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General / Re: Levi's Daily Snippets of Gaming Trivia!
« on: Today at 04:04:31 PM »
Note: I'm skipping weekend days

Day 5

- Paper Mario: Color Splash was claimed by Zoë Quinn to contain a personal attack on her by referencing the GamerGate Scandal, a harrassment campaign targeted at her and other female indie game developers. Nintendo denied this connection and insisted it was referencing the infamous 1972 Watergate scandal in the Five Fun Guys sequence
- Arms is believed by several to be a spiritual successor to Virtual Boy boxing title Teleroboxer
- franchise debut game Mega Man is the only title in its main game "Classic" series to incorporate a score system
- Japan received a sequel to the Super Game Boy after complaints that the original lacked a link cable for trading Pokémon
- Arcade game Berserk is the first known video game linked to the death of a person. In October of 1982, Peter Burkowski collapsed seconds after making the high score list, and subsequently suffered cardiac arrest at the age of 18

Nintendo / Re: Super Mario Odyssey
« on: Today at 03:35:56 PM »
the next Super Mario 64

Itz gunna be huge

The problem with my parents, though, is that they hate it when I ask them to order games for me between holidays, even though I pay. So it looks like I won't be asking for Odyssey until Christmas.

Good news, though! There are still a bunch of games I haven't beaten yet; Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario Advance 2 & 3, Sonic Mania, Mega Man 7, 8, & 10, Mega Man X1-6, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 64 DS, etc. I have plenty to do with my free time, and I should have plenty of it once the musical's over.

Off-Topic / Re: The Birthday Topic
« on: Today at 01:33:43 PM »

Happy birthday, guys!

Off-Topic / Re: The Rant Thread/My Life Sucks Topic [Don't be pricks]
« on: October 22, 2017, 11:09:52 PM »
What Dudeman said. Who wants to hire someone that doesn't deserve a paycheck? Someone that isn't willing to put in the hours and benefit the employer, or apply themselves in the working world that everyone is going to have to enter eventually?

We have officially crossed the line between sheets and memes


[CD-i] Philips CD-i BIOS - "Start-Up Fanfare"

Yes, this is now technically a "dedicated game", as far as I know


I wanted to post this about 2-3 weeks ago, but I lost track of time. Apologies.

This sheet was one expected to be a challenge for me, but the chords actually ended up being a bit easier to guess than I expected. I'm not confident that they're 100% accurate, (at least as piano chords), but I've been told they sounded pretty good, so I'll give this a shot! Enjoy!

I don't know what my next Philips CD-i sheet will be, but whatever it shall be, it shall be obscure, (considering it's on the CD-i in the first place). Stay tuned for more sheets!

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Biweekly Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: October 21, 2017, 09:38:07 PM »
Well I haven't played KSSU, for the record


Well, I think it's pretty clear here who the original composer is ;)

Static and I agree that it should be like this:

Composed by Koji Kondo
Arranged by Yoko Shimomura

Arranged for Piano by Sebastian

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: October 21, 2017, 07:14:44 PM »
Just got done with All-State auditions. Because someone forgot their music at the high school, we had to turn around to find it. When we made it the audition site, I prepared myself over the course of 30 minutes before I went to my audition. I managed to play my scales, etudes, and solo perfectly in the practice room, but got nervous and fumbled a bit at my actual audition. After waiting nearly 2 1/2 hours, I saw that no alto saxophones were to be recalled, and later found out I was not one of 2 alto saxophones going to All-State.

I'm actually very relieved at this point. With musical practice, set construction and homework, practicing for All-State required me to either skip lunch or get a pass to miss a class once a day. I also began to slip in College Algebra & Trigonometry and College Chemistry; even though I thought I understood the material, the tests proved otherwise. Despite being able to practice mock auditions in front of my talented peers with ease, and being told I was going to make it, I wasn't prepared for the tense atmosphere of the audition room.

There's always next year, which means one more year of experience and preparation. Not only that, I might still be able to make NWIBA Honor Band in two weeks, and earn 1st chair, like last year.

General / Re: Levi's Daily Snippets of Gaming Trivia!
« on: October 20, 2017, 06:21:31 PM »
Day 4

- a total of 8 Mario Artist games, both released and cancelled, were developed for the Nintendo 64DD as spiritual successors to Mario Paint on the SNES
- GameRankings listed Mario Party Advance in 2014 as the most poorly received Mario game
- e-Reader game Kirby Slide is the only released Kirby title developed by a non-Japanese developer
- Mega Man Japan-only spinoff Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise had a Game Boy port, before it was cancelled
- German producer team Zombie Nation used the melody from a song from the Commodore 64 title Lazy Jones, called "Star Dust", without permission. David Whittaker was later payed an undisclosed sum by Florian Senfter following the popularity of "Kernkraft 400", the song in which the melody was used

Off-Topic / Re: Jokes
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:03:18 PM »
A woman walks into a veterinarian's office with a limp duck. She says to him, "Doctor, my duck hasn't moved in days. Could you figure out what's wrong with him?" The vet pulls out his stethoscope and holds it to the duck's heart, and says to the woman, "I am afraid your duck is dead, ma'am."

"How can you be so sure?!" she protested, welling up with tears. "Can you at least check to see that he's not comatose??" Hesitant at first, the vet agrees.

First, he comes into the room with a Yellow Labrador Retriever. The dog jumps up onto the counter, sniffs various parts of the duck, and whines. The vet pats the dog on the head and heads out the door with him.

He then comes into the room with a Tabby. The cat jumps up onto the counter, rubs her cheek on the duck's feathers, and meows. The vet pats the cat on the head and heads on the door with her.

Finally, the vet returns, tells the woman her duck is dead, and hands her a bill. The total: $150.00. Flabbergasted, the woman cries out, "150 dollars? Just to tell me that my duck is dead?"

The vet replies, "Well, if you just took my word for it the first time, the total would have been 20 dollars. But after the Lab Report and the Cat Scan, the total is now 150 dollars."

Forum Games / Re: Whoevers post last wins. New rule.
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:28:44 PM »

Forum Games / Re: Posts Against Humanity
« on: October 20, 2017, 02:29:58 PM »
E. Gadd wins!

Forum Games / Re: Whoevers post last wins. New rule.
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:45:18 PM »

Forum Games / Re: Whoevers post last wins. New rule.
« on: October 19, 2017, 06:42:31 PM »
Luigi, look!

Music / Re: The Best of SiIvaGunner
« on: October 19, 2017, 04:15:49 PM »


Ok! So it's not really SiIvaGunner. It's still worth listening to, though.

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