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The systems don't need quite that much space between eachother. If you can, move them closer so they're not violating the space of the copyright info. If not, we're here to help.

A couple more comments from me:

- this sheet could benefit from staccatos
- slurs would also be nice where appropriate (but not necessary)
- your mf is intersecting with your notes. Keep it in the middle vertically, but move it horizontally to the left of the notes
- if you manage to move the measure and the notes still seem a little packed in, try seeing if you can change the page size. If not, let us know


Thanks to Sebastian and the Latios212 through the Arranger-Focused Projects Initiative, I was not only able to finish my arrangement of the entire Castlevania: The Adventure soundtrack before the end of summer, but also have my own update dedicated to it! This is something I've wanted ever since I joined the site (back when I was going hard at Kirby's Block Ball [which I'll get back to eventually]), but I'm glad I've had a chance to learn before I was able to do this. I haven't felt this accomplished since the Full-Blown Balloon Kid Arrangement Project I did last year.

Enjoy this sheets! I had a lot of fun with all of them (except Evil Devil), and I hope you have just as much fun listening to them and discovering this wonderful OST!

(Sorry these was a little late)
★★[GB] Castlevania: The Adventure

127th (Re-Write)

Battle of the Holy


Kill! Kill! Kill!




Death Fair




Gate to Hell


Evil Devil


Theme from "The Legend of Dracula" & Reprise


Miscellaneous Short Themes

I don't have videos for all 7 of these, so I'll just list them:

- Start
- Stage Clear
- Miss
- Game Over
- Boss Appears
- Pause
- 1-Up

P.S: New OP rule: I will now consider sheets that have been in the last 3 PA updates "new", instead of the last 3 sheets. Also, a new category for completed on-site OSTs has been added. This has been your regular OP maintenance message.

I got distracted.

Seriously? I’ll listen again.

Wow... I’ll get on that.

SYG, not to be rude, but I suggest you try to be aware of how you're coming off to other people who are trying to help out. You have said you think your arrangement is not great, but when Seb offered help by pointing out what you could fix, what you replied made it look like you were so surprised by everything that was wrong, almost even offended by his list. Arrangers on NSM have a duty to polish up a sheet as much as they can before they submit it, to minimize time spent in the submission process, but every sheet is going to receive some kind of feedback, whether you're a rookie or Olimar12345.

Arranging takes practice, and this sub is just another stepping stone. Don't be so passive aggressive or defensive when an updater finds something wrong; instead, gladly accept feedback and be confident you know what to do next time. This is the best way we improve as transcribers/arrangers.


[SNES] Kirby's Dream Land 3 - "Grass Land Map"


This is actually the third draft; the first two were so old they weren't even in swing tempo or my newest template. You can probably guess what those looked like.

This was a piece of cake. "Grass Land 4" will be the next sheet from this game (but, unfortunately, it will not be a dessert.) Just stay tuned. I'm still waiting on help on some sheets, so it's hard to tell which ones I'll be sharing next.

Always remember to post a video; preferably a non-extended version.

Before I go too deep into this, I noticed there's an intro your sheet is missing. Listen again.

4 old but finally finished sheets incoming


[NDS] Mario Kart DS - "Nintendo WFC Menu"


I don't normally do calm, relaxed songs like this, but this sheet was definitely worth the patience. Even better, it's currently getting a slight makeover in submissions, which makes me happy.


[GCN] Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - "Circuit" (Replacement)


Hoo boy, this one took a long time, too. It sounded empty without a whistle part, so I thought, "Why not? I'll add one in." Checking chords and revising for consistency took much longer than everything else, but I'm glad it's done and on its way to the site.

[NES] Mega Man 4


Dr. Wily Stage 1 [ZIP]

I didn't finish this right away, due to playability concerns, but I later moved notes around and got over it. I tried to make this sheet as accurate, as well as unique, as possible, so I hope you like it!


Password [ZIP]

Here's a nearly 1 1/2 year-old one. I hate almost everything about this tune, but hey, it's Mega Man, so it's on my list. Take it!

That's all for today. I have two more nearly-completed sheets on the way; I just need help from a couple of people first. Toodles!

P.S: While updating the OP, I noticed my character limit had finally maxed out. So, I moved all the sheets in the "Other" category down to the next post (as well as kept the original 2 year-old post intact in quote form) Also, I now have an extra dedicated spot for my two current submissions, which can be found in the Key. This has been your regular OP maintenance message.

Very good interpretation, but there are a couple of very minor things that could possibly be tweaked.

Measure 3 is actually a G chord, possibly a major 7th in the bass. I would definitely put it in the next measure seeing as it's the same chord.

In measure 9, it seems like the A in the bass is held out for much longer than the quarter note that you give it.

In measure 10, 12, it seems a little odd that you would chose to give the A in the treble it's own layer, when you could just attach it to the first layer. That would speak clearly to the performer, and get rid of unnecessary rests in the measure.

Measure 17, Another 2nd layer option that seems strange. Maybe change the top layer so that it's playing 2 half note A's in succession, then have the whole note A below it in a second layer?

The thing is, when you have pedal markings throughout the piece, it makes it kind of redundant to have second layer notes function as if you didn't have pedal markings. I see this problem from measure 21 to the end and especially in measure 29.

Measure 22, 30 - I would consider deattaching the D in the & of beat 1. It gives clarity that you're coming from an off beat to on the beat.

That's pretty much all I got so far.

Hope this helps.

Oh, one more thing: grace notes are inherently connected to the note it's attached to, so slurs connecting the two notes are redundant.

I disagree with the part about the grace notes. However, in this example they don’t need to be connected all the way to the end of the tie; connect them to the next and flip them to go downwards instead of upwards.

Thank you guys, this helped a lot. I updated with Brassman and Olimar's suggestions.

One question for Brass: is there any reason you got rid of the LH slur in m. 28? I kept it because the articulation of the RH on LH rhythms seems to have contrast in that measure, and to keep a slur out would probably confuse the performer by having nothing at all.

I think Brassman knows what he's doing. This site already has freeform sheets like this, doesn't it?


Evil Devil -
An interesting song here.
- I would put a dotted line (shows voice crossing) here so this doesn't look like it was sporadically placed.

- Personally, I think M. 6, in general, is a mess. I would remove those 16ths. They're unpianistic in my opinion and serve little purpose. Also, the Ab seems unnecessary.

- The layout is a bit of a mess. The page is currently at 95%. I would put it down to 90 or 85, use the staff tool and click the top box (so it highlights all the stop staves), spacing them that way, and then moving the copyright down a bit. This will also solve the problem of the mp dynamics looking like they're a part of the top staff instead of wondering which they're a part of. As for the dynamic markings, I would recommend putting them in the middle of the grand staff, but I understand this is your preference.
- When playing through this song and coming to M. 8, the 16ths confused me because it looked like there was an E# and then a subsequent F (natural) when in fact it's an F# sharped somewhere previously in the same measure. To purge any ambiguity, I'd put a parenthesized courtesy accidental on the F# on beat 4.
- The second dotted half in M. 11, 13, & 14 (and any other measure like it) change to like M. 6 in my screenshot (eighth tied to quarter).

I think that's all I have for this one, but make the changes and I'll double check. The notes sound good.

Updated Evil Devil. How do the 6/4 measures look? (along with the rest of the sheet, of course, including 2nd layer rests)


Revenge -
- Once again, I'd zoom it out to 85%, space the systems, move the copyright down, etc.
- In M. 2 & 4, go ahead and turn the tied quarters into a half note (also anywhere else that returns).

Rhythms fixed. Shrunk the sheet to 90%, and adjusted the systems accordingly.

Quote from: Sebastian
"Theme from The Legend of Dracula / Reprise" looks pretty good.

Great. So that means the little narrative I wrote in towards the end can stay?

Notes sound good. Thanks for picking 8-bit songs.  ;D

Hey, that's why they call me I call myself the "Game Boi Arranger". ;)

Try again. The right files are there this time.

Feedback / Re: The Great NSM Audit
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:11:14 AM »
Woo-hoo! That monstrosity of a sheet is no more (course, I did happen to save it to my files)


As indicated by the title of my sheet, I'd like it to be renamed "Circuit" to give Mario & Yoshi Circuit credit for having the same theme.


Site News / Re: Update, Wednesday 15th of August 2018
« on: August 15, 2018, 03:17:44 AM »
Thankz for grate updaat

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