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Music / Re: Official Kirby Ensemble Medleys
« on: July 06, 2018, 02:44:46 AM »
Yeah, at least they're communicative about resolving the issues people are having instead of pretending like they don't exist.

Music / Official Kirby Ensemble Medleys
« on: July 06, 2018, 12:57:49 AM »
HAL Laboratories posted this tweet on July 1st! You can go to and give them your email to get the following 3 ensemble scores:

Kirby's Adventure Medley for orchestra

King Dedede and Meta Knight Medley for large wind ensemble

King Dedede and Meta Knight Medley for small wind ensemble

I personally like these a lot! I think they look incredible and would love for more composers to have opportunities like this, it's sweet to see HAL giving some love to VGM ensembles.

I plan on checking/helping polish this one up next week if you guys won't mind, there are a few things I'd like to tidy up

Thank you so much! (sorry again for the formatting issues!)

Nice work. I haven't compared it to the original yet, but here are some others things:
- There should be a "/" at the end of the url in the copyright info.
- There should be a space in between the © and 2017 in the copyright info.
- Go ahead and center the dynamics in M. 30 & 31. This will help it not look so messy and be more accurate.
- Put an Ab courtesy accidental on the Ab in M. 39 (LH).

Thanks, I've added these changes. I also added a bunch of missing Ebs in various spots (I didn't hear them until a friend pointed them out to me):

- M7, RH
- 12, 14, 50, 52, RH
- 16, RH
- 24, RH

The submission has been updated with fixed and improved files, thanks to huge help from Maelstrom and latios212.

Alright, here it is:
This is where I took a break and passed it to latios212

Thanks so much to you and to latios212 as well! I updated my submission with the new PDF, MUS, and MIDI.

I'd love to see more stuff submitted by you in the future.

Thanks a lot! I recently co-founded the VGM club at my college and I'm getting more into transcribing as a result of the stuff we talk about there, and hopefully, I'm able to get a lot more transcriptions finished in the near future!

Okay, thank you. And I wanted to seriously apologize again for the formatting issues; I understand that I'm just causing a huge pain to everyone because of my mistakes. I use MuseScore, and didn't realize how heavily NinSheet Music utilized Finale until I went to submission. I also was so much in a rush that I decided not to try harder at making my Finale file not completely awful, and I wasn't even able to resolve that properly since unfortunately, Finale Notepad just doesn't have enough features to resolve most of the porting issues I have. So, sorry again for so much trouble - I definitely will use Finale Notepad from start to finish for any other transcriptions I plan on submitting here.

Thanks, I posted my project in that thread with the last few minor fixes that I need but can't do; will update the links here soon once that gets taken care of.

Hello all! I'm on Notepad 2012, and I need some help with clefs and time signatures, here's the sheet music:

Left hand needs to be treble clef for the following sets of measures:


Time Signature stuff (the measures all have the correct number of beats in them, but the markers showing time signature changes are gone):

Measure 3 goes to 3/4
Measures 48-49 are in 4/4,
and then 50 is back in 3/4 until the end.

Thank you in advance to whoever is able to help me!

Okay, things should be fine now. Let me know if there's anything else I should do. Sorry again for not reading the rules, I really apologize for wasting your time.

Oh, okay. Sorry, my bad for not reading that! I'll re-export it immediately.

The PDF and MIDI come from MuseScore, but I converted my MuseScore project to a Finale Notepad project and made sure it was in readable condition.

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