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« on: September 07, 2017, 01:28:21 AM »
So as I am currently discussing in the Discord chat, a fair few NSM members like the idea of having a Discord movie night some time. Historically I tend to see these done on Fridays but we can be variable!

How this works: There's a website called where, basically, you can drop a movie in and everyone who is connected to that page (you don't need an account) will be able to watch it, and it will be synced up between all users. If the account holder pauses it, it gets paused for everyone, making it convenient to work with for large crowds.

It accepts video formats from Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo at least, idk about other sites. So in other words, if we want to watch a movie via cytube, it will need to be available on one of these sites.

If you're interested, go ahead and post here with:
-TIMES you are available. We'd prefer weekend days to accommodate as many people as possible. Be sure to include TIME ZONE in your post.
-MOVIES you'd like to see. Please try to ascertain that you can find these on some video site before posting.

... that's about it. Who's in?

Feedback / fix this
« on: July 22, 2017, 04:12:04 AM »

Feedback / Contribution Resources on the Main Site
« on: April 22, 2017, 11:54:36 PM »
So I had a thought as I was driving home. It occurred to me that the NSM website is a little counterintuitive when it comes to expressing to visitors the ways in which arrangements get on site. For instance, the About page says this: "All of the music is arranged by members of the site. We also have forums where members can request and submit sheets, or just discuss games, music, and anything else."

In this, the "also" prefacing the note about the forums seems to indicate that the forums are separate from the main site, and that it is members of the site who submit sheets, not members of the forum. Do you see the difference? I feel like it might be rather difficult for a newcomer to figure out where they're supposed to go if they want to contribute to the site.

This is answered to some degree in the FAQ, which has the questions "How can I request an arrangement?" and "I have arranged a song, how can I submit this?", both of which direct the reader to the forums.
However I know from experience that not everyone always reads FAQs... that's why they're FAQs.

I propose that there be an entirely new page created for the main site specifically, entitled "Contribution Resources" or "Contributing to NSM" or "How To Contribute" or something like that that basically says in big bold letters what you need to do. The formatting guidelines could be provided there verbatim from the forums, or linked to with big bold letters that say "if you don't follow all of these we won't accept your arrangement". The same page could also link to Finale's website, explain that we use MUS's and why we use MUS's (because that's a common question from new submitters, and "new submitters that ask that question" is a category that used to include me lmao), and also explain, in detail, how one can transfer an arrangement from an alternate music software into Finale. It could also link to the Templates thread, or have a direct download for the templates, to assist people in that.

Not only would this decrease the number of people who show up to the forums asking questions about how to do something (as it stands now, this information is rather scattered through multiple threads and sometimes not made immediately obvious), which would save everyone time, but it would also (presumably) decrease the number of unformatted arrangements that get submitted, saving both the arranger and the updaters - whose time is, as we know, short to begin with lmao - valuable time.

Further, I had a second idea for this theoretical page. Notice that one of my titles for this page was "Contribution Resources". The FAQ has the following question: "I have arranged a song, how can I submit this?" In my mind, this implies an air of "you've already done it and don't know what to do now". I know from personal experience that people coming on the site for the first time may wish to arrange music, but have literally no idea where to start with that.

Therefore, I propose that this page, in addition to including information about the submission process at NSM, also include links to outside resources that will assist with arranging. For instance: youtube-to-audio-file pages; audiostretch; the bpm calculator; etc. In my vision, it would also include some resources on music theory for people who may not have much theoretical training. Links or explanations, of key signature, of rhythm and meter and how to notate it properly, of chords and scales, of the question of enharmonics and knowing which ones to use, of articulations and ornaments, etc. It would also include some general information about standards of piano-writing so we don't end up with new arrangements asking the player to play two octaves in a single hand. If we wanted explanations, I would be totally willing to write these up; I could use a chance to test my ability to write about music theory, haha.

In addition, the proposed page would also include a handful of guides on how to arrange prepared by seasoned arrangers, geared toward the new arranger who isn't sure where to start with a piece. They would walk the reader through the process as they perceive it, and the reader could obviously read them all and get an idea of which one works best with their individual experience.

I feel like there's a lot of defeatism when it comes to arranging. Like, "oh, that's too complicated, I could never do that." I thought so once, when I was a teenager, and... uh... that's changed after probably over 100 arrangements. It's easier than you think it will be, but I know it can be hard to figure out where to begin. By putting all the information in one place, and a place on the main site at that, I think it may encourage community interest and draw a new base to NSM.


Nintendo / Nintendo to release NES in November
« on: July 14, 2016, 06:27:20 PM »
you read that right, I said NES, and yes, this is 2016 and not 1983

Gist of it is: Nintendo is making a modern-compatible $60 NES, with which you can use Classic Controller (Pro) if you want, that is bundled with 30 Nintendo titles - including such important ones as Mario Bros (1-3), The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, Kid Icarus, and Kirby's Adventure. The games are in the system memory, so you more or less have an NES emulator-machine, since it doesn't seem to be able to play actual NES carts. The upside is that you can actually play with two people though, and all the games have a Virtual Console-esque savestate option.

I never thought I'd see the day where this happened. Thoughts?

Music / Electric Keyboards?
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:37:29 AM »
so im thinking about asking for an electric keyboard/piano/whateverthefuck for a graduating present. All I know is I want one with 88 keys but i know jack shit about keyboards, can anyone recommend me which ones are dabes

Help! / Best way to treat a repeat?
« on: November 20, 2015, 06:06:14 AM »
Soo I'm working on this. The way it repeats itself is confusing me how best to write it. To wit, it moves approximately like this:
Intro [3 bars: 0:00-00:05]
A section [17 bars: 0:05-0:37]
B section [16 bars: 0:37-1:06]
Intro reprise [3 bars: 1:06-1:12]
C section [16 bars: 1:12-1:44]
B section reprise [16 bars: 1:44-2:13]

and then the entire piece repeats. The way I have it written now is basically as above - |:[Intro][A][B ][Intro][C][B ]:|. But I feel like there's a way to incorporate the repeated B section in, like with DC or DS or first/second endings. But none of my ideas so far have been successful. For instance:

[Intro][A]S|:[B ][Intro]DS[C]:| such that the roadmap would be Intro --> A --> B --> Intro --> C --> B --> Intro --> DS to A --> repeat from there. Except that in practice, the fact that the DS is in the B section means the playback (and possibly performer) wants to take the DS the first time around back to the S, which just results in Intro --> A --> B --> Intro --> A --> B which is not correct.

I also thought about using first/second endings and a DS:

[Intro]S[A]|:[B ][Intro]1[C]:|2[Intro]DS

except that this results in a first ending that's like 16 bars long and that just seems like it's too long.

Is the best way to write it really just re-writing the entirety of the B section or is there actually a better way to write it?

(For the record: It's part of my personal style to have repeats of the whole song in my arrangements of looping video game tracks, rather than just a double bar line. This would be easier if I weren't trying to fit an entire-repeat in, but alas)

Help! / Unused Tracks and Alternate Tracks
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:49:28 PM »
So as we ALL know I've been putting together my Hamtaro soundtracks from the youtube playlists I myself created, which were in turn recorded from the emulator. Well I just ran across rips of the soundtracks I uploaded and they include some interesting stuff - namely, unused music. What's NSM's policy on posting unused music? I know y'all do beta music and the like, are you willing to put up unused tracks as well?

(I ask because, in the Ham-Hams Unite OST - the entirety of which I've already arranged, except for a whopping SIX tracks that I only just found in the rip that aren't in the game - there's three really interesting tracks I'd like to arrange: 8-bit excerpts from Dvorak's New World Symphony!!!)

Speaking of NSM policies, here's another question: Three of the four Hamtaro games use the Hamtaro TV show's opening theme for their intro/title screen. However, the show's opening theme is different in the Japanese and English(/European language) versions of the show, and therefore, the title track in these 3 games is different. Would publishing both on NSM be possible, or would you prefer just one language-version?
This also affects another track. In the Japanese version of one of the games, the Menu screen's music is the bass + percussion tracks of the title theme, but in the American/European version, it's replaced with the bass + percussion tracks of the credits sequence (which is the same between the games). Can I upload both of those, as well?

Feedback / Finale Template
« on: September 28, 2015, 11:15:44 PM »
Okay, I don't know a better place to put this so it's going here.

Today I had Latios and Olimar both tell me to use the Finale template so that I could submit files that had the proper formatting. They really pushed this template. I don't have anything against it, it's a good template, but there's a problem: for Finale Notepad users, it's COMPLETELY, 100% WORTHLESS.

Maybe some of you who have had upgraded Finale for a long time have forgotten this, but Notepad does not allow you to change time signatures of key signatures from pre-sets. Not every song is in the key of C major in 4/4 time. Many aren't. And copy-pasting from another Finale file (say, an import from another program) does not carry the time and key signatures from the original to the template. So, using the template will fix your formatting problems! Yaaaaaay hooray! Except now it's in the complete wrong time and key signature. But I guess formatting's more important, eh?

What I'm trying to say here is that pushing the template when people have formatting issues is absolutely not going to fix them. Many times, it will actively be a problem: people will spend wasted hours futilely trying to get their time and key signatures to carry over without realizing it's not going to work and so that's plenty of wasted hours that could have been spent, y'know, just having someone with an upgraded Finale fix the files. As it stands the constant push to use the template is akin to saying "Oh, you want to paint the wall but you have no tools? Here, have a potato! It doesn't work? Nonsense! All the great painters use potatoes."

Recommendation: Make a note about the fact that the template is worthless to Finale Notepad users so that people don't waste hours to it. And stop pushing the template to people who use non-Finale programs for the bulk of their sheets. It just wastes time and frustrates people like me to no end. If I could have fixed my formatting, I would have. But the template is useless.

Help! / Copyright/Composer issues for a few specific cases
« on: September 03, 2015, 08:59:02 PM »
So, as I've mentioned before, my eventual goal is to arrange every piece of Hamtaro video game music that there is. There's a few cases, though, where I'm not sure how I would go about listing the composer or copyright info; any assistance would be much appreciated.

1) Between Ham-Hams Unite and Ham-Ham Heartbreak, 4 small (by "small" I mean like "15-20 second") excerpts of classical pieces are used. For Ham-Hams Unite, Bolero (from Ravel's Bolero) and Postman's Rush (from Necke's Csikos Post), and for Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Moonlight (from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata) and Flower Waltz (from Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers).
2) Something like eight songs are re-used (some, with key changes) between Ham-Hams Unite and Ham-Ham Heartbreak, albeit upgraded in quality as the former is a GBC game and the latter a GBA game. The composer is the same between both games. Should the copyright information reflect the fact that the songs were composed for the GBC game initially, though re-arranged for the GBA game?
3) This is a bit related to situation 2, but not exactly the same. The title theme for both games is Hamtaro Time (GBC version; GBA version), which is a MIDI-fied version of the show's opening theme. According to the English credits the music in the show is the work of one Motoyoshi Iwasaki, who is decidedly not the Sakoto Yokota credited in the games' credits as the games' composer. Where should the credit and copyright go for this song?

Help! / Recording directly into computer/Ripping soundtracks
« on: August 31, 2015, 04:09:15 AM »
So as my signature and all of my arrangements thread indicate, I want to arrange Hamtaro music. My ultimate goal really is to have most, if not all, of the Hamtaro soundtrack(s) arranged on site, there's only four games after all and they're sorely unappreciated!! But because they're sorely unappreciated... the music simply isn't on the internet. There's an OST of the first game, Ham-Hams Unite, with several major tracks and none of the smaller tracks. There's a couple videos of some of the early big tracks of the sequel Ham-Ham Heartbreak. There's absolutely nothing for Ham-Ham Games.

What I've been doing, in order to arrange these tracks/provide Youtube videos for quality checkers, is record them myself from my emulator, with QuickTime Player. The only problem is it doesn't record the audio as it is in the computer - it's more like if I held my GBASP up to the mic and recorded it directly from the GBASP. Same key, you can hear everything, but it's a bit distorted, "airy" and quiet. Not really the best for arranging off of, or providing a quality check based on.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to record audio directly from an emulator to a sound file, or alternatively, if someone knows how to/knows someone that can rip the soundtracks directly from the game's code.


Completed by SlowPokemon

Probably one of my favorite gym leader themes, I'd love to see it get a full arrangement but again 32-bit music is proving too difficult for my current skill level. But I really want to see it arranged because I promised someone like five years ago I'd record a video of me playing the Gym Leader theme and I am still going to do that dammit

Feedback / Fixing the Sheets: Formatting Edition
« on: August 09, 2015, 07:54:14 AM »
I talked this over a little with Latios212 the other night and he agreed with what I was trying to do, so I'm gonna make myself a topic for this.

Basically, I had this thought the other day. That thought was about the fact that we have a lot of replacing and fixing projects going on pretty much at all times here. But they seem to be pretty random, spurred on by the fact that one person is like, "let's go ahead and fix this game up" and that ends up being what happens. I was hoping to find a more systematic way to determine what needs replacing or fixing. I don't really care to listen to every track and compare it to the site's version of the music note-by-note to see what's wrong. On the other hand, I love making useless text documents and lists. So here's my thought: if we can determine which sheets on the site need formatting fixes, this may be a starting point to figure out which sheets need musical fixes.

Here's my reasoning: NSM did not always have the quality standards it has now. Half the sheets on the site are pieces of shit. We know this. Having downloaded several of these sheets for myself - and I mean several - I've also noticed that the ones that are less meticulously formatted also tend to be the ones with musical errors. For instance, I'm pretty sure - though I've never even listened to the soundtrack or played the game - that this arrangement of Glitter Gulch Mine from Banjo-Kazooie is definitely in a compound meter and not 4/4 time with a billion triplets. It also happens to have no measure numbers, copyright, subtitle, metronome marking, dynamics, and the wrong formatting for the composer/arranger names. Similarly, this arrangement of Sloprano/The Great Mighty Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day is pretty clearly in A minor, and yet there's not a single G-sharp to be found anywhere - only A-flats and more A-flats. Then it changes key to... F minor? Don't you mean B-flat minor...? This one also has the wrong formatting for the composer/arranger names, title, and subtitle, and again lacks a copyright.

So I'm sensing a pattern here. Things with bad formatting also tend to be musically incorrect. It's only easy to spot if you either know the piece extremely well or know music theory extremely well (or both), which means looking for musically incorrect pieces by the actual musical content could take a while. But, bad formatting also implies lower quality standards on the musical nature of the piece, as far as I'm concerned. Which is why I've started doing what will be the essence of this project:

What I want to do is go through the entire website, all 2479 sheets, and make a list of the ones that are improperly formatted in some way.

I'm honestly fine with doing it by myself, since as I've said I love making lists. But really if I did it all myself I'd probably spend more time in what's left of my summer than I want. Plus, Latios212 already called the entire Pokémon section, so why don't I open the floor to anyone else here at NSM who is interested?

Here are the formatting errors/issues that I'm looking for. I don't feel like downloading every MUS on the site, so I'm just using the PDFs and therefore am not going to notice any issues that might be present with the MUS version - though if there's a problem with the PDF, there is likely a problem with the MUS as well. Though, I won't be able to notice from a glance if the text size of everything is correct. Only if everything else is.

1) Title - Should be bolded, in quotation marks, and be just the title (there's a few sheets in the Banjo-Tooie section that are labeled as "[Title] - BT" for instance which is incorrect), which in turn should line up with what the link to the PDF is called (unlike for instance this Pokémon sheet which is labeled "Surf" on its link and "Surfing" as its title). Should be present on all pages.
2) Subtitle - Should be the name of the game, italicized. Nothing more, nothing less, unlike the Sloprano/The Great Mighty Poo sheet linked above that has "Sloprano" as its title and "The Great Mighty Poo" as an italicized sub-title, with "Conker's Bad Fur Day" below that.
3) Composer name - "Composed by <x>, <y>, & <x>" or "Composition by <x>, <y>, & <z>". Bold-faced.
4) Arranger name - "Arranged by <x>" or "Arrangement by <x>". Italicized.
5) Metronome marking, with the BPM.
6) At least one dynamic marking at the beginning of the score.
7) Measure numbers at the beginning of each line.
8.) On the left, the first system is indented with "Piano" and each subsequent system is not indented and does not repeat the "Piano" marker. You may be surprised to hear I actually found a few sheets that kept the secondary "Pno." markings that Notepad automatically adds.
9) This may sound trivial, but make sure the music ends with either a double bar line or a repeat sign. I found one that didn't.
10) Copyright - [Publisher] © [Year Published]. I've seen a few "©Rare © 2000" type stuff here and there. Also, make sure the copyrights are consistent with other copyrights for the same game. In the Banjo-Kazooie section it was mostly "Nintendo/Rare, but I saw a few just "Nintendo" and a couple "Rareware" and "Nintendo, Rare". In Animal Crossing, most New Leaf sheets were © 2013, but a couple were © 2012. I don't know enough about the game to know which is correct, so I just went with which date was more prevalent as the "correct" date - 2013.
11) Site URL - More than anything else, this is what needs fixing. Half of Deku Trombonist's sheets in Animal Crossing and Banjo-Kazooie still have the defunct URL on them. Make sure to check every sheet for the URL, even if everything else on the sheet looks correct.

Now that that's all out of the way... I've already checked every sheet in the Animal Crossing and Banjo-Kazooie sections. Here are the sheets requiring fixing:

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing:
K. K. Bossa - Missing a dynamic marking
K. K. Ragtime - Arranger and composer written as "Arranged By" and "Composed By"; copyright year given as 2002 instead of more popular 2001
Rainy Day - wrong site URL

City Folk:
Mr. Resetti's Theme - wrong site URL

New Leaf:
1:00 A.M. - wrong site URL
2:00 A.M. - missing metronome marking and dynamic marking; wrong site URL
8:00 P.M. - wrong site URL
K. K. Jongara (Aircheck) - site link says "K. K Jongara" vs. the sheet's "K. K. Jongara"; copyright year given as 2012 instead of more popular 2013
K. K. Moody - site link says "K. K. Moody" vs. the sheet's "K. K. Moody (Live)"; copyright year given as 2012

Wild World:
2:00 A.M. - no dynamic marking; wrong site URL
2:00 P.M. - wrong site URL
6:00 A.M. - no dynamic marking; wrong site URL
9:00 A.M. - wrong site URL
K. K. Metal - no dynamic marking; wrong site URL
Main Gate - wrong site URL
Museum: Observatory - site link says "Museum (Observatory) vs. the sheet's "Museum: Observatory"; wrong site URL
The Roost - wrong site URL
Town Hall (Day) - wrong site URL

Bubblegloop Swamp - ends on a regular bar line instead of a double bar or repeat
Clanker's Cavern - copyright is "Nintendo © 1998" rather than the more popular "Nintendo/Rare © 1998"
Click Clock Wood (Autumn) - copyright is "Nintendo © 1998"
Click Clock Wood (Spring) - title overlaps music on pages after 1; no subtitle; composer line has "By"; arranger line is bold instead of italic and overlaps with music; no metronome marking; no dynamic marking; no measure numbers; no copyright or site URL
Click Clock Wood (Winter) - apparently composed by "Grank Kirkhope"
Gruntilda's Lair - missing "Piano" marking on the left
Gruntilda's Lair (Mad Monster Mansion) - site link says "(Mad Monster Mansion Lobby)" vs. the sheet's "(Mad Monster Mansion)"
King Sandybutt's Maze - subtitle seems too small; copyright is "Rare © 1998"; wrong site URL; metronome markings could possibly be improved; silent measure at end of piece
Mad Monster Mansion - subtitle reads "Banjo Kazooie"; no metronome marking; copyright is "Rare © 1998"; wrong site URL
Mumbo's Hut - no "Piano" marking on left
Opening - no "Piano" marking on left
Overture - site link says "Overture" vs. the sheet's "Banjo Overture"; copyright says "Nintendo © 1998"
Prickly Pear Island - no "Piano" marking on left; subtitle reads "Banjo-Kazooie/Dream"; copyright says "Nintendo, Rare 1998"; wrong site URL; site link adds "(BETA)" where the sheet lacks it
Rusty Bucket Bay - no "Piano" marking on left; wrong site URL
Rusty Bucket Bay: Warehouse - site link says "Rusty Bucket Bay (Warehouse)" vs. the sheet's "Rusty Bucket Bay: Warehouse"; no metronome marking or dynamics; missing measure numbers; copyright says "Rare © 1998"; wrong site URL (when the hell was this place a .net?!)
Spiral Mountain - title is missing quotes; subtitle is not italicized and written as "Banjo Kazooie"; arranger is bold and not italic; missing metronome marking, dynamics, and measure numbers; no copyright or site URL
Spiral Mountain (Duet) - no metronome marking; lines after the first read "Pno. 1" and "Pno. 2"; copyright says "Rare © 1998"; wrong site URL
Treasure Trove Cove - title is missing quotes; no subtitle; no "Composed/Composition by"; arranger is bold and not italic; no metronome or dynamic marking; no "Piano" at left; wrong type of bracket used; no copyright or site URL
Treasure Trove Cove (BETA) - wrong site URL
Treasure Trove Cove (Sand Castle - Aquatic) - wrong site URL
Treasure Trove Cove (The Salty Hippo) - wrong site URL
Wonderwing! - title is italicized; subtitle reads "Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie"; "Composed By" and "Arranged By"; no metronome or dynamic marking; no measure numbers; no copyright or site URL

Grunty's Revenge:
Spiller's Harbor - wrong site URL

Nuts & Bolts:
Banjoland (Challenge) - wrong site URL; copyright is "Rare © 2008"; wrong site URL
Logbox Lunacy - subtitle reads "Banjo Kazooie"; copyright is "Rareware © 2008"; wrong site URL
Showdown Town - space in "Banjo-Kazooie" in the subtitle; composer is "Composed by Robin Beanland/G. Kirkhope"; no metronome marking; copyright is "Rare © 2008/2009"; wrong site URL

Banjo's House Blues - wrong site URL
Battle with HAG1 - "Piano 1" at left and subsequent "Pno. 1"; no metronome marking; copyright is "Rare © 2000"; wrong site URL; titles on pages 2+ are "Battle with Hag 1."
Bottles' House - wrong site URL
Cauldron Keep - wrong site URL
Chilly Willy/Chilli Billi Battle - wrong site URL
Cloud Cuckooland - site link is "Cloud Cuckooland (Two Pianos) vs. the sheet's "Cloud Cuckooland"; "Pno. 1/2" at left; coppyright says "Nintendo, Rare © 2000"; wrong site URL
Credits - site link is "Credits" vs. the sheet's "End Credits"; title is not in quotes; subtitle reads "Banjo Tooie" and is not italicized; arranger is bold, not italic and says "SamWaetford"; no metronome, dynamic marking, or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL
Fun and Games! - site link is "Fun and Games!" vs. the sheet's "Fun 'n' Games!"; wrong site URL
Glitter Gulch Mine - title is not in quotes and includes "BT"; no subtitle; arranger is bold and not italic; no metronome marking, dynamics, or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL
Grunty Industries (Basement) - copyright is "©Rare © 2000"; wrong site URL
Grunty Industries (Inside) - site link is "Grunty Industries (Inside) vs. the sheet's "Inside Grunty Industries"; title lacks quotes; no subtitle; composer just says "By Grant Kirkhope"; arranger says "Arr. by Commander6" and is bold and not italic; no metronome, dynamics or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL; pages after the first have [Title]
Grunty Industries (Outside) - subtitle is "Banjo Tooie"; wrong site URL
Hailfire Peaks (Fire Side) - subtitle is "Fire Side" rather than game title; title is not in quotes; composer just says "By Grant Kirkhope"; arranger says "Arr. by Commander6" and is bold and not italic; no metronome, dynamics, or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL; pages after the first have [Title]
Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side) - site link is "Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side) vs. the sheet's "HailfirePeaks (Icy Side); copyright is "Rareware © 2000"
Here Comes Trouble! - subtitle is "Banjo Tooie"; wrong site URL
In the Hall of the Zombie King - no dynamic markings; copyright is "Rare © 2000"; wrong site URL
Isle O' Hags - title is not in quotes; no subtitle; composer just says "By Grant Kirkhope"; arranger says "Arr. by Commaner6 [sic]";  no dynamic marking or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL; pages after the first have [Title]
Jiggywiggy's Temple - subtitle reads "Banjo Tooie"; wrong site URL
Jiggywiggy's Temple (Duet) - subtitle reads "Banjo Tooie"; wrong site URL
Jinjo Village - game title is part of composition title; title is not in quotes; no subtitle; arranger is bold and not italic; no metronome marking, dynamics, or measure numbers; title on pages 2+ is "Jinjo Village/BK2" and overlaps with music
Jolly Roger's Lagoon - copyright is "Rareware © 2000"
Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Atlantis - subtitle is "Banjo Tooie"; no "Piano" at left; copyright is "Nintendo, Rare @ 1998"; wrong site URL
Kickabout - copyright is "Rareware © 200 [sic]"; wrong site URL
Lord Woo Fak Fak - site link adds "Self-Important Anglerfish" while the sheet has that as the subtitle; title is not in quotes; subtitle does not contain game name; composer is just "By Grant Kirkhope"; arranger is "Arr. by Commander6" and is in bold and not italic; no metronome marking, dynamics or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL; pages after the first have "Lord Woo Fak-Fak" as the title
Mayahem Temple - subtitle says "Banjo Tooie"; wrong site URL
Mr. Patch - site link adds "Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing" while sheet adds "Witchyworld Boss"; title is italicized; no metronome marking, dynamics or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL
Race with Mary - site link says "Race with Mary" vs. sheet's "Race with Mary - Gliter [sic] Glutch [sic] Mine"; title is not in quotes; subtitle has unnecessary spacing in game title; composer is just "By: Grant Kirkhope"; arranger is "Arr. by Commander6" and is bold and not italic; no metronome marking, dynamics, or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL; pages after the first have [Title]
Targitzan - site link adds "Despotic Dizzy Totem God" vs. sheet's just having "Targitzan"; title lacks quotes; no subtitle; composer says "By Grant Kirkhope"; arranger says "Arr. by Commander 6" and is in bold and not italic; no metronome marking, dynamics, or measure numbers; lacks copyright and site URL; pages after the first have [Title]
Targitzan - Despotic Dizzy Totem God (Duet) - copyright says "Nintendo, Rare © 2000"
Terrydactyland - sheet adds "BT" to the title; title is not in quotes; no subtitle; arranger is in bold and not italic; no metronome markings, dynamics, or measure numbers; no copyright or site URL
Weldar - site link adds "Visually Impaired Reading Torch" and sheet has that as a subtitle; the piece has been "Arragned"; no dynamic marking; copyright is "©Rare © 2000"; wrong site URL
Witches' Theme - subtitle seems too small; lacks metronome marking, dynamics, and measure numbers; copyright is "Rare © 2000"; wrong site URL
Witchyworld - wrong site URL

Feel free to post sheets with incorrect formatting as well as their issues and I'll update this first post with them. I'll also be working through the sheets myself over the next few days.

(Note to Latios212: The Pokémon sheets probably all have the wrong subtitle, if not because of game then because of "Pokemon" instead of "Pokémon". I feel like we should just ignore that for now and focus on the rest of the formatting issues lol)

Home-Made Compositions / Altissimo's *one* composition
« on: July 17, 2015, 11:02:50 PM »

Help! / 2nd layer under melody?
« on: July 11, 2015, 07:48:36 AM »
hello I am here again with another musical question. here is an upload (that I did because nobody else has uploaded it, which is also why the video is shit quality) of a theme from Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak. It's pretty much the same as a theme from Ham-Hams Unite that I already arranged, except transposed from B major to E-flat major. However in the transition from GBC to GBA music there were a couple of changes made, and one of them is that there is a harmony line accompanying part of the introduction, in the same rhythm as the melody, that I'm having a bit of trouble with. Here is the PDF link to the theme in question (directly transposed from the other one I arranged with no edits, hence why the bass line is all wrong); the harmony can be heard for the duration of m. 2. I can hear that the first three notes are G, moving up to A-flat on the fourth and back to G for the fifth (aka beat 2), but after that I get a little lost. They can't really continue down in 3rds because then the downbeat of m. 3 will be an E-flat in the melody against a C in the harmony when it's clearly an E-flat major chord and therefore C has no place, but I'm not good enough at hearing harmonies to tell what's going on there. D: Any help?

(also I'm sorry if I'm making too many topics with strictly musical questions in this board, but I'm not sure where else to put it lol)

Edit: Listening again, it sounds like the harmonies actually continue throughout most of the loop sequence. I'm hearing something like this for the most part, but any comments would be helpful :p

Editedit: I think I figured out the first part of my own question - parallel sixths not thirds as seen here. That being said I could still use a look over the harmonies in the loop section :p (edit x3: also I think there are harmonies in m.1 but I dunno about those either)

(by the time I figured this all out I was like "well maybe I should just go put it in my arrangement thread and not have an entire help thread dedicated to something I actually figured out on my own" but I can't delete topics lmao)

Help! / The hell is the arpeggio in this measure?
« on: July 09, 2015, 08:18:37 AM »
Hey everyone,
I'm working on another Hamtaro arrangement, this time of Sky Garden from Ham-Hams Unite. I have the majority of the song done, but as you can hear in the recording, the left hand is entirely sixteenth-note arpeggios spelling chords. There is one measure where I cannot for the life of me figure out what chord is accompanying the melody - the measure from 0:23-0:26.
MUS /MIDI / PDF of what I have. If you don't feel like looking at any of that, the entire piece is in E major, and the chords around the mystery chord are (as far as I know...), starting at 0:16: B7 - E - F#m - ? (has a C# as its highest pitch) - B7.

Assistance would much appreciated, I've spent far too long failing to figure out this single chord...

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