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Author Topic: Pokemon Showdown!  (Read 44319 times)


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Re: Pokemon Showdown!
« Reply #855 on: August 06, 2017, 06:36:22 AM »

While testing Mega Medicham on my used-to-be-Mega-Banette-team (then for a time was a Mega Scizor team). I eschewed the regular Fake Out for Bulk Up, hoping to use Mega Medicham to scare things out and set up so it hopefully has the OOMPH it needs to actually OHKO things (because somehow 100 base attack Pure Power isn't always enough), instead of chipping away at things (which just doesn't cut it all the time). Of course, it relies on opponents doing the logical thing all the time, which a lot of the times they don't. I messed up a little by not Roosting against Scizor, instead going for Taunt (would've helped to keep the switch chain going on and wear down Scizor some more) and then assuming Tornadus had any item other than a Z-Crystal, but they messed up by keeping Tapu Bulu out when I switched in Gengar.
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Re: Pokemon Showdown!
« Reply #856 on: August 06, 2017, 11:27:55 PM »

wait, medicham is an OU pokemon?
Yup, Mega Medicham is still OU. Regular Medicham's probably further down.

In other news, Manaphy has dropped to UU. Anyone else want to push this guy into OU again? I have a bad feeling it'll be imprisoned in BL within one round otherwise...
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