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The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CI Sign-Ups
« on: March 11, 2018, 01:46:04 AM »
if hydradoodle gets picked just let him go instead of me

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CI Sign-Ups
« on: March 10, 2018, 12:06:26 AM »
I'd be willing to play only if it's hydradoodle lol

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: February 22, 2018, 03:48:19 AM »
I figured out the theme :^)

[7:53 PM] mastersuperfan: if it comes down to it I'm prepared to switch my vote to Dudeman
[7:53 PM] mastersuperfan: i.e. if THC were to get lynched instead
[7:53 PM] mastersuperfan: or kitb
[7:54 PM] mastersuperfan: not that THC isn't suspicious but "low-hanging fruit" as FA and Olimar have said
[7:54 PM] mastersuperfan: and I still think that lynching Brainy should come before lynching THC

switching to Dudeman, since it doesn't look like a Brainy lynch will be happening today

FA's post did a very good job of being convincing. Don't have a ton of time on my hands rn so this might be the last thing I say for today.

Tbh after yesterday I'm kind of hesitant to put a vote on anyone anymore, but I'm going to follow through with my earlier post and vote for Brainy. I totally understand all the suspicion for THC but I kind of get the impression that he always just plays that badly? (not that I would know for sure though, I've only played a couple TWGs; it's more of just a gut feel really) If it came down to it I would be fine with letting a THC lynch play out today, but I think Brainy should be more of a priority. For everyone who's been calling THC out for seeming wolfy and not adding anything new to the conversation, I don't see why the exact same reason, coupled with his rather poor explanation for voting davy, shouldn't cause us to consider Brainy as an option today instead. The hasty triple post earlier also kinda seems like a hasty wolf defense that doesn't really do a good job justifying himself, especially the first post which doesn't really contribute anything at all:

I mean I can understand everything else but the log post? Seriously?

A huge thing too is that we get information about (a) raeko, since Brainy changed his vote last minute to davy, and (b) THC, since, as Brainy himself pointed out, THC jumped on him pretty suddenly after Olimar's vote even though he was only "low on his suspicion list." If we lynch Brainy and he flips human, then THC is an easy next lynch. If Brainy flips red then that should give us a reason to look more closely at raeko instead. THC's flip doesn't really tell us much about Dudeman/raeko.

This week, despite being on break, I've really just been more occupied than I thought, so I'll take some time now to respond to some of Olimar's suspicions and list out some of my own, but I won't be able to write out a fully comprehensive list regarding every member at the moment. If there's any part that needs explanation/clarification though I'd be glad to elaborate.

First of all, Olimar's suspicion of me:

No Night 1 posts. Your first post seems pretty straightforward, but the ninja edit is what bugs me (mostly because I just completely disagree with Maestro's comment and you had such a change of heart within the short time of the ninja'd posting).

I'm not sure I see what you mean... I didn't have any "change of heart"; Maestro posted a possibility that I hadn't even crossed my mind, so I took a moment to think about it. I always stood (and still do) by the theory that the wolves hit Monika, and that it wasn't a missed wolfing, whether intentional or unintentional--in that post I had voiced my doubts about Maestro's proposed situation that prevented me from seriously believing it to be true.

Your vote came in very late and it comes across as a lynch bandwagon to me, especially following Maestro's vote (who also had few prior posts and voted davy) and BDS's vote to stunt a bandwagon. Your final vote is a "whoops oh no" at the start of Night 2. This looks Suspicious to me.

To be perfectly honest I just kinda... procrastinated playing TWG until I had to make a vote, partially out of unexpected business with IRL stuff and partially because I couldn't come to a clear decision. Given that raeko's active again and (in my eyes) does not seem particularly suspicious, I do feel like my choice was justified in trying to prevent a raeko lynch. Of course, though, we're probably worse off now than if we had lynched raeko instead of davy since he was Khajiit, but at the time several players had already voiced their suspicions of davy and I was more inclined to go with them than to lynch raeko based on a single out-of-place post (that was already potentially explained by her being from LLF) and inactivity that we couldn't attribute to wolfiness. I personally did not think that davy was the most suspicious player in the game so far (more on my suspicions below), but I figured he was a better lynch target than raeko. (in hindsight I guess I was wrong, unless raeko is the reviver or something)

A lot of Olimar's suspicions actually explain mine very well. In particular I'm getting very strong human vibes from FA and Bubbles (though, the way they play seems pretty unique and I haven't played TWG much so I don't know what they're like as wolves).

I'm more hesitant to put suspicion on Dudeman, though, if only because I see the merit in a THC lynch. This could also be THC just being an inexperienced player, but I feel like if this were his human game he would have learned by now.

The #1 suspicion I've been having so far, though, is Brainy. I would've mentioned this yesterday had I shown up to be more active earlier, but I'll outline my reasons now:

- Agreeing with what people say without really adding anything. I think people have pointing this out more with THC than with Brainy, but both of them are guilty of this (and because of it I'm not averse to a THC lynch, but I think Brainy has more suspicious parts to him that warrant a closer look first).

Yeah, okay. I see your point.

Good story so far, Noc. As for the wolfing, the only real possibilities I see here are monika wolf hit or inactivity.

^^ when both of those possibilities had just been mentioned already by other players

- Being overly concerned with being "sorta sus" as mentioned by FA. Had FA openly called him out on being wolfy, then I wouldn't have had a problem with this, but this is just such a minor point and the rest of FA's post had nothing to do with Brainy. Given that Brainy was around to read and respond to FA's post, I would've hoped that he would've tried to contribute to the ongoing discussion more to help the humans. FA himself caught this pretty clearly:

FireArrow, what are my tells exactly? I'd like you to shed some light on them if you would

For one, that you're more interested in me being slighty suspicous of you than literally every more important thing going on right now.

- Changing his vote to davy at the last minute without much of his own reasoning to back it up. While Olimar's suspicious of me and FA's been going off on Dudeman for our last-minute votes, I do feel like Brainy's decision here is a little fishier. If you check the chat log right before the phase change, Brainy didn't say nearly as much as the rest of us did--yet still made a decision to vote davy by the end. Further, when he made his vote post, he piggybacked off Dudeman's reasoning about a dead davy being better to revive than a dead raeko--which we've already established was not really a primary reason for the davy lynch. The Discord chat logs that Brainy/Olimar just posted doesn't help his case, considering how vague his response was when Olimar asked him to explain his reasoning:

[3:52 PM] Pearl: I know there was a deeper meaning behind my switch to davy, more so than i felt like explaining in the thread, but to be honest, day one left me with nothing to go on imo. I was literally grasping for stuff that felt like it would hold some value, but other than THC, nothing struck me as super suspicious.

Then again... had he been trying to save a wolf raeko with the davy vote, I imagine he would have been more open/vocal about lynching davy earlier. I'm not really sure I understand Brainy's move here whether he's a human or a wolf. So who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm still inclined to believe raeko is human; if this is the case then it's possible that the Master Wolf seered davy as Khajiit (which would make sense considering he's an active experienced player) and this could be a reason for a wolf to vote davy given the opportunity but not be particularly concerned about raeko dying? (There's the possibility of going for the raeko lynch this day for the cardflip, so if we do and she flips red I'll have to reconsider this.)

I'll agree that THC, TZP, Maestro, and (to a lesser extent, because I've just been getting some more human-y vibes in general, but I didn't try to pinpoint them closely) SuperMarina are all there on the suspicion list. Olimar's been playing pro-actively but still bothers me, though not necessarily out of wolfiness. I just think the wolves really did hit Monika, so I'm just kind of irked by his insistence on inactivity.

Considering that there's 4 wolves + Monika + traitor, it's unlikely that all these people under the most suspicion are going to include all the evils. There's a fairly decent chance that one of the relatively inactive people (Lkj + Thicc + E. Gadd) ends up being one of these... we just haven't seen enough of them yet. As everyone else has said, post more.

Forum Games / Re: The CTRL-V Game!
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:19:05 AM »

well shoot I screwed this up something awful at the last minute didn't I

do we still vote raeko tomorrow? if raeko's also a human I frikkin swear

I meant to consolidate my thoughts here in this thread but I ended up saying everything I wanted to say in the Discord chat. As suspicious as that one moment in the Discord channel was for raeko, I'm going to go with davy here for reasons in the chat below:

Discord chat log where we talk about lynching davy
[9:26 PM] mastersuperfan: all right I've narrowed my vote down to either davy or raeko... who just happen to be the two with the most votes right now
[9:26 PM] mastersuperfan: raeko definitely has a stronger case against her but I'm particularly worried about the possibility that she just couldn't keep playing for a while here and that she's actually human
[9:27 PM] mastersuperfan: actually both davy and Olimar are rubbing me the wrong way
[9:27 PM] Gerik: It's very unlikely that both are bad
[9:27 PM] mastersuperfan: yeah
[9:27 PM] mastersuperfan: but I think it's likely one of them is
[9:27 PM] Gerik: because wovles probably know monika now
[9:27 PM] BlackDragonSlayer: I changed my vote to raeko.
[9:27 PM] Pearl: i noticed
[9:28 PM] mastersuperfan: davy gives me the impression of being a bit more wolfy but Olimar's posts kind of tick me off tbh
[9:28 PM] mastersuperfan: especially since I feel like they hit Monika instead of being inactive
[9:28 PM] mastersuperfan: and Olimar is insisting so heavily on inactivity
[9:29 PM] Gerik: I agree, I just don't see a reason why as a wolf he'd want to convince people of the contrary
[9:29 PM] Gerik: Davy convincing people that they hit monica when they didn't is a good way to try and frame active players
[9:29 PM] mastersuperfan: oh I didn't even think of that way
[9:29 PM] Gerik: but olimar trying to convince us that it was inactivity and then voting davy just doesn't make sense to me
[9:30 PM] mastersuperfan: yeah that was definitely rubbing me a bit
[9:30 PM] mastersuperfan: davy telling us straight up who was more likely to be Monika
[9:30 PM] Gerik: If davy is human
[9:30 PM] Gerik: he's right
[9:30 PM] mastersuperfan: he's not really wrong, though, is he?
[9:30 PM] Gerik: So I don't hold it too much against him
[9:30 PM] mastersuperfan: yeah
[9:31 PM] mastersuperfan: I could see davy going either way
[9:31 PM] Gerik: It's just between olimar and davy, davy's position makes sense from a wolfs perspective too
[9:31 PM] Gerik: but olimar trying to frame inactives, especailly when it's highly likely one of the four wolves isn't an active player
[9:31 PM] Gerik: doesn't really make sense
[9:31 PM] Gerik: although going for inactives is a common wolf strat i guess idk
[9:32 PM] mastersuperfan: I think Olimar's posts just irritate me more than strike me as legitimatly wolfy lol
[9:32 PM] Gerik: Yeah I feel that lol
[9:32 PM] mastersuperfan: but yeah as far as raeko goes
[9:32 PM] Gerik: I'm gonna go read some olimar as a wolf games
[9:32 PM] mastersuperfan: when people started to go back on lynching THC because he seemed so obviously wolfy
[9:32 PM] mastersuperfan: I feel like a similar thing could easily be happening with raeko here
[9:32 PM] mastersuperfan: if she were a wolf I find it hard to believe she wouldn't try to defend herself in some way
[9:32 PM] Gerik: raeko and THC are wolfy for different reasons
[9:32 PM] mastersuperfan: I think that she's inactive for a different reason
[9:33 PM] Gerik: I can agree with you there
[9:33 PM] Gerik: If she's really human she much more likely to just not care
[9:33 PM] Gerik: That being said if she's inactive for non game related reasons, it's a completely nuetral statement
[9:34 PM] mastersuperfan: you pointed out the suspicious convo from the Discord chat earlier but
[9:34 PM] mastersuperfan: ugh idk it could just be dumb experience and as wolfy as it is I feel like it'd be a risk
[9:34 PM] mastersuperfan: dumb lack of experience**
[9:34 PM] Gerik: No you're right
[9:34 PM] mastersuperfan: then again davy is also a risk
[9:35 PM] Gerik: suspicons based on stuff like that are risky because they're just so not concrete
[9:35 PM] Gerik: But on day 1 we don't really have much to go off of
[9:35 PM] mastersuperfan: if davy is a wolf though it's going to bite us harder in the long run if we don't lynch him than if raeko is a wolf and we don't lynch her
[9:35 PM] Gerik: The thing about davy is he has already established multiple relationships
[9:36 PM] Gerik: So as the game goes on and we learn peoples colors we can use deductive logic to figure him out
[9:36 PM] Gerik: I.e. olimar being a wolf practically confirms davy is a human
[9:36 PM] Gerik: All the people trying super hard to lynch him are pracctically human if he ends up being a wolf
[9:38 PM] mastersuperfan: well I have 22 minutes left to make a decision
[9:38 PM] mastersuperfan: though it looks like raeko's going to get lynched either way
[9:39 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: I can be convinced to swap to davy.
[9:40 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: I still don't like THC, but he's less threatening if davy's a wolf.
[9:40 PM] Gerik: I probably could be too
[9:40 PM] mastersuperfan: it's already taking me a lot of effort to convince myself of anything lol
[9:40 PM] Gerik: but neither is going to be posting a defense so
[9:40 PM] Gerik: meh
[9:40 PM] Pearl: @Lkjhgfdsa_77  lol
[9:40 PM] mastersuperfan: idk my gut is not to lynch raeko
[9:40 PM] mastersuperfan: but davy being human if we lynch him would hurt
[9:41 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: We have a reviver.
[9:41 PM] Lkjhgfdsa_77: yes
[9:41 PM] Gerik: @Pearl what are you responding to?
[9:41 PM] mastersuperfan: oh yes right
[9:41 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: I of course don't want to blow the revive this early, but
[9:41 PM] Pearl: he's playing woof
[9:41 PM] Gerik: oh lol
[9:41 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: davy's an experienced player, and if he can be confirmed human, reviving him isn't a bad move
[9:42 PM] Gerik: Well he'll just die again anyways
[9:42 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: But of course we wanna revive the Brutal more than anyone else
[9:42 PM] Gerik: Revive only has three purposes this game:
[9:42 PM] mastersuperfan: but he could go ahead and set up that alliance that he was talking about
[9:42 PM] mastersuperfan: which I think would be helpful
[9:42 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: I'm still not sold on the alliance
[9:42 PM] Gerik: Revive brutal, revive kjajit for one more item, revive random person to make an allaince
[9:42 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: Who sends the information out?
[9:42 PM] Gerik: No one
[9:42 PM] mastersuperfan: it's a behind-the-scenes alliance
[9:42 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: Alliance is good 'cause confirmed humans
[9:42 PM] mastersuperfan: where the specials are just in contact with each other
[9:42 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: But who tells the humans not to lynch the alliance
[9:42 PM] Pearl: isnt the revive a one time use?
[9:43 PM] Gerik: It just won't happen naturally
[9:43 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: Yes @Pearl
[9:43 PM] Gerik: with 4 or so humans knowing not to vote eachother
[9:43 PM] Gerik: And they can reveal last minute if needed
[9:43 PM] mastersuperfan: as I did say earlier though
[9:43 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: See that's the thing, if wolves pick up on that, they know who the specials are
[9:43 PM] Gerik: counterclaims would instantly be spotted by other alliance memebers
[9:43 PM] mastersuperfan: it would take a lot of caution for the specials to avoid giving themselves away
[9:43 PM] mastersuperfan: ^^ yeah
[9:43 PM] mastersuperfan: actually that's probably harder than I thought it was at first
[9:43 PM] mastersuperfan: maybe the alliance isn't such a good idea
[9:44 PM] Gerik: The only issue with an alliance like I said before it somehow starting it without uniting them until counterclaims are sorted out
[9:44 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: If you form a group of humans who are suddenly all supporting each other, that's a giant flag to the wolves
[9:44 PM] Gerik: But that can only happen if by the brutal human
[9:44 PM] mastersuperfan: if we're worried about the reviver getting wolfed early then using it to revive a human davy is not a bad use
[9:44 PM] mastersuperfan: better than reviving a human raeko I think
[9:44 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: Oh absolutely better than reviving raeko
[9:45 PM] mastersuperfan: yes why'd I say I think there lol
[9:45 PM] Gerik: raeko is too inactive to do that with anyways lol
[9:45 PM] mastersuperfan: definitely is
[9:45 PM] Pearl: that's hoping davy isnt the reviver
[9:45 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: So, raeko lynch in 15 minutes
[9:45 PM] mastersuperfan: ...that's true
[9:45 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: Do I swap votes or no
[9:45 PM] mastersuperfan: I think I'm going to go with davy
[9:45 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: That's a KitB
[9:45 PM] mastersuperfan: it would be 4 davy - 5 raeko?
[9:46 PM] mastersuperfan: BDS switched
[9:46 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: oh I missed BDS
[9:46 PM] Pearl: I can unvote
[9:46 PM] mastersuperfan: if someone on raeko switches to BDS then we don't have a kitb
[9:46 PM] mastersuperfan: not BDS
[9:46 PM] mastersuperfan: davy
[9:47 PM] Pearl: a davy lynch does feel like the right thing to do
[9:47 PM] Pearl: and i was going to vote davy at one point as seen by my vote post
[9:47 PM] Pearl: so i'll switch
[9:47 PM] Ducleman🐺🚫: I'm swapping votes.

I did make a suspicion list as I was reading through the topic just earlier but since it's not going to help so soon to the phase change I'm just going to see the flip of whoever gets lynched and re-evaluate my suspicions then.

Hi everyone, I've been rather busy the past few days but I'm just checking in to say that I'm here. I'm doing a lot of stuff today and tomorrow but I'll try to keep up; come Monday I should be able to be fully engaged.

Just some preliminary thoughts from what I've skimmed so far: I haven't really fully thought out whether or not we need an alliance (FA has shown just how much planning is involved in this), but I'm tempted to believe that the wolves did hit Monika. After all, there are four wolves, so at least one of them was bound to be active... Olimar is right in saying that we should be preparing for the worst case scenario, too.

Ninja'd by Maestro, whose post does make me reconsider. I'm not 100% sure I see the merit in the wolves deliberately missing a kill though? That could mean that they're trying to trick us into thinking that they've found Monika, but what advantage would that give them?

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG C Sign-Ups
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:27:51 PM »

Archive / Re: [SWITCH] Splatoon 2 - "Ebb & Flow" by Olimar12345
« on: February 10, 2018, 08:24:17 PM »
When I listened to the original I could understand how one might hear an E, but it still definitely sounded much more like an A to me. Raising the pitch by an octave and slowing it down has afterwards convinced me that there is no E at all.

100% an A.

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