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Forum Games / Re: Answer the question above you.
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:51:22 PM »
Whatever it is, Nietzsche's nihilism is probably more relevant to today's society, at least based on the number of times I've heard "God is dead" vs. how much Sartre I've heard.

Where is the nearest bathroom?

Forum Games / Re: The person below me is...
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:44:22 PM »

TPBM knows at least one programming language well enough to write a "Hello World" program with it (you don't need much).

Forum Games / Re: Answer the question above you.
« on: May 22, 2017, 05:57:19 AM »
My family's been getting fast food from Asian restaurants like Koya lately. Good times...

Do you have at least one nephew and/or niece?

Forum Games / Re: The person below me is...
« on: May 22, 2017, 05:54:11 AM »
I guess I have too many video games on my smartphone when I have to delete some to free up enough memory to update the rest.

TPBM has used at least 2 smartphones so far in his/her life.

Purrloin (n.) - One heck of a dishonest Pokemon

Moggy (n.)- Final Fantasy, informal: a Moogle

And out of curiosity, what melody did you think we'd think 11 was? Anybody who didn't immediately think that was Death By Glamour would be out of their mind.
I mentioned in my answer set that I thought at least one person would guess that it was "Metal Crusher".

With that being said, I did pick that portion of "Death By Glamour" partially because it had such a high chance of backfiring (i.e. if I picked the equivalent portion of "Metal Crusher", someone might have actually gotten it wrong).

Forum Games / Re: Answer the question above you.
« on: May 20, 2017, 11:13:50 PM »
Because our mothers and fathers decided to procreate one day.

Which theme park is the best?

Forum Games / Re: The person below me is...
« on: May 20, 2017, 11:11:48 PM »
TPBM is sweeter than a chocolate bar.
I doubt it.

TPBM has at least one first cousin once removed (first cousin's child) who's older than him/her.

Not quite looking for help for this one, either, especially considering how much I had to edit it from the actual notes of the source material in order to make it playable in the first place:
It's "A Decisive Blow (StreetPass Arena)" from Shovel Knight!

My transcription of "A Decisive Blow (StreetPass Arena)"

Shovel Knight

Watch NSFPlay play this song:
(OK, you'll probably have to skip to 1:46:51 for "A Decisive Blow")

Jake Kaufman's complete Shovel Knight soundtrack source code is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56073318/Famitracker/Other%20Songs/Shovel_Knight_Music.nsf

Yup, I took the .nsf at Song 39, transcribed several channels' notes into Musescore, and omitted some other channels' notes.
...And this resulted in a mess that was impossible to play for solo piano. This sat around for years before I finally decided to make this more in the spirit of a Mozart symphony piano transcription (or a NinSheetMusic transcription, for that matter) and move some of the notes' octave voicings around.
Then, I trimmed some of the notes to make this easier to play.

The .nsf says that the C-D-E-F# run in Bar 15 is slightly rhythmically inaccurate, but my ears can't tell the difference reliably.

Here are the answers to my latest quiz:

"Menu"/"Menu Select Theme"/"Menu Theme", from Metroid Prime
Timestamp: 0:08

I decided to start this off with an easy melody to ease listeners into the quiz. This might have worked.

I also accepted the Credits Theme of Metroid Prime as correct, as it's an extension of the Menu Theme.

I reluctantly marked the Title Theme of Metroid Prime as correct because, even though there's lots of evidence that the Title Theme of Metroid Prime is a different song entirely, the topmost search result on YouTube contains that melody. I strongly suspect that video is mislabelled, but I didn't expect anyone else to do their research.

Oh yeah, this melody is in a Super Smash Bros. game.

3 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Sullied Grace"/"Dirty & Beauty"/"Queen Sectonia 1", from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, used as Queen Sectonia's first final boss theme (and Queen Sectonia DX's only boss theme)
Timestamp: 1:12

I also accepted Sectonia Clone's boss theme--"Faded & Flower"/"Faded Flower" from Kirby: Planet Robobot--as correct, as it slices out all of the original's intro except this melody.

I picked this melody because it is highly repetitive. The first 2 bars are repeated 3 more times in that excerpt. If you didn't get the song from the opening 2 bars, chances are that you didn't get this song entirely. Luckily, even though the melody only starts playing more than a minute into the original song, it marks a pretty noticeable tempo and texture change...(By the way, I tried to evenly distribute such highly repetitive melodies throughout the quiz.)

2 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Mechanical Rhythm", from Xenoblade Chronicles, used as the regular battle theme while in Mechonis
Timestamp: 0:38

Given that this song is relatively famous, I purposefully picked this melody to both use the anthemic F minor portion and dodge all versions of the opening riff (thus why its 8 bars start with 2 bars in D minor).

Also, this melody is in a Super Smash Bros. game.

5 out of 6 people got this correct.

"The Decadent Dandy (King Knight Battle)", from Shovel Knight, used as King Knight's boss theme
Timestamp: 0:05

This is one of the less popularly arranged Shovel Knight songs, so I picked an excerpt from close to the beginning of the song. I don't really wanna transcribe the intro...besides, it's hard to extract the melody of this piece from the .nsf. The last bar of my melody is particularly deceptive...

5 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Great Grey Wolf Sif", from Dark Souls, used as Sif's boss theme
Timestamp: 0:00

This is the only melody in this quiz that I transcribed pretty much cold, without listening to it several times beforehand. So I figured I'd better transcribe the very start, as I didn't have a clue which sections of the song would be the most iconic. It's a bit ambiguous to me which melodic line is higher-volume in parts.

Fun fact: I first heard of this song from a FamilyJules Dark Souls medley. This combined with Dark Souls's music being somewhat played in orchestras and the several remixes of Sif's theme on YouTube convinced me that this song was not obscure. So I guessed that at least one person would get this song right. Alas...

Yes, we have Dark Souls music on www.ninsheetmusic.org. I don't think I'm the only one here to have heard of Dark Souls's OST.

0 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Theme of the Cheetahmen"/"Cheetahmen Theme"/"Game 52: Action Gamemaster", from Action 52
Timestamp: 0:00

This melody and #7 were meant to be a pair, and if one of them were stolen, I would need to replace them both with another pair of similar-sounding melodies from different games. The first melody in the pair would always be the less popular one to possibly bamboozle listeners.

Note that the main theme of Cheetahmen II is practically the same song.

This Cheetahmen stuff apparently became a meme as recently as 2007, complete with an album of Cheetahmen music remixes being published then.

I later found out that this is a highly repetitive melody, as it also repeats its first 2 bars 3 more times in its 8 bars. Thus, I dragged the paired melodies far away from #2 so you wouldn't notice that highly repetitive melodies are a sub-theme of this quiz.

Yes, this song is on www.ninsheetmusic.org.

This is one of the 2 obscure songs that I predicted nobody would guess correctly. Somehow, I was proven wrong.

2 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Pursuit ~ Cornered"/"Cornered", from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, used when submitting the last piece of evidence in a trial
Timestamp: 0:00

This melody and #6 were meant to be a pair, and if one of them were stolen, I would need to replace them both with another pair of similar-sounding melodies from different games. The second melody in the pair would always be the more popular one to ensure that people would realize that they were led astray.

In this case, this melody is really popular, and given how obscure #6 is, I trusted that this would ensure that nobody would guess this melody's song for #6. Luckily for me, that worked.

5 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Garden Boogie", from Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Timestamp: 0:30

I thought I'd throw in a VGM remix of a piece of classical music into one of my quizzes. That remix would have to sound distinctively different from the original in order for me to use it. Luckily, this song fit the bill.

This song is a remix of Georges Bizet's so-called Carmen Overture (in reality, the Prelude to Act I of that opera).

This is one of the 2 obscure songs that I predicted nobody would guess correctly. Somehow, I was proven wrong.

1 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Fighting to the End", from Bravely Default, used as the regular boss theme
Timestamp: 0:57

I like Bravely Default's OST in general, and this is one of my favourite songs from that game (don't worry, I like "That Person's Name Is" at least slightly more). I find this melody's riff to be pretty distinctive, if rather angular for Revo/Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon.

Given how well-received Bravely Default and its OST were, I thought at least one person would get this song correct. At least that came true for this song...

You can be particularly evil and transcribe part of the solos in the second loop of this song (2:02 and later) in your next quiz.

1 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Guardian Deities Battle"/"Battle! (Tapu)", from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, used as the battle theme against the Tapu legendaries
Timestamp: 0:11

This is one of my favourite songs from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, and given how angular it is, I thought it would be fairly hard to get. So I picked an excerpt from near the beginning of the piece. And it was hell to transcribe, and it's hell to read. But, apparently, it wasn't hell to recognize...

4 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Death by Glamour", from Undertale, used as Mettaton EX's boss theme
Timestamp: 1:04

I picked this melody to have a fair chance of tricking you into picking the wrong song. I marked "Metal Crusher" (still from Undertale, used as Mettaton's boss theme) as incorrect, as it contains a similar melody in the wrong key. Somehow, nobody fell for it. Maybe it's because this song is arguably the more famous of the two...

5 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Circuit"/"Raceways"/"3 Raceways & Wario Stadium", from Mario Kart 64, used as the theme for Luigi Raceway, Mario Raceway, Royal Raceway, and Wario Stadium
Timestamp: 0:04

This was the last of the highly repetitive melodies. Unlike the other two, it only repeats its first 2 bars two more times instead of three. The 7th bar is the same as the first one, though.

I have a habit of singing the drum roll in the last bar, which is why I took the trouble to attempt to transcribe it.

4 out of 6 people got this correct.

"The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy"/"The Strongest Warrior in the Galaxy"/"The Strongest Knight in the Galaxy", from Kirby Super Star Ultra, used as Galacta Knight's boss theme
Timestamp: 0:27

Unlucky #13 is a melody so fast that its notes blur together, likely ensuring that any transcriptions of it are hard to trust. If I weren't restricted to using only songs from video games that share a series with at least one song in www.ninsheetmusic.org for this quiz, I would easily have picked another song instead for that role. Every time I listen to this song with better headphones, I'm reminded how rhythmically inaccurate I likely am...

...especially since, if you were observant, you may have noticed that I ripped this melody straight from my current transcription of this song and corrected the octave voicing. No fixing the accidentals this time...

I marked both versions of Galacta Knight's theme in later games, "Warrior from Another World" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land and "The Greatest Time Travelling Warrior in the Galaxy" from Kirby: Planet Robobot, as incorrect because they modify this melody.

Based on all other arrangements of this song I've heard, nobody else has ever arranged or transcribed 0:43-0:49 correctly, despite several attempts being published. Maybe stay away from excerpts like that in future quizzes...

4 out of 6 people got this correct.

"Knight of the Wind", from Sonic and the Black Knight, used as the "main theme" (including the credits)
Timestamp: 0:17

Yup, this song has lyrics. I couldn't bear to keep transcribing after the 8th bar, which is why I cut it off instead of extending the note into a 9th bar. I like listening to the instrumental version, but it doesn't have the vocal melody anywhere, so I suspect it's a karaoke backing track...

Oh yeah, this melody is in a Super Smash Bros. game.

1 out of 6 people got this correct.

"To Zanarkand"/"Zanarkand", from Final Fantasy X, used as the opening theme
Timestamp: 0:25

I ended my quiz with an easy song to reward you for listening this far. It's also one of the only slow songs in this quiz.

...Well, at least I thought it would be easy based on how many rearrangements of this I've listened to and how disparate their arrangers are. This was partially a test to see how famous I could expect Final Fantasy music to be in this forum.

Fun fact: My cousin played this piece at his sister's (my other cousin's) wedding.

3 out of 6 people got this correct.

And the winner is...Dudeman, with 12 melodies correct!

If you care, the rest of the rankings are below:
  • Dudeman: 12 melodies
  • mastersuperfan: 9 melodies
  • Maelstrom: 8 melodies
  • Yug_Guy: 7 melodies
  • Latios212: 5 melodies
  • LeviR.star: 4 melodies

You have less than 2 hours to submit to this round start post,
Here's my second Guess-The-Song Quiz:
[PDF] | [MIDI] | [MUS] | [MSCZ]

The MUS is readable in Finale, including Finale Notepad. The MSCZ is readable in Musescore. All other files are based on the original MSCZ, not the MUS--this explains why the PDF doesn't look like the MUS.
The MUS may display and/or play back bugged. The MSCZ, PDF, and MIDI shouldn't.

You can PM answers to me until Saturday, May 20 at 1:00 PM MDT (a.k.a. Saturday, May 20 8:00 PM forum default time). I will not count any submissions made after that time, as I'll be too busy tallying results.
Results will be posted shortly afterwards.

Some guidelines for answering, how the melodies are transcribed, and what counts as a correct answer:
  • When transcribing these songs, I prioritized OSTs over high-quality rips. Keep that in mind while guessing.
  • You may submit YouTube links/videos instead of game name-song name/best known use pairs.
  • All tempos are approximate.
  • Like last time, I will mark unambiguous songs with the right melody in the right key as correct. If your guess has the right melody in the wrong key, I will mark it as incorrect but PM back that you were close. You can freely guess again until the deadline. With that being said, the obvious choice should be the correct one for the most part.
  • I may not have gotten octave voicings correct in this quiz. If you think you've got the right song but it's off by an octave or two in parts, just guess that song anyway.
  • I had trouble transcribing #4, #7, the end of #9, #10, the end of #12, and #13. These melodies are less likely to be completely melodically and rhythmically accurate.
  • Hint: At least one melody is found in a song in a Super Smash Bros. game, but none of them were written for Super Smash Bros.
  • Hint: Exactly one melody is a remix of a piece of classical music. For that melody only, you may guess the name of the piece of classical music it's based on instead of the name of the song (or its best known use, or a YouTube video), but you must also guess which game it's from.
  • Hint: #14 has its last note cut off.

Forum Games / Re: The person below me is...
« on: May 20, 2017, 06:17:24 PM »
Nope, I rarely visit his channel. I visit Waterflame's and Real Faction's more often, and I'm still doubtful about whether I should subscribe to them.

TPBM has subscribed to at least one YouTube channel.

Music / Re: Favourite Soundtrack per platform
« on: May 20, 2017, 03:25:24 AM »
This is going to be pretty biased because I don't listen to full OSTs that often (though I rank OSTs where I have non-fond memories of at least 1/3 of the soundtrack as middle-of-the-road unmemorable):
  • N64: Mario Kart 64 (This game has dang memorable music. About the only tracks' themes I've never hummed are Bowser's Castle, Banshee Boardwalk, and DK's Jungle Parkway. I've even hummed the award ceremony theme before! Diddy Kong Racing isn't far behind, though, and I like F-Zero X's OST a lot.)
  • GCN: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (It's possible that this OST is even better than Mario Kart 64's. More consonant tunes, still as lively as ever, and not-completely standard chord progressions and senses of key!)
  • PC: The Incredible Machine (OK, I may be cheating by naming a series instead of a single game, but the sheer number of different genres covered by the first few games' OSTs is incredible. Want anything from ragtime, Latin, classical, progressive rock, techno, and New Age to bluegrass? You've got it. The quality of each piece stays surprisingly even throughout, IMO, and it's intriguing to hear the differences in takes between the MIDI-generated versions and the CD versions of each song.)
  • PS3: Hard Corps: Uprising (After learning of this game's soundtrack from a semi-random VGM website, I listened to the entire OST and was hooked. This has great, elaborate rock/metal music, complete with solos, and it's hard to go wrong with any of the songs if you're into that kind of stuff, IMO.)

You have less than 21 hours to submit your guesses to me! The deadline's still 1:00 PM MDT tomorrow, and I've only gotten guesses from 4 people so far. Don't be afraid to try, even if you've got only one song's worth of guesses!

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