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NSM Performance Videos / Re: Pianoth's performances
« on: May 06, 2018, 08:43:15 AM »
Wow, these are superb! Your performances really bring all of your arrangements to life. Most would be a challenge for me to learn, but I can at least say thanks for your Korok Forest arrangement - I really enjoy playing it. ^^

Please share more!

I'm not having a good run with my time signatures, am I? :P

All fixed!

Art / Re: Onion can draw (I think?)
« on: February 24, 2018, 03:51:43 AM »
I think I found myself a cute new mascot. ^^

Well, guess I better get back to my studies... *crawls back into her paper pile*

Cool, thank you for the corrections, I should have realised to include a lot more dominant 7th chords. Hopefully I've understood all of your points correctly (forgive my sleepy brain if I missed anything).

I see what you mean about changing to 4/4 swing, but I felt that because there are so many triplet quavers *ack* 8th notes, it seems easier to read the music in 12/8.

I may have missed some nuances in the harmonies, but other than that it's hopefully not an awfully difficult sheet to check.

*meekly updates the files with a tidier version of sheets and backs away slowly*

Thanks for all the help, guys! If there's anything else that needs changing, please let me know.

Arrangements & Submission / Re: The Official Wind Waker Project
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:08:49 AM »
Here's an idea: MUSX

It's so seamless now, wow, thank you! Updated links: MUS MUSX

With some chin stroking and ho-humming I hope!

Haha, likewise!

Off-Topic / Re: Made mah day.
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:59:32 AM »
That sounds like an incredible feat, congratulations! Hope you can at least take some time off to celebrate. ;)

Piano Arrangements / Re: Onion's Arrangements
« on: February 05, 2018, 07:57:11 AM »
Some more sheets that I can cross off my to-do list :))

Phoenix Wright - Trials & Tribulations:
"Tachimi Circus" [MUS] [MUSX] [Original]

Star Ocean: The Second Story:
"The Venerable Forest" [MUS] [MUSX] [Original]
Oh boy, I really struggled with this one. Expressing the same majestic ambiance on the piano as the original's is not easy. I'm sure changes can be made.

Star Ocean: The Second Story:
"Weathercock (Duet)" [MUS] [MUSX] [Original]
Expanding this to a Duet seemed more fitting for this song. It may be a tight squeeze for the performers, though, so I'll have to make corrections.

I won't mind whatever the verdict will be, but I'll throw in my 2 cents anyways. :) I'm personally much more inclined towards 6/8 time due to the grouping of the arpeggios in the first few bars as Olimar pointed out, but it also seems more fitting overall in terms of phrasing. 3/4 time causes the overall feel of the tempo to be too fast for such a sorrowful piece, whereas the 6/8 creates two groups of three notes in each bar, creating a calmer flow of time, albeit sounding syncopated in several bars. (Hopefully that made sense, more or less...)

Here are the files in 3/4 time if needed: MUSX MUS MIDI PDF

Arrangements & Submission / Re: The Official Wind Waker Project
« on: February 05, 2018, 07:05:39 AM »
Hope you don't mind us keeping you so busy. ;)

- The last beat of bar 32 kinda falls flat. That's probably my fault, I think you originally had another Ab on the very last 8th note of the bar. It works okay without it there the other times because there's something in another voice to fill that last 8th note. Have a think about what you want there.

I used to have a higher Ab as the last note in that bar. This time I changed it so that instead it steps down an octave, in order to bring it back to the same range as the following bar.

- I'm a little worried that bars 29, 31 & 33 and especially 35 can turn into aural soup. It's probably okay if you've got a sostenuto pedal on your piano, but if you've just gotta use the standard sustain pedal (as I think most of our users would) I think it could get a bit muddy. And 35 in particular would lose the contrast between the smooth ostinato and the pointed flute interjections. Again, have a play with it.

I'm not quite sure what I could do to resolve this issue. If I were to play this arrangement I would not use the pedal at all throughout the piece but would rather play a strong legato in the LH. Would keeping the left hand notes all on one layer (like how you have done for half of the bars) help? Please see the link below with the changes I made (while scratching my head and swivelling in my chair, deep in thought).

New (slightly adjusted) file: [MUSX]

Archive / Re: [GBA] Golden Sun - "Altin Caves" (Replacement) by Onionleaf
« on: February 02, 2018, 06:38:02 AM »
m11-12  RH - should be G-D-E

I assume you meant G-B-E? Other than that, the notes have been fixed. ;)

Arrangements & Submission / Re: The Official Wind Waker Project
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:36:23 AM »
- Bars 21-28 I went and did something completely different for some contrast (no ostinato!), as well as fixing up the chords. Again, up to you what you do. One of the thoughts I had while doing that section was that I wasn't quite sure what benefit you get by having the tremolos there. They add difficulty and although I'm guessing a bit, I'm thinking that pulling off the crescendi/decrescendi would be on the tricky side for our average amateur pianist NSM user.

Yeah, that middle section threw me off, and I had no idea what would be the best way to keep the tension going so the tremolos seemed most fitting but would be difficult to play. The contrast sounds great!

- I didn't do much with bar 29 to the end. I fixed up the flutey bits. There are a few different approaches you could take with the ending: You can try and keep the ostinato in the right octave for a smoother transition back to the start. You can put the chords in the RH in between the flute bits (you could drop beat 1 of the flute bits in favour of putting the chords there in bars 30, 32, 34) to keep the tension (mine sounds a bit light). Or you could get rid of the ostinato altogether and just keep the heavy feel going in the LH. Or combine both a bit like I did in bars 13-20. Or you could think up something else altogether!

So many options to consider, whatever shall I do? There may be a better way of notating this last section, but this is the basic version of what I came up with: [MUSX]
Like you said, I felt that keeping the ostinato links the piece back to the beginning nicely. I also didn't want to clutter up the left hand so included your dissonant chords for tension. Feel free to fix it all up if needed. :)

Forum Games / Re: The Fifth Annual(?) NSM Superlatives!!
« on: January 29, 2018, 08:30:47 AM »
Wow, I wasn't expecting my username (of all things, sheesh) to make it onto the nominations list. Thanks for making my day brighter!

May the super-est win!

- This piece sounds to me like it's in 3/4 rather than 6/8. Thoughts?

I think I can see what you mean, the second half of the piece especially sounds like 3/4 would be more appropriate, but 6/8 seems more fitting for the beginning. I'm so used to seeing and hearing it in 6/8 that I find it difficult to change my thinking around. x.X

I took all other changes on board, though - any more recommendations?

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