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Thanks for all your hard work, Olimar!

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I still need to think up some song suggestions, but I've got some setup suggestions for now.

1. Song 2 should be SNES/N64 since N64 was still fairly simple in its music and you didn't include it in Song 3.

2. I think it shouldn't be required to arrange all 3 songs. An arranger can choose any number or combination of the songs (they can do all three if they so choose) and all the people that did the same arrangement will compare that one and if they did more than one, they compare that one (those ones) with others who did that (those). (This suggestion isn't as complex as I made it sound, I'm just bad at explaining things.)

3  If push comes to shove, I think on site sheets should be allowed as long as they aren't used while making the new sheet. Considering only one arranger would be getting a new sheet on site if we did this with sheets that haven't been done yet, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to do an arrangement with no one getting it on site, since as far as I can tell, this is more for fun and curiosity than getting sheets on site (though getting new sheets on site would definitely be a bonus). Of course, I'm not saying only do on site sheets, I'm just saying they should be allowed.

I agree with these changes.

Gooper's hand claps and slaps go to a 12/8 rhythm the entire time, but you just can't hear it because BrawlBRSTMs used the actual soundtrack version instead of the sucky GilvaSunner version.

But seriously, they do, and if you want to hear it, GilvaSunner has the in-game version with the claps (and without the transitions which is why it's sucky).

5.  This really is just personal preference, but (definitely not biased as a trumpet player) I feel like it'd be nice to get some of the trumpet fall at m.24 into the sheet.
I wanted to do that, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work right. I still can't. (And there's another fall for the saxophone at measure 32, which I like more, but still can't figure out as well.)

I also happened to notice I neglected to add the copyright information, so I fixed that as well.

Thanks for all the feedback, I've updated the files.

I may have accidentally left some half notes where they don't belong, but since I'm positive there'll be more I need to fix anyway, I'll wait for more feedback before fixing that.

Alright, I have made the edits and updated the files.

General / Re: NinSheet Community Trivia!
« on: July 19, 2018, 12:26:51 AM »
E. Gadd Industries lives in and is from Kentucky, but he spells words the European way. I also pronounce data the Australian way, yet I'm from Rhode Island.

Coevil (adj.) - of the same mind, morality, or mischeivity; equally meniachical.

General / Re: NinSheet Community Trivia!
« on: July 18, 2018, 02:49:46 PM »
I looked it up and Wario's first appearance was definitely Super Mario Land 2. He was originally created to be an archnemesis of Mario, but ending up getting his own spinoff series (Wario Land) which then ended sprouting a completely different spinoff series (WarioWare). Wario's Woods came out sometime after Super Mario Land 2 and they decided to reuse Wario for the game, but he was not created for it.

EDIT: Looked it up again and found that Wario's Woods came out two years after Super Mario Land 2. Super Mario Land 2 being 1992 and Wario's Woods being 1994.

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CIX: Shattered Player sign-ups
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:50:59 AM »

Dieid (adj.) - tranquil or excessively calm.



Blooooop! Bloobloobloobloop. Bloooooooooo! (Yay, a new sheet! This one's from Super Paper Mario, but it wasn't an insanely hard one. It's a remix of the classic SMB3 Underwater theme!) Bloop bloopity bloobloop. (This is Western Sea dialect, by the way.)


If I'm understanding everything correctly, I'd be interested as well. And I also lean towards Mario as you probably already guessed.

Okay, so I found what the problem was.

- Currently you have a mix of 4 and 5 measure systems (excluding the last). I would change them all to 4 measure systems. This would give you 5 systems per page (all of them being 4 measures each excluding the last which would be 3)
Here, you said that changing the measure layout to 4 per system would leave the last with 3, but it really left the last with 5, but I neglected to check assuming that the math was correct and the last system would be 3. So, I've fixed it and made the last system 5 measures long. Not accusing you, it was my fault for not checking it out myself, just pointing out what happened.

To clarify, I have updated the files.

Oh no page 6 looks sad :(

Maybe lock the last system into the previous one? (might have some re-formatting to fit the previous systems evenly)
I must've put the wrong file in or something because I fixed all that. I'll go get the right file as soon as I can.

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