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Welcome to the 9th NSM Arrangement Contest!

Current Announcements:


So what’s the theme for this contest, you ask? Here you go:

Arrange a video game piece in an unusual time signature!

General Guidelines (Please read!)
-Take a piece from any video game and rearrange it to fit an odd meter for itself. This can mean either taking a song in a “normal” time signature and rearranging it  to fit a more complex time signature, or just the other way around! You can take a piece with an odd meter and fit it to a more common time! In addition, SWITCHING TIME SIGS IS ACCEPTABLE, JUST MAKE SURE IT IS FREQUENT ENOUGH OR THE TIME SIGS USED ARE ODD FOR THAT PIECE!!
-You must make an arrangement using real instruments and that is playable by a reasonable number of people (yes, people, see the scoring categories for further clarification)
- You must submit .mus, .pdf, .and .mp3, (.midi and .musx Optional) files that contain your entry!
-After the deadline, the arrangements will be made public and polling and judging will start!
-Format anything specific like variation markings, expression text, etc. as measure-attached dynamics, NOT PAGE-ATTACHED TEXT so it attaches properly to the measures.

Here are the scoring guidelines:
Criteria (15 points): Does the new time signature fit well with the rearranged piece? Does the new time signature minimize awkwardness and effectively hold throughout the course of the entire piece?
Creativity (15 points): Does the arrangement establish a different rhythmic structure within the piece as compared to the original? Is this structure varied and dynamic? Does the new time signature successfully evoke an intended feeling?
Preservation (10 points): Is the original theme recognizable? Be creative, but don't go nuts and leave the source entirely. Someone who is familiar with the original tracks should be able to recognize your arrangement.
Orchestration (10 points):  Does the instrumentation complement the piece well? Is the instrumentation used to effectively combine with the new time signature?
Popular Vote (15 points): How does your arrangement fare in the poll conducted after all arrangements are revealed? Exact point numbers will be determined after all entries are in.
Presentation (10 points): How user-friendly is the sheet? This category factors in three components:
Formatting: No need to follow the site guidelines, but please include a title, subtitle (containing original song title and game), composer, arranger, measure numbers, and page numbers. If you have Notepad or are otherwise unable to follow these, just send me a message and I'll help.
Legibility: How clear is it to a performer what to play, and how? There's no need to go overboard on fingerings and the like, as long as it's readable (e.g. no excess of ledger lines).
Playability: Would a reasonably skilled musician/group of musicians be able to perform this? Make it sound nice, but make sure someone would be able to play it too. A note: If in Finale a notehead appears yellow, it is unplayable by the intended instrument in its natural form!
This last category is meant to be easy points - we're just making sure that your sheet looks nice and would be learnable by actual people.

Total of 75 points

- Signup/song choice: January 6th
- Arrangement due: March 6th

  • BrainyLucario

  • E. Gadd Industries
  • mastersuperfan
  • AmpharosAndy
  • Naturematthe
  • Trasdegi

  • braixen1264
  • ThatHiddenCharacter
  • InsigTurtle
  • SlowPokemon
  • Yug_Guy
  • mikey
  • Dekkadeci
  • Bloop
  • them
  • Olimar12345
  • Static
  • Lkjhgfdsa_77
  • WaluigiTime64

Links to Past Contests
Here are some links to earlier contests, for consideration:
Arrangement Contest No. 1 in A "Praeludium"
Arrangement Contest No. 2 in C "The Grand Dance"
Arrangement Contest No. 3 in G minor "Going Solo"
Arrangement Contest No. 4 in F diminished "Nightmarish Visions"
Arrangement Contest No. 6 in G# Phrygian "Bossification"
Arrangement Contest No. 5 in E-sharp "Variable Mix"
Arrangement Contest No. 7 in D-double-flat minor "Seasoning"
Arrangement Contest No. 8 in B# “Mix”olydian “Amalgamation”

Nintendo / Super Mario Odyssey
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:37:53 PM »
What do you guys think of what we've seen?

Off-Topic / Understanding the 5th Dimension
« on: June 07, 2017, 03:25:35 AM »
As I was typing up the additions to the hypothesis last night, I started questioning one of the main points, and it was then that I realised this project should be made public. I figured that there are plenty of bright minds in the NSM community, much wiser than mine, that could take this hypothesis to the next level. It makes sense: the more minds involved, the more dimensions (HA!) that are added to the project. So if you want to contribute to the hypothesis, feel free to! Preferably, you'll give your thoughts here so others can evaluate it, but ultimately you can contribute in 3 main ways:
1. Challenge
Find something that doesn't quite add up in the hypothesis and tell me about it! This way I can figure out a way to make it more sound. If you see a possible solution, add that in so we can make the hypothesis stronger more quickly!
2. Add
If you can think of a completely new aspect of the 5th dimension that the hypothesis has not yet discussed, feel free to mention it here! Of course, you'll need to provide details and explanations to back it up, but the hypothesis in its current state is by no means complete. My goal is to have a reasonable understanding of the 5th dimension, how it functions, how it influences those in it, etc.
3. Comment
Engage in the discussion and offer your thoughts on other people's responses! From this, we can gain new perspectives and enriched dialogue, encouraging people to rethink their ideas and the main hypothesis itself! At times I will post questions that I encourage you to discuss on here; these questions are things important to the hypothesis that I have not been able to figure out, and am hoping others can.

With that out of the way, here's the link to the document I have running:
Check it out!
It's a bit sloppy and rushed, yes, but I don't want to write a formal hypothesis quite yet, until more points are assembled or backed up with sound reasoning.

My first question: in travelling at the speed of light (or past it), does one cross into the 3rd or 5th dimension? Or perhaps do they go somewhere else, if at all?

Help! / Good App for Mobile Arrangement
« on: December 29, 2016, 06:26:32 PM »
Does anyone here have a suggestion for an app I can get to arrange on-the-go? I have an Apple product, so ideally, it needs to be findable on the App Store.

Request / [3DS] Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - "Dark Matter 02"
« on: August 27, 2016, 07:42:37 PM »

This song is amazing, and Ima try to blend it with another song (if it's ok with the arrangers of both). I believe these two songs will sound AMAZING together.

Nintendo / Pokémon Go
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:51:55 AM »
GET HYPE!! It's finally out! This topic is for posting about your catches, battles, trades, and more! I just now got the game, and it's too dark & rainy to do anything. But I'll start tomorrow!

Help! / Phantom Numerals
« on: June 28, 2016, 04:34:47 AM »
Well, I finished Just Plains. Now the issue is that the PDF has 4 3's at the bottom of the last page. I tried to re-export the PDF numerous times, and still the issue is extant. Can someone try their hand at exporting the PDF to see if they face the same issue?

Music / E. Gadd's Rags
« on: June 14, 2016, 06:57:00 PM »
Hey, look at this! I can turn my arrangements into rags!
I know, it isn't much of an intro, but I'm in the middle of doing something else at the current moment. I have a few sheets that I need to arrange ASAP, so it may be a bit before the next rag is up. So for now, enjoy this one! (Feedback is also appreciated)

Here's Shifty Boo Mansion:

Help! / Any Mac users with Finale?
« on: June 02, 2016, 11:22:36 PM »
The title should be self-explanatory enough. But if you are, I need to ask you about something over PM or Skype.

Help! / Time Sig Blues
« on: April 22, 2016, 02:26:49 PM »
For a project in art history, I'm composing a song. Well, was. I kept getting a few measures in and end up dissatisfied as to how the song sounded. SO, I asked if I could do a ragtime version of a video game song, and when that was confirmed, I went ahead and chose my song: Shifty Boo Mansion. Two questions:
1. Is it "acceptable" to have a 3/4 rag (just a rag, not a rag waltz)?
2. If not, what are some tips on how to change the song from 3/4 to 4/4 (it isn't quick enough for cut) without annihilating the original theme of the song?

Well, the story has now begun! If you still want to join, you can, but it isn't likely that you'll be a main character, unless it fits into the story well. If you DO want to sign up, click the spoiler and give the information the questions prompt. This can either be posted here or PM'd to me. Questions? You know what to do.
Info requirements and exemplar
A- What will your Pokémon be?? (Don't be a legendary/mythical unless you're wanting a one-time appearance for a battle or something, or mentioned in some prophecy. You don't have to be a starter, though)
B- Will you be a "main character"? (As in, would you like for me to keep you in the story for a long time, or just for a season or so?)
C- Will you be part of an exploration team, or what will be your role?
D- Will you be good, bad, or neutral?
E- If you are a member of an exploration team:
1. What will your team's name be?
2. Who all is in your team? (No more than 4, please)
3. What do you explore for (I. e., do you explore for a guild, a society, yourself, what?)
F- What will your Pokémon's (nick/)name be?
G- Level & Moveset (Don't be ridiculous, though. Start off reasonably)
H- Do you plan to evolve?
I- Home village
J-Were you a human? (I only want a few of these people)

If I'm missing anything else, please feel free to say something!

My info:
Name: Ricco
Level: 6
Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Razor Leaf
Role- Good, Exploration Team (name unknown yet, will be decided upon by team, and if you want to join, say so!)
I plan to be in the story all the way through.
I do plan to evolve at some point.
I wasn't a human, and my home village would be Serene Village.
I explore for the fun of it, although I may join the Expedition Society in the future.

The story so far:
Prologue: The Way Things Used to Be
Chapter 1: Setting Out

The Werewolf Game / TWG LXXXVII: The Amoeba Wand POST GAME!!!
« on: January 31, 2016, 03:53:44 AM »
To Noc: Ah, I see now. XDXD
Also, well, that game went down in flames... But I did learn from my mistakes! Heh heh heh... Something tells me that I'm just going to participate from now on, but it was fun, hosting one. It's something that I can say I've done! Gosh, there's a lot of data to keep up with! But oh well. That's what makes it fun! Role reveal:
BDS- Human (although he was turned on Night 2)
Brainy- Miller
Dudeman- Chef
AY- Mayor
TMP- Human
Fank- Human
Noc- Human
and last but not least:
davy- Brickbaker ( :P)

This game could have been better in more ways than 1 (or 2 or 3), but I tried. Any specific suggestions on how I could improve my ideas?

The Werewolf Game / TWG LXXXVII: The Amoeba Wand
« on: January 25, 2016, 11:59:55 PM »
The Amoeba Wand

In this edition of TWG, the wolves have mysterious powers that can transform one human into a wolf for one night, after which that human will be immune for one night from being turned again. During the time that they are transformed (from 1 night phase through the next day phase and ending at the end of the beginning of the next night phase), if they are seer’d, they will be seer’d red, and they will have to wolf someone during that night. They will not know who the wolves are.

Each player starts out with 2 lives. Once the wolf is dead, the humans win. 1 human with 1 life left will bring about victory for the wolf.

During each night phase, the wolf will attack one person, and an item will be distributed to each player (listed below). During the day phase, each participant will cast their vote on which player to lynch (lynching will lose one life), and if someone doesn’t vote, they will lose 2 lives, unless the situation yields an insta. All items will be kept secret with exception to what is said by the participants. Also, during the day phase, the wolf will select whom they want to transform for the next night phase.

Warrant- This item allows the user to PM me the name of one player, and they will receive the color of the participant they seer’d.
Gun- This item must be used by the end of the night phase, else it will explode on the user, causing them to lose 2 lives. They can fire it on anyone of their choice, which will cause them to lose two lives (unless that person is protected by a:)
Bulletproof Vest- This item will only last for one night. However, it will protect the user from any guns and wolf attacks.
Antidote- This item will not be usable until the NEXT night phase, but when it is usable, it protects the user from being turned. It will only last through that night phase, though.
1UP Mushroom- This item will only be usable that night phase, and will give the user one extra life. HOWEVER, they can choose to give it to another participant. The maximum number of lives a person can have is 3. Also, they can be used to revive one dead person once, with only one life, and each participant can only revive one other person (or wolf, unknowingly)

Special positions:
Miller- will appear red if seer’d
Mayor- will appear blue, and gets to know what items the wolf received the previous night phase
Chef- appears blue if seer’d

Role PM: You are a human, but you may be the Miller or the Chef

1. Wolf
2. Human
3. Human
4. Human
5. Human
6. Mayor
7. Chef
8. Miller

1. BlackDragonSlayer
2. Dudeman
3. AwesomeYears
4. TheMarioPianist
5. BrainyLucario
6. fank009
7. davy
8. NocturneOfShadow

The first Night Phase has arrived! It will end on 1/26/16 at 6:00 PM EST (11:00 PM GMT). PMs are currently being sent out! Good luck to everyone!

Piano Arrangements / The UNOFFICIAL Mario Kart 8 Arrangement Project
« on: January 09, 2016, 11:19:28 PM »
Welcome to The Unofficial Mario Kart 8 Arrangement Project!

For this Unofficial Project, we will be focusing on Mario Kart 8.


Myself (E. Gadd Industries), Sebastian, and TheMarioPianist.

What is an “Unofficial” Project? How is it different from an Arrangement Project?
For starters, the Arrangement Project is a project focused on arranging as many songs as possible from a particular game; the game is selected by a poll of forum members. The sheets arranged in these projects are reviewed by updaters, just like regular submissions. The differences in an “Unofficial” project are as follows:

•   Most likely no updater review
•   Completed sheets must still go through submissions

Other than that, it is basically the same thing. The goal is to either gain enough popularity that this becomes the official project once Undertale concludes or get featured in an update of our own.

What you need to know:

75.249573 kilograms of very important info
-If you begin work on a sheet, please post claiming the song so that I can edit the OP (original post) with the updated information. This keeps multiple people from working on the same song at the same time.
-Can't arrange? No problem; critique other sheets that either have not been looked at yet, or have just been revised. The Updaters will NOT be looking over these unless they decide otherwise.
-There is no limit to how many sheets one may work on simultaneously but I would recommend that every sheet you take you must complete or don't take it at all. Also, if you claim a sheet but then are unable to work on it, please post that you are relinquishing it so that I can remove your name and free the song up for other arrangers.
Who to contact for questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding this whole endeavor:
Yours truly. But Sebastian and TheMarioPianist would also be willing to give you a hand!   

We will be giving out a common template (just like in the Undertale project) so all the sheets will have the correct game/formatting info. And so it will be less of a hassle if we get an update.

Here is the OST. We will be using the official names which these are.

Our Goals for the Unofficial Projects:
We hope to arrange a sheet for every song in the target game. We will be fixing all musical and formatting errors that arise in each completed sheet, so that once they are submitted it should be less of a hassle on the updating crew. In addition, we hope to get the formatting up to par and make every sheet we do as top quality as possible! (For more on formatting, click me!)
Our ultimate goal is to get a swift update for each unofficial replacement project we do.

Questions you might ask:

What games will you be doing?
We will be starting with the games in the "Super Mario" section and depending on how fast we go, how many people are interested, and how daring the Updaters are feeling, will tell where we go next. For the time being, we will be doing only the "Super Mario" section.

Why the "Super Mario" section?
Well, there are 2 reasons actually.
1. TheMarioPianist, Sebastian and I are big Mario fans, and we do have a lot of Mario fans on NSM who would be interested in helping.
2. "Super Mario" and "Pokémon" are two vast libraries of video game music, and those will continue to gather a lot of popularity. For that reason, it only makes sense to arrange the new songs in those categories as soon as possible.

What if no one is interested?
Simple, TheMarioPianist, Sebastian and I will do all the songs ourselves. Our only goal is to get valuable and quality sheets on the site. But there obviously has been some interest, so I don’t believe that this should be an issue anytime soon.

If you have a question that is not above, PLEASE ask! :) 

This website contains an in-depth list of who composed what. Simply scroll down to to section titled "Composers/Arrangers".
Here is a List of the songs from the OST:

  • Mario Kart 8
  • Main Menu
  • Mario Kart Stadium -Taken by smashmusic
  • Water Park
  • Sweet Sweet Canyon -Taken by Latios212
  • Thwomp Ruins -Taken by Sebastian
  • Mario Circuit -Taken by F. L. U. D. D.
  • Toad Harbor -Taken by F. L. U. D. D.
  • Twisted Mansion -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • Shy Guy Falls
  • Sunshine Airport
  • *Dolphin Shoals* -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • *Electrodrome* -Taken by F. L. U. D. D.
  • Mount Wario
  • Cloudtop Cruise
  • Bone-Dry Dunes -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • Bowser's Castle -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • Rainbow Road -Taken by Sebastian
  • WII Moo Moo Meadows
  • GBA Mario Circuit
  • DS Cheep Cheep Beach
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike -Taken by Sebastian
  • GCN Dry Dry Desert -Taken by Static
  • SNES Donut Plains 3
  • N64 Royal Raceway -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • 3DS DK Jungle -Taken by Sebastian
  • DS Wario Stadium -Taken by smashmusic
  • GCN Sherbet Land
  • 3DS Music Park
  • N64 Yoshi Valley
  • DS Tick Tock Clock -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • WII Grumble Volcano
  • N64 Rainbow Road -Taken by Sebastian
  • GCN Yoshi Circuit -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • Excitebike Arena -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • Dragon Driftway
  • Mute City -Taken by BrainyLucario & E. Gadd Industries
  • WII Wario's Gold Mine
  • SNES Rainbow Road -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • Ice Ice Outpost -Taken by Lenny Face
  • Hyrule Circuit -Taken by Zeila (although if you want it, she's willing to give it away)
  • 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • GBA Ribbon Road -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • *Super Bell Subway* -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • Big Blue -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • GCN Baby Park
  • GBA Cheese Land -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • Wild Woods -Taken by Lenny Face
  • *Animal Crossing*
  • Selection Screen
  • Selection Screen (Online)
  • Online Waiting Room -Taken by Sebastian
  • Spectating
  • Mario Kart TV
  • Top Goal Fanfare
  • Course Intro Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Race Start (Battle)* -Taken by Zeila
  • Race Start (Grand Prix VS)* -Taken by Zeila
  • Super Star* -Taken by Zeila
  • Final Lap Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Low Goal Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Mid Goal Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Top Goal Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Results Screen A** -Taken by Zeila
  • Results Screen B** -Taken by Zeila
  • F-Zero Results Screen
  • Animal Crossing Results Screen -Taken by Sebastian
  • Current Standings
  • Congratulations!
  • Nice Try! -Taken by BrainyLucario
  • Staff Credits -Taken by TheMarioPianist
List of participants:
  • E. Gadd Industries
  • Sebastian
  • mastersuperfan
  • Zeila
  • Latios212
  • The Mario Pianist
  • BrainyLucario
  • F. L. U. D. D.
  • Static
  • smashmusic
  • Lenny Face
Color code:
Black - Not yet arranged. (Claim me!)
Orange - In progress/Claimed.
Purple – Completed. Review pending.
Green - Approved by myself as well as other members here. Submit it!
Blue – In submissions.
Green – On-site or accepted. Good job!
Red – Retro track that is nearly identical to original. Arrangement may not be necessary, but feel free to do it anyway!
"*(Song Title)*" - Song that has two (or more) themes
*All these part of a fanfare collection sheet
**These will be combined as one sheet

Shoutout to TMP for giving this project the touch-up it needed!
It would be of your best interest to not encroach on the realms of Super Mario Sunshine sheet arranging. Others have tried, and for them it proved to be fatal.

This is a topic that other curious peoples can check daily unless certain hindrances arise for a word and its definition. You may know the words presented, and that's great! This is just a little something for the curious peoples like myself. Now, without further ado before this topic gets locked and hopefully it won't, but then again, it has no reason to be *to my knowledge*, here is today's word:

01/03/16: Asseverate (v.)- to affirm or declare positively or earnestly

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