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General / Let's Play Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
« on: July 28, 2017, 07:19:52 PM »
I'm doing this thing since I liked Alti's a lot I wanted to try one.  Here we go.


We open on a scene of a raft crossing the ocean in the midst of a raging thunderstorm.

It me.  Things aren't looking too good...

Suddenly, my raft is blown apart by a lightning bolt! AAAAAAAAAH!

Are you Zelda?  At any rate, this beachgoing brunette finds me while strolling along the beach.  She shakes me for a bit and the camera pans up toward the sky where we see...


I wake up in a cozy house with that girl from the beach watching over me.  Some fat dude is here too.

What a relief!  I thought you'd never wake up!  You were tossing and turning...  What?  Zelda?  No, my name's Marin!  You must still be feeling a little woozy.  You are on Koholint Island.

Thanks, Marin.  So now what?  I hop out of bed and talk to her again.

Follow the lane south to reach the beach where I found you.  Since you washed ashore, lots of nasty monsters have been in the area, so be careful, okay?

Sounds like a plan.  Before we go, I want to talk to the fat guy.

Well, Link, ya finally snapped out of it...  Name's Tarin...

But how do you know my name?

Hope yer feelin' better... What?  How did I know your name?  You think it's weird eh?  Well, I saw it on the back of this shield!

I step outside the house and follow a small dirt path past a few houses where I see (strangely) a Chain Chomp?  I do a flip off a few cliffs and end up on the beach.  Marin wasn't kidding about the monsters, they're everywhere!  After combing the beach I stumble across something in the water.

Before I can grab it, however, an owl swoops out of nowhere and starts talking to me.  Weirdo.

Hoot!  Hoot!  So you are the lad who owns the sword...  Now I understand why the monsters are starting to act so violently...

Is it because they're afraid of me, or because monsters are inherently violent?

A courageous lad has come to wake the Wind Fish...

I don't think I'm supposed to be here, I was just enjoying a cruise and ended up here by accident.

It is said that you cannot leave the island unless you wake the Wind Fish...  You should now go north, to the Mysterious Forest.  I will wait for you there!  Hoot!

I guess I'm waking the Wind Fish then.  Huzzah, a quest awaits!

But first...

The sword.

End of Prologue

PS Main chapters will be longer than the prologue

Nintendo / Breath of the Wild NSM Recipe Book
« on: June 03, 2017, 12:38:31 AM »
post your favorite recipes or something

Hearty Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat
1x Raw Gourmet Meat
1x Hyrule Herb
1x Goat Butter
1x Rock Salt
1x Hearty Radish

Effects: Full Recovery, 3 Yellow Hearts

Submitted by NocturneOfShadow
Fish And Eggs
Fruit Dishes
Sidequest Dishes
Rock Hard Food
2x Amber
1x Warm Darner
1x Rushroom
1x Diamond

Effects: Terrible waste of money

Submitted by:  E. Gadd Industries

Forum Games / Gepperdy
« on: May 25, 2017, 05:09:08 AM »

|Console History|
|Current Events|
|Legend of Zelda|
|Lesser Video Games|
|Tip of the Day|


First person to post gets to select the "question", next time I check the thread I'll post the "question" and first person to correctly "answer" gets the points and gets to select the next "question".  At some point if there are no correct answers I'll bzzzt and the person who asked the last "question" gets to ask another "question".  Also, no google allowed.  You're on live television.

Daily Doubles exist (I believe the board is supposed to have 2 of them?)

BDS: 2800
Yug_Guy: 1400
Deku Trombonist: 800
E Gadd: 400
Dudeman: 4000
Maelstrom: 1000
Dino: 2200
bwaf: 1400

-The format will be Single Battle.
-A team of up to 6 Pokémon will be used for this tournament.
-A team can only include one Legendary or Ultra Beast.
-A team may include one Mega Stone if the team has no Legendaries or Ultra Beasts; Mega Stones are banned otherwise.
-The moves Fissure, Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, and Guillotine are banned.
-Any move, item, or ability that may raise evasion is banned.
-No more than one Pokemon may be afflicted with the Sleep status at one time.  This rule is unenforceable.
-No two Pokémon may share a National Pokedex number.
-No two Pokémon may share a held item.
-Any Pokémon not legally obtainable within a cartridge game of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon are banned.
-To clarify, Pokémon found or bred after Island Scan are allowed.
-Pokémon will be set to Level 50 during the battle regardless of their original level.
-Team Rosters must be publicly displayed in the thread.
-Team Rosters cannot be changed.
-Other parts of your team may be altered, including, but not limited to: held items, move sets, or Nature.
-If you feel your team may not be up to par for this event a QR Battle Team may be allowed on a case by case basis.  Furthermore, if you feel a team would be a barrier to entry, feel free to sign up anyway as this is an option.
-It is your own responsibility to complete your matches on time.  Plenty of time will be allotted to complete matches.  Failure to do so degrades the quality of the event and you will be awarded a loss for this.
-You may select up to 6 Pokémon from your team during a battle.  Selecting fewer than 6, however, is generally considered a bad idea.
-The winner must provide a Battle Video of the match to the thread.  Either the code to the Battle Video found in-game or a link to the PGL will suffice.  Failure to do so means you will have to redo that match.
-There will be a prize for the ultimate winner, worth approximately $10 USD.
-All questions, comments, concerns, or good jokes should be shared in the thread.  Please do not PM the tournament organizer.
-After signups end, each player will have a chance to play an exhibition match.  Team Rosters may be edited once during this period.
-After exhibition matches end, there will be a brief intermission to observe the PGL Alola Friendly tournament.  After the intermission ends, participants will submit their Team Rosters to the thread and a three-round Swiss competition will begin.
-After the Swiss competition ends, the 8 highest scoring participants will cut to a single elimination winner's bracket.  Players who lose in the winner's bracket and those who did not cut to the Top 8 will continue in the loser's bracket.  The loser's bracket winner will have a chance to rejoin the winner's bracket.
-The ultimate winner will be lauded with glory, fame, and some kind of prize.

1. NocturneOfShadow
  -Dragonite-   -Lycanroc-  -Roserade-   -Azumarill-    -Gengar-     -Rhyperior-
2. Nebbles

  -Cloyster-  -Mimikyu-  -Dragonite-  -Mudsdale-  -Gengar-      -Chandelure-
3. SlowPokemon
  -Decidueye-    -Slowbro-       -Salazzle-  -Togedemaru-   -Mimikyu-    -Kommo-o-
4. Echo
    -Gyarados-      -Anorexia-       -Weavile-     -Mamoswine-   -Aegislash-     -Greninja-
5. Dudeman
  -Anorexia-   -Golisopod-    -Ribombee-         -Vikavolt-         -Scizor-    -Araquanid-
6. FireArrow
  -Drifblim- -Mismagius- -Decidueye-  -Palossand-   -Mimikyu-      -Gengar-
7. Mastersuperfan

           -Marowak-   -Scizor-  -Salamence-         -Mamoswine-    -Porygon-Z-    -Greninja-
8. Latios212
  -Toucannon-    -Hariyama-  -Mudsdale- -Decidueye-  -Salazzle-       -Magnezone-
9. DocDoom2
  -Mudsdale-   -Oranguru-   -Xurkitree-       -Emboar-      -Lycanroc-      -Snorlax-
10. dajwxp
 -Nihilego-  -Whimsicott-        -Metagross-             -Talonflame-        -Wishiwashi-   -Froslass-

Current Standings
1. NocturneOfShadow       1-0-0
2. Nebbles       1-1-0
3. SlowPokemon       0-0-1
4. Echo       2-0-0
5. Dudeman       0-1-0
6. FireArrow       0-1-0
7. mastersuperfan       1-0-0
8. Latios212       0-0-1
9. DocDoom2       0-1-0
10. dajwxp       0-0-1

bing round one is done

round 2:
echo vs nebbles
dudeman vs latios212
daj vs mastersuperfan
nocturneofshadow vs firearrow
slowpokemon vs docdoom2

i decided not to pair based on record, hope yall are cool with that

round 2 will start to end in 3 weeks

Off-Topic / NSM's 2016 Annual Jackolantern Contest
« on: September 30, 2016, 12:50:01 AM »
Start your engines everyone!  It's time for the 2016 Jackolantern contest!  This year, contestants will have until October 30th to post a picture of their jackolantern in this thread.  After that, the polls will reset and be open until November 7th.  The contestant with the most popular votes this year will win a $10 Nintendo eShop card, League of Legends card, Steam card, or Blizzard.net card!
Happy carving!

Edit: Donald Trump jackolanterns are not allowed.  It's too easy.

Off-Topic / Nocturne's Nuggets of Knowledge
« on: September 01, 2016, 11:59:14 PM »
More like wisdom but I couldn't pass up some sweet alliteration.  Picture fortune cookies if fortune cookies gave you healthy living advice.  Also, this isn't an "of the day" thread.

"If someone's wrong, let them be wrong.  It's not worth the time or effort convincing them otherwise."

Nintendo / Pokemon Blue Version: In-Depth Walkthrough
« on: March 12, 2016, 03:40:16 AM »
Pokémon Blue Version Walkthrough
For Those Who Can't Figure It Out For Themselves

Chapter 1: A New Beginning
Welcome to my in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Blue Version!  If you've ever struggled to beat the game, fear not, for I am here!  With pictures!
Let's get started.

When you start the game, don't forget to check out the options, probably increasing the text speed.  Go ahead and start your game.  Read through the dialogue with Prof. Oak if you wish, but you'll probably just spam the B button and ignore it.  Go ahead and name yourself and your rival, then the game begins!

You begin in your room facing the TV.  Don't forget to check out the PC in the northwest of the room and pick up a potion:
Head down the stairs and leave your house.  Once outside, head to the north of town and into the bushes.  Suddenly, a voice shouts out, "Wait!"

After a long cutscene where you follow Oak, you end up in his laboratory, getting a free Pokémon for your troubles.  Now, in the past, you may have thought there was an actual choice here.  But I'm here to tell you that the correct choice is Bulbasaur.  Really.  Trust me on this one.  You need to pick Bulbasaur.  No joke.

After you get bulbasaur, go ahead and leave the lab.  Er, battle your rival.  Before you battle him you should save, because you need to beat him without using your potion.  Vitally important.  Did you beat him?  Good.  Let's leave town to the north to Viridian City.  Oh, by the way, make sure you don't battle any wild Pokémon.  Experience points here are key.

When you arrive in Viridian, the first (and only) thing you should do is head to the shop.  The shopkeeper gets your attention.  Ignore him (or read what he has to say, it's up to you) and get OAK'S PARCEL.

Man, a fetch-quest already?  This game sucks.  Oh well.  Let's head back to Pallet Town, ignoring the wild Pokémon as we did on the way, and deliver the Parcel to Prof. Oak.  After being very thankful and stuff like that, he gives you a plot device.  Er, I mean a Pokedex.

*Triumphant music plays*
Alright, now that we have that settled, we have places to be!  Head north again all the while avoiding enemy Pokémon, past Viridian City, and all the way to Viridian Forest.  Don't forget to pick up this potion from Viridian City though:

Once in Viridian City, the only wild Pokémon you're allowed to battle is a level 5 Metapod.  Don't battle any other trainers or wild Pokémon.  This part is vital.
At the end of Viridian Forest is a "boss battle" of sorts.  Before you start, make sure Bulbasaur is level 7, and that you pick up these potions:

When you battle this Bug Catcher, make sure to use Growl exactly 4 times.  We want Growl's PP to be exactly 36.  Right now your Bulbasaur is level 7, and I know that's scary, but you can beat him!  Just make sure that when you do, you have at least 16 Tackle PP left.  When we finally escape from Viridian Forest and head to Pewter City, we want our Bulbasaur's stats to look like this (yes, the move order matters):

I realize this means you can't heal at the Pokémon Center, but that's why you have the 3 potions.  Go ahead and heal up your Bulbasaur and save the game.

Chapter 2: The Other Side Of The Fence
Welcome back, everybody!  Before we begin, I want to make sure you've saved.  Yeah, right when you started playing again.  Save.  Make sure your cursor is on the save button.  Do that.  This is the most important part of chapter 2.  I'm not kidding!
Welcome to Pewter City guys.  There's not a lot to do here, so we're just going to walk east past that funny looking boy just standing there- huh?!  He stopped us!  How rude!  Well, we'll show him.  Stand exactly two squares south of the youngster when walking to the east.  When he stops you, skip through his monologue with B as fast as you can, then spam the START button as soon as he finishes talking.  If you did it right, your menu will be open with the cursor over SAVE.  You'll notice that you can't move your cursor.  You've already figured out what to do next, haven't you?  I'll wait for you to save and reset.

You back?  Good.  So, when we load up our game, we get creepy monologue out of nowhere, and a youngster starts walking toward us from the west.  Quickly!  Run east and escape him!
We did it!  Welcome to Route 2!  Now that we're here, it's time to go back to Pewter.  Head west until you're just right of the Youngster, and do a quick stat check on your Bulbasaur.  (Don't forget his HP needs to be full.)  Once you've done that, go ahead and talk to the Youngster while holding up on the D-pad, and watch the magic happen.

once you've done the above
You should note three things about walking through walls- walking too far from the edge of generated tiles WILL cause the game to reset.  Stay as close to live tiles as possible.  Also, if you stop moving, your menu will pop up.  You can close it with B or START, however, and continue on your way.  Finally, entering a building ends the walk through walls effect.
Wow, this is so cool!  We showed that Youngster, yessir.  Alright, onward to Celadon City!
Aside:  If you want to make a quick stop at Cerulean Cave, be my guest, but we're going to skip it for time purposes.  We're not scared or anything, I promise.

Once we've seen all 1 sights of Cerulean City, head south towards Saffron City.  We're going to play Mexican for a bit here, and walk STRAIGHT past the border.  That's right, don't even enter the traffic stop, just walk straight around it, baby.  Anyway, head south through Saffron's buildings until you hit this one right here:

That's right, we're FINALLY going to use a Pokémon Center!  Hooray!  Go ahead and heal your Bulbasaur up, then head west to Celadon City.  But first, you should save.
I'm serious.

Ah, Celadon City.  Beautiful.  Head southwest to the restaurant (if you can't find it, it's the row of houses below the Game Corner.  If you can't find the Game Corner, tough luck) and enter it.  Head all the way to the back and talk to the guy skulking in back.  He'll give you his Coin Case!

Now that we have this machine of war, we can start gambling it up.  Just kidding, we won't be doing any gambling.  Sorry if I got your hopes up.  Once we've entered the game corner, head north and pick up the 100 coins invisible on the ground, then talk to the nerdy man just down and to the left for 20 more coins.

Alright!  We have a whopping 120 coins!  Head into the Exchange Corner to receive a lovely Abra from the counter on the left.  What are we doing with this abra?  FIND OUT NEXT ON...
Chapter 3: A Level 7 Rhydon
Top of the morning to you all!  Oh, it's not morning.  Sorry, I slept late.  Anyway, let's get started by saving your game.  What?  It's a good habit to get into.  So, what are we doing today?  Well, put down that Abra for a minute and I'll tell you.
We're going shopping!!!  Yep.  So, what are we shopping for?  Here's a rough list:
Fresh Water
Great Ball
Expensive Item worth a bit of money
Enough cheap things to make your bag have 7 items
So once you've budgeted that all out, it's time to head back to Saffron.  Since we have the Fresh Water the guard will let us pass back into Saffron City.  Make sure you've used the Pokémon Center here in Saffron as well.  Head south down towards Vermilion City.  We're going to do something called the "Long-Range Trainer Glitch", or "Trainer-Fly" glitch, depending on whether or not you're a speedrunner.  We're going to use this trainer right here:

How to perform the LRTG:
1) Stand just off-screen of a trainer whose range extends all the way.
2) Take a step toward the trainer so that he loads while holding START.
3) Your screen should now look like the picture.  Go ahead and use Abra's teleport.  Turns out you CAN run from trainer battles!
Once you've teleported back to Saffron, head north toward the Dojo.  Once inside, you need to get this guy's attention:

Make sure you walk around the statues, otherwise the game will freeze.
Go ahead and let his Machop sweep your team.  You'll end up back in front of the Pokémon Center in Saffron.  Double check that Great Balls are in item slot 6.  Head south towards Vermilion again, but this time you'll be stopped by a disembodied voice saying something about getting stronger.  Weird.  Anyway, this disembodied voice probably wants to battle, so let's fight!
Well, actually, if you're on a cartridge, the game is probably gonna glitch out and freeze.  If you're on an emulator, it probably won't, but some emulators/ROMs won't support this particular glitch very well.  If you're on the Virtual Console, you've got nothing to fear.  If you ARE on a cartridge, it'll just take a few tries, but the more you do it the easier it gets.  Almost as if your game is sentient and getting "used to it".
Ok, I want you to take a deep breath.  MISSINGNO. WILL NOT HURT YOUR GAME.  It does glitch out the current Hall of Fame, but that's irrelevant to our interests.

Alrighty, you know what we're gonna do here?  We're gonna weaken MISSINGNO. a bit, preferably with your Bulbasaur's Tackle.  Careful though, MISSINGNO. knows Sky Attack!  Now, open up your bag and swap out Great Balls (which you now have 129 of!) with that expensive item so that the expensive item is now in the 6th slot.  Now you're going to prove how manly you are.  I want you to catch MISSINGNO..  That's right.  Do it.  Otherwise you're a scaredy cat who's too afraid to do anything remotely fun.  DO IT.

yeah, no big deal
Did you catch it?  Good.  Now enjoy the next couple of minutes cause they're pretty cool.  Also, that expensive item that you bought earlier?  You now have 128 of it.
It's worth noting that the Virtual Console will turn MISSINGNO. into a Rhydon.  I recommend re-nicknaming it MISSINGNO. so that you can keep track of it.
Let's finish up this part of our journey by going back to Celadon and selling our hard-earned illicit goods for some sweet profit.  In Chapter 4 we'll be stealing candy from a baby (old man?), getting killed by a seasick swordsman, and creeping on a girl alone in her cottage.
On second thought, maybe I just shouldn't tell you what's coming.
Chapter 4: Want Some Candy?
Welcome to Chapter 4!  This section is a little bit tricky, so start off by saving your game, then heading north from Saffron City (it's pretty much our base of operations) and hop that ledge that lets you get back into Cerulean City.  Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE POKEMON CENTER.  Head to the west end of town and enter the building with the backyard.  There's a Rare Candy out back that we're going to steal.

After getting our Candy, head north towards Nugget Bridge and allow your rival to "smell ya later".  Upon dying, we warp back to Saffron City to begin the MISSINGNO. glitch again, this time soothing our sweet tooth by multiplying our Rare Candies.
Once you've multiplied whichever items you need, head west to Celadon and enter the Dept. Store.  On the third floor, talk to the person behind the counter to get a Poke Doll.  While you're here, you might as well get an evolutionary stone or two.

Since we're in Celadon, we might as well get our hands on an Eevee.  Head around to the back of Celadon Mansion and climb the stairs to the top and get that Eevee.  Evolve it if you want, level it up as well.  You'll be using it to speed through the game.
Now that we have our fluffy killing machine, it's time to get serious.  Head back to Cerulean City and right everyone who's ever wronged you.  Kill Misty.  Kill Turtle (your rival).  Kill Nugget Bridge.  Kill Bill.  Wait, don't kill him.  We need him.  If you want a Mew, don't head north past Nugget Bridge just yet.  First, use Cerulean City's Pokemon Center (and make sure you have Poke Balls!).  Then once you've beaten Nugget Bridge, head to the left with extreme caution.  There's a long-range trainer here that you can use to set off a LRTG with your Abra.  Go ahead and do that (you warp back to Cerulean because we used the Center ;) ) then head back up past Nugget Bridge, then east until you battle a Youngster with a level 17 Slowpoke.  Go ahead and kill him, Teleport back to the Pokemon Center, head back north to Nugget Bridge, and watch the magic happen.

Now that you've got your very own Mew, we can do a couple things.  The first is to talk to Bill to get access to the S.S. Anne, which is definitely something we can do.  But if you want to break the game a little more, save your game and wait for the next Chapter!

...Well, I suppose we can do a little bit more. 

Head back to Saffron City, then east to Lavender Town and scale Pokemon Tower.  Blow up your rival with assorted high-grade explosives, then continue up to the Marowak Ghost.  Use the Poke Doll to bypass needing that stupid Silph Scope and rescue Mr. Fuji.  For your concern, he grants you a cute little flute that you can use to get to Fuchsia City.

Man, Fuchsia is spelled REALLY weird.  Until next time, where we become Blue Jesus!
Chapter 5: In Which Our Hero is Gone Fishing
Hello, welcome to Chapter 5!  Save your game!

So, if you've been keeping up with the guide, you should have quite a few high leveled pokemon.  However, that's not all we need.  We also need an Escape Rope, to make sure we don't get stuck.
Don't worry about it, it'll be fine!  Alright, so now we need to travel to Fuchsia City.  Just outside Fuchsia is a route full of Venonats and Bellsprouts.  Go ahead and let them use PoisonPowder on your Pokemon.  This Pokemon needs to be very powerful, like in its level 60's or 70's.

Anyway, once you've done that, head back to Fuchsia's Pokemon Center and deposit all your Pokemon (except for the poisoned one).  Then, head to the Safari Zone.

Heck yeah we'd like to join the hunt!  Once we're in the Safari Zone, head back inside, select NO, and save and reset your game.

Once we reload our game, leave the Safari Zone... or try.  The guard will be confused and somehow not recognize you.  Go ahead and tell him no, you would not like to pay twice, and leave the Safari Zone.  Head down toward the Pokemon Center area with the ledge and walk along the entire length of it until your Safari Zone steps are almost up.
It may be beneficial to save your game constantly during this part of the glitch so as not to screw up or done goof.
When you have one step left, jump off the ledge and you should stop right in midair.

Coming back down to Earth we find ourselves yet again in the Safari Zone, but this time, something's different...

Yeah... I don't think that's supposed to happen.  Oh well, let's roll with it.  Keep walking around our confines until your super overpowered Pokemon faints.  We awaken in front of the Pokemon Center to find our strange abilities have not yet left us!  Let's put this power to good use and do dumb stuff... like walk on water, all the way to Cinnabar Island!

Be careful where you walk, some tiles don't actually exist and will cause the game to crash.  You'll get the hang of it.

We're going to replicate this glitch multiple times to access the following gyms:

We need an escape rope to leave Saffron City's gym, because the Rocket grunt will not leave.
And that's literally all there is to it!  Once you've gotten all 7 badges (Misty, Erika, Sabrina, Blaine, Giovanni, Koga, and Lt Surge), it's time to face our ultimate battle.
Chapter 6: The Final Challenge
but it's not the end and it's not that challenging

Nintendo / General Metroid
« on: January 30, 2016, 08:35:01 PM »
I was digging around and couldn't find one because I just read an online thing about the Metroid storyline

The Werewolf Game / TWG LXXXV: Lucky Sevens
« on: December 20, 2015, 06:04:56 AM »
TWG LXXXV: Lucky Sevens

In this game, players each have 3 lives.

1. davy
2. E. Gadd Industries
3. Dudeman
4. Olimar12345
5. BlackDragonSlayer
6. FireArrow
7. TheMarioPianist

1. Wolf
2. Human
3. Human
4. Human
5. Human
6. Human
7. Human

Each night, every player will be given at random- a gun, a bulletproof vest, and a search warrant. 
The gun allows you to shoot a player and kill them if they don't have a bulletproof vest.  The
search warrant allows you to learn a player's color unless that player has a gun.  The bulletproof
vest gives a player a 1UP unless you were targeted by a search warrant.  The wolf knows who
gets which items.
Every time a player is eliminated, the wolf gets a 1UP.  The 2 highest lynch votes during day
phase will be killed.  In the case of an insta, that player loses 3 lives.

Wolves win: When the number of lives is equal to the number of players remaining- or when the
total number of lives remaining is exactly equal to 7.
Humans win: When the wolf has zero lives left.

Flavor: The bulletproof vest obviously stops a gun.  The search warrant is a forgery and the gun
will protect you from the intruders anyway.  The bulletproof vest contains drugs, hence being
stopped by the search warrant, and giving a 1UP (mushrooms!).

It is now Night 1.  Night 1 will end at 11:00:00 PM CST on December 20, 2015.  Roles and items are out.  PM me with [playername] to use your item on [playername].

Current Progress: 4 Sheets Accepted...                  1 Sheets Submitted...                  11 Sheets in Progress...

Fun fact: Of the 52 tracks in Minish Cap, the main site has only 15 of them!

With that being said, let's show what's arguably the cutest Zelda game some love and put together as much of it as we can!  The tracks already on the site have been removed from the following list:

  •     Intro Screen
  •     Hyrule Castle Jingle
  •     Get Element
  •     Adventurer’s Spring
  •     Intro Screen*
  •     Vaati’s Theme
  •     Ezlo Appears
  •     House
  •     Inside a Cave
  •     Element Appears
  •     In the Field
  •     Hyrule Castle
  •     Hyrule Town
  •     Miniboss
  •     Boss
  •     Vaati Reborn
  •     Enemy Attack
  •     Blade Brothers
  •     File Select Screen
  •     Quest Begins
  •     Credits
  •     Zelda
  •     Peace Returns
  •     Rainy Mt. Crenel
  •     Castor Wilds
  •     Royal Valley
  •     Dark Hyrule Castle
  •     Inside a Cave 2
  •     Deepwood Shrine
  •     Cave of Flames
  •     Fortress of Winds
  •     Royal Crypt
  •     Elemental Sanctuary
  •     Vaati Transfigured
  •     Escaping Dark Hyrule Castle
  •     Vaati’s Wrath
  •     Mole Mitts Cave
  •     Rescuing Zelda
  •     Wind Ruins

In Progress
Forever Alone

YouTube Playlist-The numbers should *almost* correspond to position in list

There are currently 24 songs that will be Forever Alone.  Only YOU can prevent wildfires find these poor tracks a nice home on our main site!  DONATE NOW IN THE NEXT 3 WEEKS

-If you notice any mistakes, please notify me immediately.

Tracks already on-site:

  • Cloud Tops- On site as "Clouds"
  • Ezlo's Past- On site as "Flashback"
  • Game Over- On site
  • Climbing a Beanstalk- On site as "Into the Skies"
  • Minigame- On site
  • Minish Village- On site
  • Minish Woods- On site
  • Mt. Crenel- ON SITE BABY
  • Palace of Winds- On site
  • Picori Festival- On site
  • Story- On site
  • Syrup's Shop- On site as "Syrup the Witch"
  • Temple of Droplets- On site

*Track not in game

Forum Games / The Great NSM Ship-Off
« on: December 09, 2015, 10:25:24 AM »
After a discussion with a new friend, we decided to run a little sideshow to the Superlatives!  Here's how it works:
You may send in a single PM with your first choice of Cutest NSM OTP and Second Cutest NSM OTP to me.  Make sure you include the ship names!  Everything will be kept private if you so wish, but posting a first and second choice OTP in the thread counts as votre vote as well.  Exactly 9 days from now, the votes will be tallied (2 votes for first choice and 1 vote for second choice) and the first second and third place winners will be awarded (in some way I haven't yet determined, but almost certainly monetary)!  In the case of a draw on the ballot, the OTP with the cutest ship name receives priority.  Any combination of OTP is accepted: M/M, M/F, F/F, M/M/M/M, what have you.  Go wild, NSM, and happy shipping!

Off-Topic / NSM's 2015 Annual Jackolantern Contest
« on: October 17, 2015, 05:01:58 PM »
Greetings, NSMers!  It's time for America's favorite holiday!  Now, introducing your host, NocturneOfShadow!
... oh right, that's me.
This year's Jack-O-Lantern contest will be slightly different from the past, because in addition to the popular vote, we will also have judges handing out awards in any category from Artistic to Zamboni!  If you're interested in being a judge, PM me for more details!
When you carve a jack-o-lantern, post a picture to this thread.  Your jackolantern will be added to the poll, which will stay open until November 1st.
Happy Carving, NSM!

The Werewolf Game / TWG LXXXIV Postgame
« on: August 29, 2015, 04:00:50 AM »
Role reveal:

Game log:
Night 1- nothing happens.
Day 1- Dude is lynched.  Dude was white.
Night 2- Maelstrom seers Dudeman blue.  Dudeman uses his Power Steal targeting Brawler.  Dudeman steals black team's vigi.  Brawler uses his charismatic power.  Brawler dies.  Brawler's Revenge Shot power becomes active.  Dudeman dies.

Brawler was on point with his dude lynch, that's for sure.
Was surprised the information powers weren't used night 1.
As far as balance goes maybe the revenge kill is a little broken, but if a black/green player had died the game would have ended in another player's favor.  Other than that I think changes I could have made would be to allow dead players to use powers.  GG everyone!

The Werewolf Game / TWG LXXXIV: This is not a reference to anything
« on: August 25, 2015, 05:27:20 PM »
This is not a reference to anything

Each player has their own team.  A team wins when a team's enemies have been eliminated.  More than one team may win.  Each color has 2 powers that can be used once at night.  For the first night, players cannot be killed.  After the fourth day ends, the game restarts.

1. White-  Enemies are Black and Red.  White's powers are Guardian and Exile.
2.Blue- Enemies are Red and Green.  Blue's powers are Power Steal and Roleblock.
3.Black- Enemies are White and Green.  Black's powers are Vigi and Revive.
4.Red- Enemies are White and Blue.  Red's powers are Revenge Kill and Charisma Boost.
5.Green- Enemies are Blue and Black.  Green's powers are Coroner and Seering.

Guardian- White player chooses a color.  If that color is alive, they are guarded until the following night.
Exile- White player chooses a player.  If that player is alive, they are killed.  That player cannot be revived.  If that player still has an ally, that ally gets a power back.

Power Steal- Allows the use of another team's power, chosen at random.
Roleblock- Blue player chooses a color.  That color cannot use their powers until the following night.

Vigi- Black player chooses a player.  If that player is alive, they are killed.
Revive- Black player chooses an allied color.  If that player is dead, they are revived.

Revenge Kill- When red dies, an enemy color is killed at random.
Charisma Boost- When red uses this power, their votes are doubled until the following night.

Coroner- When green uses this power, he is sent a PM with all dead player's colors.
Seering- Green player chooses a player.  He is sent a PM with that player's color.

1. BlackDragonSlayer
2. Dudeman
3. Brawler4Ever
4. Maelstrom
5. Dude

The game has ended!  Red team wins!  Congratulations brawler4ever!

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