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Author Topic: Static's Miscellaneous Arrangements - All New! (sort of)  (Read 33 times)


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Static's Miscellaneous Arrangements - All New! (sort of)
« on: May 14, 2017, 04:02:05 AM »

Welcome to my miscellaneous arrangements thread!

This is where I will be stockpiling my admittedly small, but slowly growing collection of random arrangements.

Most of these sheets are from my old MuseScore days (late 2015-early 2016); basically shortly before I joined NSM. There's some VGM arrangements that are too different to really be considered for the site, though I do plan to properly arrange them later (particularly the Animal Crossing ones). Right now, it's almost all VGM, but hopefully I'll get some more arrangements completed eventually. There's a lot of part-writing errors and formatting errors all over the place in these since they're from before I really started studying up on theory and notation principles, so do your best to ignore those lol. If anyone is genuinely interested in either playing or just having one of these arrangements, let me know and I'll do my best to fix up what I have.

You know, if there's one thing I learned from digging up these old sheets, it's that I should write for drums more often lol. Percussion in general, really.

Anyway, without further ado, take a look:

[GCN] Animal Crossing - "K.K. Mambo" Piano Remix
[Folder of Stuff] [Original/Original]

[GCN] Animal Crossing - "K.K. Ska (Aircheck)" Piano Remix
[Folder of Stuff] [Original]

[GCN] Animal Crossing - "Apple TV" for Misc. Ensemble
[Folder of Stuff] [Original]

[SNES] Super Mario RPG - "And My Name's Booster" for Small Jazz Ensemble Thing
[Folder of Stuff] [Original]

[TV] The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - "Hare Hare Yukai" for Solo Trombone
[Folder of Stuff] [Original]

These are all I have for right now, but other stuff I'm working on that may eventually finish include a piano solo arrangement of The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop, a piano solo arrangement of that one dance song from Jellyfish Jam from SpongeBob, a jazz band arrangement/transcription of The Mob (also SpongeBob production music; most notable for being in Hall Monitor), and a jazz band arrangement/transcription of Throwback Galaxy from Mario Galaxy 2 (originally Mario 64 of course but the SMG2 version is jazzier).

My interest in film/TV scores almost rivals my interest in VGM so expect to see more of that kinda stuff here when I can get it done.
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