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Author Topic: Need a music layout/edit that your Finale product can't handle? Ask here!  (Read 68725 times)


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Finale Notepad sucks. I'm arranging a song that has a key change and the right hand is bass clef. Notepad automatically switched the key change back the original key and it won't let me change the treble clef to bass clef. On top of that, the systems seem too widespread. Can someone raise the last six measures by two semitones (those measures should be in the key of A major), change the treble clef to bass clef (for the whole song), and fix the system spacing? Thanks in advance because I was kinda rude (feel like that's not the right word) in what I said.


Edit: Turns out that I have another arrangement with a similar problem. The LH is supposed to be treble clef and there's a whole page with only one measure. Can someone help with that, too?

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How are these?

Paper Jam

Dark Moon
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