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Off-Topic / Re: The Introduction Thread
« on: July 26, 2017, 03:00:10 PM »
"Trasdegi" is such a cool name haha gosh

Welcome to the forums! ^^ There seems to be quite a sizable PMD following here, which also means that most of the fun PMD tracks have been arranged already, but hey! :p

I've taken a quick glance through your "Aspertia City" and it looks pretty nice for a start, clearly you're quite experienced with music! :) Can't wait to see more pokemanz stuff from you ahaha~

Personal Arrangement Threads / Re: Onion's Arrangements
« on: July 26, 2017, 10:55:40 AM »
Ahh, Lyn's Theme!! :D I can't wait to see what you have haha, I'll be opening that mus this weekend when I have computer access ^^

It's so good.

You have molested my heart, man :,)

In a...well, really subtle and...um, also cool way. hehe.


This is possibly the closest I've gone to 100% of my performance standard, hehe. Worked on it legit-ly for two months on-and-off, recorded it in one take with no edits in a moment of passion. And it's a beautiful arrangement with beautiful little virtuoso elements.

It's a piece I hold very dear to me. KH 358/2 is one of my favourite DS games, and Xion is one of the most awesome characters ever. This melody is beautiful, the KH harmonies never disappoint, and the way Miyano wrote this arrangement just gives so much space for the performer to create passionate moments.

Enjoy ^^

Request / Re: [NDS] PMD2 - "Beach Cave"
« on: July 22, 2017, 01:59:56 AM »
whuuut how did that not show up on the search D:

Anyway I'm still interested in doing your version Insig! ^^ Something seems wrong with this one haha~

Request / [NDS] PMD2 - "Beach Cave"
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:50:45 AM »

How is this not on-site yet? :p I honestly think it's one of the most brilliant pieces of music in PMD2 hehe - it's around the same level of genius as Tiny Woods ^^


Anyway, I'll be doing this for an upcoming PMD2 live compilation! :) So it will eventually be played live - this also means that I'd try to play it no matter how hard it is, but I'd appreciate something of a manageable difficulty a lot more. ^^;

Much thanks in advance! :D

Nice! Love the way you organised it. And hey, you fixed the accidentals! ;D

Mm, one issue - the naming of your second and third movements. :p There are historically-established conventions that are expected when you name movements like that, so that makes it really dangerous to do so. If I try really hard to justify it, I guess you could call the second movement a scherzo - but the third movement is definitely not a fugue.

I suppose it's undeniable that the third movement emulates Baroque-era organ music, but that's a style - the fugue is a structural model. I analysed the movement and Googled "dancing mad fugue" online (p.s. the analysis on destructoid is bogus), and I'm now completely convinced this is not a fugue. I think the most appropriate name is "toccata", because that's more virtuosic and free-form. Do consider ^^

Since I'm on the topic, a "scherzo" is conventionally blazingly fast, such that you can feel the pulse in bars rather than beats. The reason why I'm still inclined to defend this as a scherzo is the section at bar 33 - that is very distinctive of a scherzo. The section afterwards, though, is definitely not. But you still can't call this a "fantasia", because that's usually a standalone work. So I don't really know what a good name for this section would be.

Actually, is there a need to name the movements? :p You could just label them by number, right? I think that would make things a lot less irky ^^

Great arrangement! ^^ Clean and accurate, really nice to play - I'll consider doing thsi live for sure :)

Mm, I do have an issue with the voicing in the intro though - singing out that middle line is really, really hard. It's quite easy to fix though - just move the highest voice down an octave. Do consider this ;)

Can't wait to see this on site~

I love this track, and I think you've done a pretty nice arrangement of it. It's really complex, yeah, but your transcription was spot on, you chose mostly the right parts (my tastes gravitate towards choosing rhythms over melodies, but it's a personal thing ^^), and I'll have you know I did a full listening of the track today using your sheet as reference. Great stuff! :)

I'll try not to comment on the arrangement decisions - rather I think I'll focus on the...well, accidentals. xD Because that's all I ever do on NSM I suppose :p


b. 63, bt 3:
Consider changing the C-naturals to B-sharps.

This better highlights the leading-to-tonic relation between this chord and the opening chord of bar 64. I think B-sharp is easier to read because it makes more sense when you read it horizontally, but if you're a vertical reader then C-natural is easier. So this is still your call ^^

Same applies to bar 65, bt 3 - take your pick :)


b. 79:
Choose either G-flat or F-sharp for your diminished chords, keep it consistent.

There's no hard-and-fast rule to writing diminished chords, but doing this minimises the number of accidentals used and indicates to the performer that you're basically playing the same chord. So yeah :)


b. 81, bt 4:
Consider using C-flat over B-natural.

If you chose G-flat over F-sharp, then you're choosing a flat mode over a sharp mode - so keep it consistent. This better shows the movement from C-flat to D-flat too. ^^ If you'd like the nerdy part, this G-flat sus4 chord should be seen as a chromatic alteration of the C minor chord, so the C-flat is a chromatic alteration of C-natural~

Similar idea for b. 82, bt 4 (either F-sharp or all flats), b. 83, bt 3 (clashing F-flat and F-nat), b. 85, bt 2 (all flats here, show the melodic motion). b. 84, bt 4 is a really good example, because that is a clearly-written chromatic alteration. ^^ b. 85, bt 3 is another good example :)


b. 118-119 progression:
It is reeeaaaally unusual to have a fully-sharped chord to move to a fully-flatted chord, so consider changing the cord at 118 to an E-flat chord rather than a D-sharp chord.

The explanation: full-sharp to full-flat is step motion, while a change on the same note is usually chromatic motion. In this case, we call this an enharmonic modulation - change a chord on the same note to the enharmonic equivalent, then use it as a pivot. So it makes theoretical sense to change the spelling of that final chord ^^


b. 131-148:
You can write this section without flats! ^^ And most naturals. Hehe.

If it's a C-natural, it's actually a B-sharp - all C-nats in this section progress to C-sharps, and it's crucial to show this 7-1 relationship.

The B-flats are A-sharps in the context of C-sharp minor, buuuut it's a chromatic scale so hmm. Not too picky on that.

G-nats are okay though - they are diminished alterations of the dominant ^^


final section:
The natural-to-sharp movements - change the naturals to double-sharps ^^

Because 7-1! ^^


Lots of minor nitpicks with lots of nerdism, haha! :p Hope this makes sense ^^

And thank you for this sheet! I might consider picking this up in the future - if I do I will come back to this arrangement with playability considerations~

Cheers! ^^

Words cannot describe how much I love this arrangement, haha, amazing job :)

Minor technical detail I should have pointed out earlier though - bars 16 and 22 left hand, F-flats, those should be E-naturals. You have E-naturals in the right hand, so that keeps things congruent :)

Haha honestly a part of me was hoping for that countermelody too. ^^; But I saw the way you did those chords and the jumps to the mid register and realised how fun that would be too xD

If it's the slow and heavy, and maybe extrapolating a bit, the constant rolling of the train's wheels in that I-V alternating bass, then that is the image I'll be thinking of when I play this :)

Once again thanks for arranging this! Can't wait to see your other FF stuff haha, if you do enough awesome arrangements I might just do a compilation :p

Request / Re: [SNES] FFVI - "Phantom Train"
« on: July 10, 2017, 11:25:01 PM »
This is great! ^^ Simple, no-nonsense, and definitely a joy to read :)

Consider this request done, and thank you static! ^^

Request / Re: [SNES] FFVI - "Phantom Train"
« on: July 10, 2017, 09:01:44 AM »
I didn't know you were still alive :D

Surprise! ^^ Haha I've kinda just been leeching sheets off this site to play for my channel but hey, not like there's anything that i can post about haha i'm not cool enough </3

I'll accept this, I love this song.

I'll try to get it done as soon as I can. I can't wait to hear it played live once I've finished!

And thank you for accepting this static! ^^ can't wait~

Feedback / Re: Sheet Music Errors Thread
« on: July 09, 2017, 09:33:41 AM »
Don Valentino's "Hyrule Castle Courtyard" is a little off, ahaha. Um, one eighth note off to be exact. :p

Don's arrangement: http://www.ninsheetmusic.org/download/pdf/498

The track actually begins with a pickup, not on the beat. Everything from the pickup to bar 7 starting from those two bass notes is fine though, so all we need to do is to move everything from bars 1-6 one eighth note back. Oh, and insert a pickup before bar 1 haha. ^^;

I wanted to help with this, but I'm quite a scrub at Finale and have no idea how to insert a pickup bar haha, hope you guys don't mind xD

Request / [SNES] FFVI - "Phantom Train"
« on: July 09, 2017, 02:33:01 AM »

So this is one of those really beautiful, really hypnotic tracks that I just love. But I know for certain that most people can arrange this one better than me, so hey. xD Might as well leave this to the floor~

I really wanna play this, possibly for my YT channel, hehe! ^^ So I guess if you really want to hear something you wrote live, then we could do a thing and we'll both win! Yayy

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