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Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: January 02, 2018, 10:32:46 PM »
(Tl:dr I watched a funny political documentary about Sweden's most conservative politician in modern times, Carl Bildt, which I found amusing. I have pointed out the entertaining things below)

So here in Sweden, they apparently started sending a bunch of documentaries of various Swedish prime ministers. And a favorite among the people seem to be one about Thorbjörn Fälldin (an influential center(slightly right leaning)-political leader in the 80s.). His party was formerly known as "the farmers party", and still is today, but the party is center political (having supported both the left "Socialistic" party, as well as the right "Moderate" party.). Many seem to appreciate his charm and simpleness (the simple innocent farmer). An other documentary was about Göran Person, who was party leader in the later 90s, and was in a way a calm nice Socialist but also tough as a bear when it came to the point. But being myself, not an ordinary Swede, I didn't see much of any of those but instead watched a documentary about our most Right-wing politician in modern day, being prime minister in the early 90s, Carl Bildt. The documentary was called "the excellent", and really reflected him. The documentary was "amusing" just pure fun! He's probably the most conservative politician we've had and also maybe the one most friendly to the USA. It was interesting how he really went against the tide, being the first elected conservative politician since the 30s, in Sweden. Really went against the think socialist Sweden. It was also interesting how he grew up (quite military, playing with armies. But as he grew older gotten more into diplomacy). He also is doing the same thing nowadays (diplomacy). Also crazy how the documentary also highlighted the 1950s and further one age. And I never thought of how violent it was! But there were both wars everywhere and also big protests with clashes. All I've thought of the 1950s and forward was the culture (the music and other stuff). But it sure had a nasty side as well.

Some funny moments:
-His entire family was pretty much noble. All the way to the 1500! And in his family tree there were several high ranking members. One was an army major who lost one of his right legs in a battle against Russia, and survived and became 91 years old! And another one actually was a prime minister in the 1880. So kind of funny how the entire family is pretty much noblemen.
-When he did his party campaign in Sweden, he did it by air (airplane). Which may not sound that impressive for you Americans. But doing that in Sweden is like having a campaign by rocket or by like jet pack in the USA. As most politicians in Sweden probably uses buses.
-He was also (like Trump lol) a tough guy for reporters. Not because he was rude, but because he was so sharp and had such pride and confidence. Making the reporter almost feeling below him.
-During the 90s, Sweden and Europe was in a lot turbulence. Financial chaos, and also some problems with Jugoslavia and Russia. And Russia became a bit of a problem for Bildt. And Russia had apparently some submarines in the Baltic Sea, which made Sweden use Helicopters with like sound radars or something to try to spot them. But later it was found out that some of those was actually false alarms/signals (don't know the term). And the funny part is that the false alarms came from minks! And it was pretty entertaining hearing some high military officer talk about it seriously (being ask by a reporter if it was embarrassing).

(Something completely different: The feeling when you finally settle with a great quote on facebook: A face-palm and a smile. The quote is "Act as if your actions matter" by philosopher William James. The reason for the face-palm is that that quote and the reasoning behind it has actually been my favorite philosophical quotes back in the days (lol I just couldn't find that one :P.)).

Site News / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 02, 2018, 11:52:02 AM »
When I heard about the 4k thing, I imediatly thought of 9000 (it's over 9000). Lol if we get there it's literally going to be over 9000! xD

Site News / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 01, 2018, 09:23:20 PM »
Happy new year everyone! Let's make 2018 better than 2017!

Music / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« on: January 01, 2018, 09:22:21 PM »
Dream Theater! Forever good!

Off-Topic / Re: Made mah day.
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:08:26 PM »
Thanks. I'm also going to have a special new year promise: To have visions!
This is how I think:

Do you guys have a new year promise?

(also I'm going to give you guys a couple of days or so to answer the question I gave you in my previous comment. Before I give you the answer. :P)

Off-Topic / Re: Made mah day.
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:39:47 AM »
Happy New Year guys!

I've been having a rough year, being banned and pretty much alone as my friends and also family members and relatives have been away at other places, or being hard to get contact with (mostly because of me working at bad times aka. evening time). This have lead to me feeling strong pain and grief, which is annoying. During this Christmas and all the way till New Year, I've been feeling a great release and maybe even joy. As my friends and relatives return to Stockholm (where I live) so that I can meet them. I met both my brother, Simon, and my best friend, Maxi, as well as other relatives. And I've had a good time socializing and talking about various topics and also just chilling out :). And I've never felt that family and friends are so valuable as of now. And I hope that you guys have had a great year, and I hope that 2018 will be even better! :D

Funny question (if you guess this one right, you get... a cake): This year (2018) marks the 200 jubilee of an even between Sweden and USA. What event?

Off-Topic / Re: Politics
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:44:13 PM »
To add to the above (all of which I agree with), another thing is that forums like this are usually a place for engaging in discussion with multiple people. I haven't seen many instances where you respond to a prompt by someone else. Communication is a two-way street that takes multiple people listening and speaking in turn, and sometimes it seems like you're not really interested in actually beginning - or continuing - a dialogue with other users. Most of the time your large posts tend to start a new topic rather than following up on something previously mentioned or discussed, so it's hard to respond to them since they seem more like "let me tell the world what I think" rather than "I am interested in talking about my views/opinions/life/etc with others and hearing them talk about the same things". That's another reason we are staging this uh... intervention I guess.

Y, I'm sorry that I do like that. But to me, ideas, are almost like handcraft or science. I go think, take in impression, and process it and then makes an expression. And then when I'm done with all the experimentation and crafting, I present my final result. I do the same with my arrangements. But I can definitely agree with you that my social skills aren't the best.

On the topic of net neutrality. I don't like it as it seems like big companies can start to pay for you using internet. And then they can chose what price you pay. I guess it could help some competitiveness in the market, which is a good thing in a market economy. But as just an ordinary guy using the internet, it just tough economically. Yet again, I guess you could say that the bright side is that it's not like in China which have a "great firewall of China"... it's clearly better as you still have pretty open internet. But it does cripple people a bit. We'll see what happens with it. If the companies decides to have completely open internet, and then have a decent price, guess it isn't the worst. But I don't think it's a benefit.

jesus tobbeh that's your magnum opus

Lol. Thanks for the appreciation. It really really matters!! Yug_Guy and Altissimo makes me feel somewhat bitter, so therefore I really appreciate your kind and loving answers! So that you know that.
I think really really hard, trying to come up with the best possible answers and ideas getting answers from I want to use my knowledge for the good. I think foreign relations matter, and I think that logic and knowledge is key for understanding it. On the topic of diplomacy, I've heard some talk about US diplomatic armada... wonder where that one is heading... Also starting to feel like Putin is worse than Trump... But comparing them is like comparing an apple with like a Playstation, it's just weird. 

Off-Topic / Re: Politics
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:26:43 PM »
Can't help but to think of politics. It just feels too important. But my focus now is on "diplomacy" and "foreign relations". And I'm looking at USA, Europe, UK, EU, and Russia. And I'm excluding China from this list because it doesn't feel as relevant (it's sort of like the "land far far away", both from Europe and from US (the sheer distance).

And I see an epic possibility for great peace between all these big nations and superpowers. But it's hard, like solving the millennium puzzle (or some other hard/impossible riddle). And the biggest problem the exist is "the logic". I think people can feel a sense of peace, but they don't understand that. So I'm going to try to explain this in an elegant and a bit poetic/visual way.

My pictures of all the countries (I'm from Sweden, so I'm in the middle of this crazy proxy war thing, so I see both to the west and to the east what's going on):

The US: When I think about the US with Trump's leadership, I immediately think of "the jazz music". And the next think I see is "the gambler" or "the person who owns the casinos where people gamble". Combine that and you pretty much get "Casino Night Zone". So it's like this dark picture, like Trump's has some "dark aura" and the place he is and maybe even want to in, is in a casino. So he's dark and the casino's dark, and it's pretty dark :P. He kind of feels like a madman and a genius, 2 sides of the same coin. Because gambling is bad as you can lose. But you can also win, so you can get the black side of the coin or the golden side of it. Which is what I think is happening to the US economy, "casino capitalism". Which may sound bad, but it can also be very powerful. And as a weapon in foreign relations, when dealing with "enemies" aka Russia, Iran and probably also China (it's not that hard tbh. to see how the foreign relations in the world looks like). Because even if Putin is a smart KJB agent who happen to rig the election and get Trump in place as a puppet. He'll never be able to control the free market, the capitalism, the "casino capitalism". Like how do you control the entire US? Nope it's impossible, because of all the people living there, being unique and making their own decisions. It's pretty much impossible or something you don't even want to try because it's costs so much energy doing it. So that's the "positive side" of the casino. That it's random, and hard/impossible to control. But the problem with kind of economy is that it will only last for a certain amount of time (like some time-bomb ticking down). Everything in the world both advantages and disadvantages, have an enemy and a friend, it's in nature. I talked about the advantage being it's unpredictability. But the disadvantage of the "casino capitalism" is all the people getting broke from gambling, it's basically "you lost. It's game over". And also the fact that it is a casino, so it only last as long as people have interest in the casino, if it get's boring, or if people have a "sound mind" and doesn't gamble, it all falls down. So that's the enemy. The friend is a mixture of different things like common sense, soundness, not only just having a casino but also a bank or something to store valuable assets in. So that's the economy of the US.

Russia: Russia has problems. When I think about Putin as Russia's president I immediately hear some old Russian hymn like "Song of Volga Boatmen", and Putin listing to it while drinking a fresh glass of vodka. Like he as president doesn't matter, but more so the country/ the land it self, The land and the vodka. Like the "Russian spirit" exist within the land itself! And why does the land sing? Because of how pale Putin has become. And that leads me to the problem Russia is facing.
The biggest problem they have is that they're are even communists. Seems stupid, but a good political analyst from Azerbaijan talked about how Russia tried liberalism during Yeltsin's presidency, which failed catastrophically. It lead to what is known as "the big bang" (they're version of "black [insert day when the stock market crashed]". Which followed what is known in Russia as "The great depression" (same name there as what happened in the US and Europe in the 30s). All that lead to that the Russians got panicky, when they saw how the economy was completely screwed. And when they get panicky, they go out and have a revolution (not really, more like uproar/riots in reality), which lead to that Putin became president. And funny enough, he was looked upon as hero, being a KJB agent, having strong roots in communism (like Lenin and Stalin). And I think he actually made Russia's economy better. But the problem now is that his time is "running out". If he was the man who came and fixed everything, now h's not that much needed. He erected a statue of Ivan IV "the terrible" (Which is symbolical of how cold he has become. And also how bad. But Ivan IV actually united Russia, so it's probably a historical symbolism, as Putin also did similar thing administratively, after Yeltsin divided the land). So Putin is really balancing on the edge. But as his time runs out, it probably is going to be some sort of revolution. Either that or he steps down, retiring, and then like hand picks a new leader with more energy and more "communism" within that leader. How Russia works 101, Tsars and Communism. xD

UK: UK has an annoying position between EU/Europe, and USA. May clearly want's to run the land with conservative politics (or maybe liberal-conservative). But she has both an issue with Trump and USA, and EU (which probably is headed by Merkel and Macron, or maybe Donald Tusk. Who knows? :P). And she seem to have an issue with Trump, but also wanting to preserve some historical, cultural and political bonds. But it is hard as I think that she thinks that Trump is too rough and unpredictable. And it is possible that she also sees similarities to the 80s with Reagan and Thatcher getting along well. And she having the nickname "the steel lady", really makes that comparison very strong. I think that I'm a realist saying that she want's to have the brexit process done, before she can try to have deals and relations with USA and Trump. And I think that will leverage her and UK's situation, and become more calm.

EU/Europe: It's pretty similar tbh. I'd say EU is more an administrative platform, and Europe the geographical continent. Europe struggling with being positioned between 2 superpowers, Russia and USA. Which makes most countries confused, asking the question "should we chose liberalism, like USA, or communism, like Russia". And everyone probably have their own opinion about that. Some might say "aha, we chose conservatism", but I think that after a while becomes a pointless choice/not on the table. You immediately ask yourself then "what do you mean by conservatism? Europe has changed throughout the years, just read some history book.". So that isn't a viable choice, but more something some nostalgic person would say. And I'd say that EU and Europe lean towards Liberalism, like lean towards USA. But Trump being a complicated president, really does slow things down. As the EU knows that every piece have to be laid perfectly for the relations between US and Europe to work. So it is clear that Europe/EU really want's control, see all the ins and outs, so that they can calculate all the chances and the risks, so the can avoid like some economic disaster or other dumb political scandals. And I don't think Russia is any big problem. But just because it's a neighboring country to some EU countries, makes so that it just had to be taken into consideration (like Mexico for the USA). But otherwise it's isn't that dangerous as it isn't some "communistic war machine" like it was when Stalin was president (or actually dictator). So it's more of sleeping giant, like some bear, which if you just leave it alone, it'll be fine. Putin even endorsed some neighboring countries', Finland specifically, sovereignty. Which makes me feel that Putin and Russia isn't a real and immediate threat to Europe. Europe also don't want to deal with conservatism as of Europe's dark past during Nazi Germany (so looking back doesn't seem like an option.).

I could also talk about China. I think China will be weaker as a superpower. It is of lately that it has grown strong. But something tells me that I think that there will be an economic meltdown there, which also might trigger some revolution-esque thoughts. China also is an ally to Russia, maybe more "communistic" but Russia, China and North Korea (and maybe some smaller countries in southern Asia) is basically "the read field" or "the communistic countries". So Trump's attempt with saying that Russia and China are enemies is really a fake Trump card as, they're basically neighbors in every way imaginable, geographically and politically. But y, I think companies will leave China and go to Europe or US, as I think China's reputation will decrease. And if it does so, companies will leave, and the economy will drop.

I think it would be very well if USA, Europe and Russia had some meeting where they came to some agreement. Putin talks about how he want a reset of US-Russia relations. And Europe/EU clearly has something to say being in the middle. I think the best option is to have it as it used to be that Europe and US share a common ground, and Russia and China is on the other side. I think that that will make the situation in the world more stable. I think that will get rid of all the corruption, the lies and the tension. And if that happens I think that that can create better diplomatic relations, which creates peace. A reset with USA and Europe, and Russia and China, would be almost like some Nixon-Mao and Reagan-Gorbachev at the same time! Pretty epic I'd say. After that I think that there will be some sort of recession in Europe. But I think that will be nice as can empower people to do better rather than living in status quo. Which I'd appreciate, living in Europe.   

I've been having some dilemma with Trump as president, and him as a person. I think the thing that it boils down to are 2 things:
1) that he doesn't seem to have any fears, like no boundaries and
2) that he's to impulsive. And #1 is obviously is bad in every way possible as you could let bad stuff happen to you and also make bad stuff happen to other people. It can be good having little fear as it makes you courageous, but I think that most people can agree on that fear is actually a good emotion or a necessary emotion. And #2 is more of just a personal thing, that I have problems with him being so braggy and all that. But too be honest I think #2 isn't that bad, he's just an extrovert social guy. But #1 is more complicated. But I think it's physically impossible to not fear anything (actually it is possible if you literally have no amygdala, but that is a super rare disorder). I think that even the most wild or cold psychopath (which is something I've read a bit about to get stuff clear) will at some point get something that makes them fear, more or the less. Even reading something about Trump, he apparently fears stairs and slopes (god knows why.). And the reason I'm bringing this up is because I think that fear can help reduce braggyness (or whatever it is called) and improve humbleness, which is a characteristic that I think is desperately needed in today's world (with all kinds of leaders acting very coldly). To me, Pence, seem way more stable than Trump and I can even imagine that he'd make a more stable presidency (like father and child, lol...). But that isn't the case. And to reduce the sense of dictatorship I think that the administration has to increase it's humbleness, which I think can come through fear (which I think it's obvious that Pence have, being afraid of like gay people or pro-abortion people. But less obvious that Trump has). 


Foreign relations:

USA: USA is a casino, who knows for how long that will last.

Russia: Doesn't has as much communism in it as it use to have.

UK: Tough spot in between USA and Europe.

Europe: Pretty divided ideologically between Liberalism and Communism. But will have to chose and wants to chose liberalism, leaving Russia as a sleeping bear/giant.

China: ...who knows, who cares. Might crash their economy as companies move to Europe and USA. More communistic that Russia, which is their neighbor and friend. But also kind of corrupt (crony-capitalism).

Would be epic if all these superpowers would meet and agree on some things and reset the situation. It would be like like some Nixon-Mao and Reagan-Gorbachev at the same time. Pretty epic!

I have 2 problems with Trump which I both think can be solved:
#1 he seem to have no fears, no boundaries/limits. But I think that he actually does as you have to have a rare disease to completely have no fears (even some crazy psycopaths have fears, but they just have way less/harder to feel it.). And I think it would be good if he had fears as I think that leads to a person being more humble (as you'll have to rely on other people to help you with your fears)
#2 He's to social and extrovert. Honestly more of a personal problem. Not a big issue. I like more calm people than "big suns".

Off-Topic / Re: Made mah day.
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:29:44 PM »
I Saw Star Wars VIII today!

spoilers below
It was pretty epic! I like how the movie was were explosive and emotionally strong. It almost felt like a mix between Star Wars 6 and Star Wars 3! The clean clear cut story of SW6 and the dramatic emotional quality of SW3! Although I woudln't place it high on my list of best to worst Star Wars films. 6 is the best, 3 is #2, 7 is probably #3, and this one is quite far down, or in the middle (rouge one and maybe #1 are the worst, rouge one is for sure the worst, if anyone wonders). I really like how it got pretty deep in this movie, how Luke explained how the force was not just Light sabers or other cool abilities, but that it exist everywhere! And I like how it had all the good Star Wars qualities: Light Sabers (which rough one barely had, which is why it sucked), Space Ships, Wars (lol)), The stark contrast between the good and evil. And most importantly, The Force! It really does feel it almost revived the Star Wars sage/lore. Star Wars 7 was ok, but it felt a bit weak. As Kylo Ren wasn't really the best villain. And in 8, I kind of like how they got rid of Snoke. It was unique, as in 4-6 it took 3 movies for the light to destroy The Emperor, but now it only took 2. And the way Ray and Kylo Ren destroyed Snoke was also similar to how Luke and Anakin/Darth Vader destroyed the Emperor, which is pretty cool. I'm kind of exited for the 9th.
 I feel like it can basically take any direction. A new evil rises up? Luke comes back, alive or as a force ghost? New Jedi force sensitives grows up. The Jedi might try to establish some sort of Jedi Order/Council again (that one would be an interesting continuation. It's just to wait and see! Still this one got 3 or 3,5/5, great job Hollywood! 8)

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:14:48 PM »
Could you possibly be referring to Hawai’i Minnesota?

(plays "the force theme") (starts reading like an old man telling a story):
In the middle of the 1800, there was an interesting historical event in Swedish history. There were hard and bad times in Sweden (poverty and bad crops) which lead to a lot of people feeling bad and depressed. And in that moment of time, a lot of people sought out to "the land of the free" :P, America. Where everything should be happy. Where the crops grow big and everlasting joy. The first thing they saw was the Statue of Liberty (which must have look like a sign of wealth and prosperity for them) and they later settled and try to get into the society. But as time passed that "land of the free and prosperity and etc." wasn't "that" good after all. Sometimes you find a job, next day you didn't. And the dreams became more grey (but still maybe better than in Sweden, as those years in Sweden were dire). And they experience some hardships like "living in some ghetto" (there is a place called "Swede Hollow" which many went on to, thinking that they have it better living with more Swedes (but it turned out the other way, as the place became or was a ghetto). And a lot of Swedes actually settled in Minnesota (who knows why, no clue). And some Swedes actually got it better, there was some story of the "three lucky Swedes" who made a fortune of finding gold (which you could keep in the US at that time and probably also nowadays. Which you couldn't in Europe then and maybe not even nowadays, as it had to be returned to the king or the state/nation.). So if you were lucky, you could get rich. Other also succeeded but not to that extent. But through working hard, and finding like the best place to live (like a nice little western village). There they could have it better than in like Swede Hollow as it wasn't a "ghetto" but a nice village. So they could have a better job (but which probably was pretty rough, but all jobs back then were rough), but they really had trouble with the language and also getting accustomed to the new land (in Sweden they knew all the names of everything, trees, flowers, birds etc., but in the US the knew nothing, it was brand new for them), which created some anxiety and doubt and homesickness. But in the end of the story, some succeeded and others failed, it is as simple as that. And after those years the situation became better in Sweden, the land grew up from it's poverty which lead to that the migration stopped.

All of this did I hear from a documentary at Christmas Eve (which is the day we in the Scandinavian countries celebrate Christmas on, because reasons, look it up yourself), which was really interesting. The "Swedish migration to America" is known as big event in Swedish history, and a famous Swedish author, Vilhelm Moberg, has written a tetralogi about it. And that series is very well known and popular in Sweden, basically "a Swedish literature classic".

Cool seeing the bonds we have with America. :)

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:31:09 PM »
largest river

Like Mississippi. Runs through the Us.

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: December 29, 2017, 09:46:56 PM »
Honestly I'm getting tired of all the climate issues, that seem alarming. I was very interested in the climate problems before (and to a certain extent still am). But I've been tired of all the alarmists who just yell "eat vegan! Switch to electric cars! Or bio fuel..." it's distressing... And it seems like most people are worried that Trump exited the Paris climate agreement. And it has just escalated from there on. But I took a different approach and went to core of the problem: which seems to be CO2 in the air. That was what Al Gore talked about in the early 2000. And that's the root to it (it was back then referred to as the "global warming"), it is of lately they've been starting to use the term "global warming". And the root of it, what it all came down to was the CO2 in the air, to a large extent, some of it were other gases, and other environmental problems like deforestation, but mostly CO2 in the air. And CO2 coming from cars, primarily.

So I was pretty ok in chemistry, and it intrigued me in the senior upper school. So I thought of getting to the root of the problem. The CO2 is basically 1 Carbon atom, and 2 Oxygen atoms. And then you take a look at Oxigen gas which is just 2 oxygen atoms, and after that H2O (water) which is 1 Hydrogen atom and 2 Oxygen atoms. The later ones are harmless in nature (present no threats like "climate change/global warming". But the first apparently does so. And they are strikingly similar. So the key problem is how to get rid of that carbon atom in the middle of carbon dioxide. And one way is "the natural way" which pretty much everything in natur binds carbon to it (like flowers via photosynthesis). Which is the best way, but it takes time. The second would be if some genius figured out a way to get rid of that coal by some artificial way (by some machine) somehow. By like hoovering it in and the trying to get rid of the coal but releasing oxygen. making it bind in some chemical way. And there has been some success to that by using basalt in some way. 

tldr: The problem with all the climate issues has a lot to with the "bad black atom" in the middle of the molecule (in the image below). If we could get rid of that one (and put it down into the ground), there would be a lot less alarming about the dangers of climate change/global warming, and we'd all have clean air and clean water and be "Happy Gilmore". People spend more time caring about trends like "vegan food", "electric/biogas cars" and not getting to the root of the problem. And I think that if people would think more intelligently, we be able to handle this problem more efficiently.

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: December 28, 2017, 10:26:12 PM »
Levi, please don't be so rude.  Tobbeh is my friend, and I like hearing from him.  Everyone here has their own unique point of view and even when tobbeh tends to go on, we can still learn from him.  Yes, he tends to text-wall-itize, and if that really bothers you, there's an option to ignore users to automatically collapse their posts unless you decide you really want to read them.

Noc you have a new name!

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:12:36 PM »
I, almost, finished reading Trump's "Art of the deal". I've just briefed through it, as it isn't the most exiting book. A lot of it has to do with business and making deals. And I learned that it is kind of tricky as you have to be competitively strong (because the person you're making a deal with probably has as strong of an ego as you), which he talks about in chapter 2: Trump Cards. And also about the daily life of being a boss, project manager (which he has been). And his way (don't know if that way is necessary) is often by having great social skills and a lot of contacts (after reading some of his building projects, you can see how it really can make a difference with which people you hire. Hire "good" people, get the job done well, hire "bad" people, get poorly done job (which probably has to be redone by "good" people")). And most interestingly was how the book showed some details about his projects. All the different aspects in building projects. And it became clear that he really was a "builder guy", from early age. After working with a lot of buildings he got knowledge about different materials, the processes and more. The chapter that shows making the deal and building the Trump Tower, and the one showing the deal where he reconstructed the Rockefeller Ice Rink were interesting to read. The one with the Trump Tower was kind of cool as it sort of is his "life work/accomplishment", and the deal was also really hard as everything has to go right from start to end. And the rink deal was fun to read about as it was a "smaller" and more charming project. But albeit smaller, more complicated because he lack experience in building ice rinks. So pretty ok book 2/5, I guess.   

Something completely different: I thought of changing my facebook quote (I used to have a quote from Edmund Burke: "Patience will achieve more than our force"). But I think it got pretty boring, so that's why I wanted a new. And I find some good quotes when I googled "freedom quotes" and also some good quotes from Edmund Burke and also from Ronald Reagan. I settled with a funny one: Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged. -Ronald Reagan. Took it mostly because of the image behind it looked good :P (when Tobbe chooses quotes :)) I also thought of using Burke's quote: To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely. Because of the beauty of the quote and the image behind it, but idk, there was something convincing about that Reagan quote, :P

Also even though ridiculous. I think Alex Jones did a good job with summing up this epic 2017 year! xD One of few times where he nailed it.

Off-Topic / Re: Politics
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:44:27 PM »
-American politics is finally calming down even though it took longer
-War with NoKo isn’t as likely as you might think
-Various journalists of both sidedness of the political spectrum are talking about Trump, some are worried about the lack of “politicians” in the trump admin
-Tobbeh’s take on the whole thing: this election is like the previous Swedish election because the winning right wing party sold itself on being the new worker’s party, which ticked the left off (in Sweden), but the right government started becoming centrist/left leaning
-History is repeating itself: Hoover is Bush, FDR is Obama, and Trump is Truman.
-Bernie Sanders seems chill with the new budget plan, which is good because he traditionally opposes Trump. This means the nation isn’t as divided: Also a good thing

-Tobbeh’s changed his view on Swedish politics, feeling like the left has a good chance
-Swedish parties doing stuff
-Swedish parties not doing stuff
-The Swedish left was kinda becoming impersonal, making people not like them as much, which almost pushed Tobbeh to go to the right.

-This’ll be Tobbeh’s last politics post for a while (he thinks) because politics is becoming boring to him and he feels his analysis has summed up everything currently happening effectively

Wow! Greatly summarized! :D thanks

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