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The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CIV: frikin sombra
« on: Today at 12:30:34 AM »
mikey. what are you doing. you are dead and have no authority to be dead posting. Quit it.

First things first: Whenever you submit something, please post a reference to the specific track you're arranging so that people who are unfamiliar with the track can have something to compare it to, like this:

(I'm not a PMD player, so I'm hoping that this is the correct track)

Secondly, I've taken the time to correct the formatting of you .mus file. MAke sure that you create a PDF from this file, as all three files need to match.
Notice where I used italic/bold text. "Pokémon" needs the é. Also, the "by" in the composer/arranger fields needs to be lowercase.

Thirdly, Trasdegi is correct. Much of what you have would simply be too overwhelming for a single person to play on the piano. Many of the 16th note parts cannot be played in addition to the other things your asking as well. Also, that crescendo in the LH in measure 1 is impossible for a pianist to play, since you can't increase the volume of a held note on the piano.

How do you get rid of the Pno.
See this:

Pages beyond the first should have the copyright info and website name as well.!

Incorrect. This info only belongs on the first page. See the guidelines!

It says how to do it here:

However, it might not be something you can do in Finale Notepad. I would recommend using the template file (also found in the link above), as it has all of the NSM formatting in it.

Please do not delete and resubmit arrangements. You can simply edit the arrangement in the NSM Panel.

Request / Re: [PC] Team Fortress 2 - "Surgeon's Squeezebox"
« on: April 20, 2018, 08:05:08 PM »
Thanks, and thanks for the kind words! Here is your requested arrangement:

[PC] - Team Fortress 2
-The Surgeon's Squeezebox [MUS] [Midi] [PDF] [NEW]


[PC] - Team Fortress 2
-The Surgeon's Squeezebox [MUS] [Midi] [PDF] [NEW]

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: April 20, 2018, 06:08:52 PM »
woah that's a new profile picture

No it isn't?

Arrangements & Submission / Re: The Official Wind Waker Project
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:54:24 PM »
The Legendary Hero arr. by Latios

-Measure 2 LH beat 3 needs a hold, preferably a fermata.
-The chord holding on beat 3 of measure 14 (both hands) sustains during the last note of that arpeggio ending in the next bar. Basically everything should cut off together in bar 15.
-Measure 24 LH layer 1 is missing and F on beats 1 and 2. This is the same note that rearticulates at the beginning of the 16th notes in that bar, in the same register. This happens in 25 and 26 as well with the E and D#s in those bars.
-Measure 31 LH plays a third-space E on beat 1 before moving up the the G#.
-Measure 41 RH the E natural should hold until beat three, similar to the B two bars later, just not as long.
-The fourth-space E in measure 48 needs to be held until the G# enters in the next bar, so tie it across the barline.
-Measure 59 RH layer 1 is missing the C's in the first three notes (along with those E's). It comes in in harmony there unlike other entrances.

This file contains these edits in case you have questions:

Request / Re: [PC] Team Fortress 2 - "Surgeon's Squeezebox"
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:30:59 PM »
Sounds neat. I’ll do this for you. Do you possibly have a longer version? That would help.

Feedback / Re: The NinSheetMusic Redesign Suggestion Thread: The Forum
« on: April 19, 2018, 09:57:54 PM »
We’ve got something even better coming #hype

Archive / Re: [PC] Yume Nikki - "FC Field" by Rwars
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:28:39 PM »
Bump for arranger. While the things Latios posted about aren’t necessities (although they are highly recommended), we at least need some sort of response from you before we can accept this.

Um excuse you, do not get rid of the manti rule you swine.

Another staff roll piece:

[WiiU] - Splatoon
-Maritime Memory [MUS] [Midi] [PDF] [NEW]

Here's a big one:

[GCN] - Pikmin
-People Who Helped [MUS] [Midi] [PDF] [NEW]

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