, gym leader defeated theme, and so on. Though, this is important. Because of the small sizes of the tracks, I decided not to go through the trouble to post the jingles and evolution themes to YouTube. As a result, if you are interested, you will have to pay my MuseScore page a visit.

On the subject of said MuseScore page, if you go to my tab marked "sets" you can access the MIDIs, MuseScore files, PDFs files, and so on of every track in the game in the set marked "Pokemon: Citrine Version OST". Without further ado, here are the links. I do hope you enjoy my handiwork.

MUSESCORE PROFILE PAGE: https://musescore.com/protopianist3
FULL POKEMON: CITRINE VERSION SOUNDTRACK ON MS: https://musescore.com/protopianist3/sets/3269501
POKEMON: CITRINE VERSION OST COMPILATION ON YT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ2Ci9EvJRS5bPj-k8gyotvvJaMGWATxt
Finally, if you are interested in the soundtrack and become interested in the actual game the songs will be featured in, you can follow the game's development on GameJolt with this link: http://gamejolt.com/games/pokemon-citrine-version/230060

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