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Up-to-date news?! Preposterous!

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Honestly, this is probably the last time I post anything on this website for a while. It seems like a waste of time to me at this point; I almost never get any feedback for my work ever from anyone. And when I do get feedback, nobody ever has anything positive to say to me. And then when people actually reply to me, they usually tell me to either stop posting or to just get off this entire website. You know what? I'm thinking it's a good idea. Won't be missed much, right? If one of you are mods, you might as well just ban my account.

Hello once again, composition thread! And welcome to part three of the soundtrack of Pokemon: Citrine Version!
Yeah, I know mine aren't the most viewed threads on this website. Nevertheless, I post just to provide the musicians of this website with some quality compositions to listen to or even learn to play. As always, this update contains ten more songs than the last one.

This update to the soundtrack contains actually more than ten songs that you can listen to by directly viewing them on my YouTube Channel. Regardless, the playlist containing them now contains three more encounter themes, revised rival battle themes, a theme for a new city in development in the game, the cave theme, and even more than I can list off of the top of my head. The most notable song I did not add to the playlist that is on my main YT channel is the Staff Roll theme. It is arguably one of my best works I have ever done, so I highly recommend you find it. I ask the few people I that I know will view this thread to leave me as much feedback as possible.


Good news! The alpha for the game has just been released! Yes, we are aware of the flaws in it and the developer and I are collaborating to fix as many issues as possible. Regardless, if you're interested in getting early access to the game, this is your chance! The download link is available in the "Releases" tab of the GameJolt Page.

Thank you for your time.
-Magalamoto18/Protopianist3 (MuseScore)

Hello, composition thread, and welcome to part two of the Pokemon: Citrine Version soundtrack. Exactly twenty days ago, I made the first post on this thread that contained the first ten songs to the upcoming Pokemon fan-game, Pokemon: Citrine Version. As I promised before, whenever the soundtrack receives ten more songs, I make another update to the topic on this forum. Some notable additions to this update include the Title theme, most of the Jingles (trainer defeated, wild pokemon defeated, gym badge obtained, etc..), the Vs. Gym Leader theme, evolution themes, route 2 theme, gym leader defeated theme, and so on. Though, this is important. Because of the small sizes of the tracks, I decided not to go through the trouble to post the jingles and evolution themes to YouTube. As a result, if you are interested, you will have to pay my MuseScore page a visit.

On the subject of said MuseScore page, if you go to my tab marked "sets" you can access the MIDIs, MuseScore files, PDFs files, and so on of every track in the game in the set marked "Pokemon: Citrine Version OST". Without further ado, here are the links. I do hope you enjoy my handiwork.

Finally, if you are interested in the soundtrack and become interested in the actual game the songs will be featured in, you can follow the game's development on GameJolt with this link:

So the story is that a friend of mine is independently developing a Pokemon fan-game he calls "Pokemon: Citrine Version". Being the utter nut I am, I jumped (more like pounced or tackled) the chance at composing the music for an ENTIRE video game soundtrack- not to mention a POKEMON fan-game soundtrack (probably my life's dream there), and so he accepted my offer. Fast forward approximately two weeks. I have a playlist on my YT channel containing all of my compositions for the game  produced on MuseScore, so instead of meticulously posting everything, I'll just leave the link to the playlist, and you can hear it for yourself, if you're interested. The way I'll be working this thread is every time I finish ten songs, I'm updating it. So the next time you hear from me, the playlist below will have twenty tracks, and the next time thirty, and so on..


And regarding the full YT channel, it's been going since may of last year, and as you could guess I do a mix of original compositions and arrangements of existing songs on piano and other instruments. My best content is probably from this year or the very end of 2016 because around December 29th I finally downloaded some decent notation software on this new laptop.

Thank you for your time.

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 08:08:44 PM »
*cowers in fear*

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 06:23:39 AM »
You actually should, if you can.
Really though, if you end up making this a project, the problem that needs solving is a method of maintaining a single photo for a set duration for the purpose of playing music in the background for a YT video.

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:50:58 AM »
Ah, I remember my very first video in May. How many arrangements have you got so far?

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:44:04 AM »
Well, I'll think of something. But I'm not sure what to do for compositions.

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:37:09 AM »
I don't know how to make a thumbnail or amything like that, so I've been kind of at loss this past year. Yet, it still got me to 50 subs even though I started with nothing at the beginning of the year, so I'm content. I wish I could figure out how BrawlBRSTMs3 keeps single images up for 30 whole minutes. If I could, I'd do something like that.

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:23:11 AM »
:D 'Ayy! Thanks!
Most people say my covers are better than my own arrangements. Out of the ones you saw, which do you prefer?

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:56:58 AM »
"Magalamoto used Fling!"
"Magalamoto flung its terrible sheet music!"
Eh, at least I'm trying.

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:54:48 AM »
Meh, I never said they were any good. Here, I'll link you to my arrangements page and you can tell me if they're any good.

« on: December 30, 2016, 01:41:07 AM »
Where can I get Finale Notepad? I don't own an actual computer, so I only have access to mobile notation software like iWriteSheetMusic.
It would be quite helpful to post a link or something.

Help! / Re: Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 30, 2016, 01:36:27 AM »
Since I only have mobile, I use iWriteSheetMusic. It's pretty good, but it doesn't process things like dynamics which makes mp3s not sound that great, but I've written every sheet I've ever done on that software. It's on the App Store.

« on: December 21, 2016, 12:11:49 PM »
I hear what you're both saying loud and clear, it's just that I don't know how to fix what I've already got. Can Iget some specific pointers? I've only been into arranging for a little under a year now, so some advice would go a long way..

Regarding the file type issue, I barely have any arranging software in the first place nor do I have access to better due to lack of money set aside for this sort of thing, meaning I'm personally satisfied with just the pdf. I include the video to try and substitute for the MIDI, but I'm at loss for the other.

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