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Site News / Re: Update, Wednesday 15th of August 2018
« on: August 16, 2018, 10:06:04 AM »
Glad to see you still drop by sometimes

If you can't do them in Notepad, you can ask one of us updaters to do it for you. Again, it's just a suggestion

Oh, sorry, 35-36 was my bad. For some reason, my PDF viewer was only viewing one page at a time and I scrolled to the next page while still counting measures, so I accidentally (and incorrectly) double counted 31-32.

For the end, I'm thinking you could use so-called "Ravel ties" to make it easier to read,

(image stolen from here just for illustration purposes)

It looks cleaner, but the downside is that it's harder to do in notation programs and it might not play back correctly in the program.

(also some people debate its validity but it gets the point across so why not)

Pretty good, some quick comments:
m.27 last LH note should be Bb, not C
m.31-32, 35-36 D#'s should be Eb's
m.67 LH sounds like it should be D G B D instead of G B C D (also curious as to why you decided to transpose it up and make the LH crossover instead of tranposing it down)
End chords could be a bit fuller

Submissions / Re: [GBA] Fire Emblem - "Fire Emblem Theme" by Echo
« on: July 24, 2018, 09:24:31 PM »
Aight, that's cool. I just had to double check that you were consciously making those decisions, just in case :P

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Yume Nikki - "FC Castle" by Rwars
« on: July 24, 2018, 09:54:39 AM »
Only issue I'm noticing is beat 1.5 of m.3, that E is pretty difficult for a regular piano player to hit with the A. In m.1, it's fine because you have the LH to help out, but here it's not too easy unless you pedal to keep the B in the bass going. So you should try to add an indication to a performer so they know how exactly they should play that (unless you want them to decide for themselves, in which case the current version is fine)

Just a couple of things I noticed:
m.6,8 - Eb's should be D#'s
m.14 - Here, it sounds like the part in the LH should be louder than or on top of the RH part


Couple of things I'm wondering:
- why
- At that speed, is that triplet at the end of m.8 necessary? It seems a bit odd compared to how ''''''straightforward'''''' the rhythm is in other places
m.28 - the first quarter note in the bass is looking a bit uncomfortable with the neighbouring quarter note in its personal space, could space it out a bit more evenly there.

- Sounds like you could add accents to some of the notes in the runs

Most of the chords and notes seem good just from a quick glance. The patterns make it easier, I suppose :P

Some accidental problems I noticed:
m.5 Db should be a C# (think about it melodically, not just avoiding the C# because you already have a C in F)
Similarly, m.17 Gb should be F#

Also, m.6 melody rhythm whoopsie there

I've only taken a brief look, but it seems pretty good. Will need to do a more thorough notecheck later, though

Single note tremolos should be fine with 1-2-3 fingering.
The double notes, however, would probably be better off written as a tremolo between two notes (there's a plugin for that!). Otherwise, it'd be very tiring as is.

You could also consider filling out the grace notes with the harmonizing notes from m.37-40 - it'd be perfectly alright if you have strong fingers. I can understand why you have it as is, though.

Perhaps you could change the accompaniment there too in m.34-41 too, then? As is, it sounds... a bit more active than the original, I suppose? That's all up to you, though.

For muting the piano and adding a percussion line in instead, I believe you could try adding a hidden dynamic marking that sets the key velocity to zero just for that part (or make a fake mp mark that actually sets the key velocity to zero). Then any other dynamic marking will set the key-velocity to a non-zero value you can actually hear stuff.

- Db's should be C#'s here
- It's very difficult to follow along, since it appears you haven't written in the part where the melody from m.3-m.6 repeats but with identical accompaniment
- m.7-8 shouldn't be written as a repeat: the two phrases are not identical, so you need to go back and rewrite that part. Likewise with m.9-12. The way you've written it down makes it difficult to follow the melody and I can't tell what you're doing there

Submissions / Re: [GBA] Mother 3 - "Mom's Hometown" by shadowkirby
« on: July 24, 2018, 08:14:35 AM »
In any case...

m.1- 3: sounds like the first chord's bass note is F, missing an Eb in the 2nd chord and an Ab in the first 2 chords
m.4,6, etc.: spell the Eb as a D#
m.16: sounds like there's a B missing in the G chord
m.19: It's a G7 chord, so you gotta add the F to it
m.24: looks like you forgot to harmonize the melody as in m.16
m.26 missing the G in the 2nd half of the measure (goes Dm - G7 - C)
m.28,30,32,34 - the guitar notes you have down don't look like what I hear. For m.28 I'm hearing more of C-B-C
m.32-33 needs to be harmonized

I'm not sure the effect used in m.6 would be easily replicated on piano, but a quarter note would be an easy way to get around it. If you decide to go with the current route, I'd add some stress or accent marks to the proper notes.

In m.8 I'm hearing the contour of the melody go Bb-Ab-Db, and I'm hearing an A instead of a D on the first beat of m.13

m.13 - 15: It looks like you're missing some of the wind instrument part (either that, or you didn't transcribe it correctly). In the original, I hear a G that leads into the Ab-Bb-G after the repeat.

Submissions / Re: [GBA] Fire Emblem - "Fire Emblem Theme" by Echo
« on: July 24, 2018, 07:12:40 AM »
Just a quick glance:
- m.3 sounds like you could add the triplet into the bass on beat 3
- I notice you simplified the rhythm somewhat, for playability reasons I suppose. At the given tempo, I wouldn't say it's too difficult to play, though.
- Also noticed how you neglect the bass in favour of playability, but incorporating a bit of the bass notes would help make the accompaniment more interesting
- Just to clarify, the sparse texture in m.45 is you adding a sort of "ending" by adding contrast to the beginning, right?
- I'd suggest adding the harp part to m.26-29 so you can contrast more with m.30

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