Miscellaneous arrangements


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[1] AmpharosAndy's Orchestral Shenanigans (Gears of War + Skyrim)

[2] ThatHiddenCharacter's Instrumental Arrangements

[3] DocDoom2's Orchestrations

[4] Dekkadeci's Medleys, Unfaithful Arrangements, and Non-VGM Transcriptions

[5] Static's Miscellaneous Arrangements - All New! (sort of)

[6] Sean081799's Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road Percussion Ensemble Arrangement

[7] Zeila's Miscellaneous Arrangements (New: BotW - Divine Beast Vah Ruta)

[8] [DS] Pokemon Black and White 2 "Virbank City" for Vibes

[9] [3DS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies - "End" for Alto Sax


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