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Author Topic: [GCN] Super Mario Sunshine - "Boss Battle" (Replacement) by V.E. Norman & E. Gadd Industries  (Read 63 times)


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Submission Information:

Series: Super Mario
Game: Super Mario Sunshine
Console: Nintendo GameCube
Title: Boss Battle
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arrangers: V.E. Norman & E. Gadd Industries

Replacement Information:

Links to Existing Sheet: MUS | MIDI | PDF
Replacement Type: Challenge (new arranger)

E. Gadd Industries

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YouTube links
Main Boss Battle Theme

Gooper Blooper Battle Theme

"Angry Wiggler" Theme

"Very Angry Wiggler" Theme

In addition to correcting the current sheet on-site and giving it a facelift, I added in the 3 other variations of this theme present in the game and attempted to arrange it similarly to "Route 2" from Pokemon Black/White, arranged by Latios and JD. Performer's Note is included at the end of the piece to give a bit of guidance as to how to play the sheet. I wasn't quite sure how to format the MIDI so I just submitted it as is. The MUSX is messy due to Finale's issues that have been mentioned in the past.

I think that's everything worth mentioning.

EDIT: OH One thing, this sheet will need to be edited on-site to be called "Various Boss Battle Themes" or whatever is deemed to be appropriate to reflect the collective nature of this sheet.
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Some things to consider:

- Would you consider this one song with variations, or different songs that share a section? The sheet implies the former, while the title implies the latter. Just as when JDMEK5 and I wrote out all of the variations of "Route 2 (insert season)" I simply left the title as "Route 2" since they were essentially one song with a few varying details. You may want to consider doing the same and leaving the title as the site currently has it, since "Various Boss Battle Themes" implies you have a collection of different tracks, which isn't really what you seem to be going for. I'm open to hearing otherwise, though.

- When I was messing around with the formatting for Route 2 the intros were all two measures, so I started numbering the main loop at measure 3 since it's really the first two measures of the song that differ based on the variation. I was going to say that wouldn't work here because the fourth intro has three measures, but actually that one should be two measures as well. Rhythm should go quarter + half + triplet eighths + whole note as the appropriate tempo (you may need to adjust).

- Accidentals can be tricky, but there are a couple simple guidelines to follow that can help you clean this up. First, when two voices are moving in parallel (up and down by the same amount), try and keep the intervals consistent. Look at the last dyad in the first measure - it's preceded by a bunch of minor thirds. So think about writing this one as one too, using a C flat instead of a B natural. There's a bunch of places where this applies, like the fourth intro and measures 19-20. Secondly, when a note is sandwiched between (preceded and followed by) instances of a chromatically adjacent note, you generally want to spell those differently. Here, in practice, that means you'd want to use E# in the right hand of m. 12 (you can also tell because of the intervals) and G# in measures 37-38. Take another pass through the sheet with these two tips in mind, and see how much weird-looking stuff you can clean up.

- Regarding playback, you can insert hidden jump markings and stuff to make them all play back in sequence or however you like. Again, refer to the Route 2 file for specifics. I can elaborate more if needed.
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