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Help! / Does anybody know what song this is?
« on: January 31, 2011, 07:09:24 PM »
I'm pretty sure it's from some Mario game... I've been looking around and can't find it anywhere. Maybe I'm just mixing it up with pokemon's route 1 (which sounds similar)?

I put what I know into finale, here's the midi file: *.midi*

Music / Best Nintendo Songs to Arrange for Concert Band? - MUS file up!
« on: September 13, 2010, 11:57:44 PM »
At our school everyone has to do a concert band arrangement project. For mine I was thinking of doing a Nintendo video game medley. It's not due until June, but I want to get a head start now. :P Especially since we're forced to use Sibelius and I've never used that before..

I'm looking for more well-known/ nostalgic music. I already have a good idea of music from Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing.

I'm thinking of starting with the "Night Comes" music from Pikmin (arranged to sound more like the one from Pikmin 2 when you collect 1000 pokos or more during that day... brass-y.) and possibly ending with part of the title theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In between the overworld theme and windmill hut themes from Zelda, pallet town, ss anne, route 4 and Viridian forest from pokemon R/B/Y, and... SOMETHING from mario bros. 2 or 3. plus the forest maze theme from super mario RPG and the tetris A theme are all my favourite possibilities. I want to include as much as possible, perhaps using parts of music as connectors between two pieces.

I really don't know much music outside of the games I've played, which is why I'm making this board... What is your favourite/ most nostalgic nintendo video game music? Anything suggested outside of the five games I listed above is much appreciated!

I arrange using Finale PrintMusic 2010. All of my sheets are uploaded through Criticism and comments are loved!


Pokefan Encounter (Pokemon ORAS)

This is a totally new soundtrack as far as I know (AKA not from the original R/S/E). Super catchy. Translated well to solo piano. Does anybody know who the composer is? I can't find the information online yet and I haven't seen the game credits because I'm not even halfway through yet.

Printer Error (Pokemon Yellow / G/S/C)

Is... is there a reason this isn't on the site? Other than why would anybody need/ want sheet music for this, I guess? I went to look for it on the site, searched the forums, came up with nothing. Did I miss it? Well, it took me all of twenty minutes to transcribe for scratch, so I figured I might as well share it. I remember it from G/S/C, but apparently it first appeared in Pokemon Yellow.

IN PROGRESS (theoretically speaking)
Doctor Bacteria / Level 2-4 (Rhythm Tengoku)
*Original* / *Game*

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