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The Werewolf Game / TWG CIII: Seerious Moonlight Postgame
« on: April 09, 2018, 04:12:39 AM »
Role Reveal:

1. David Bowie: Dudeman
2. Duncan Jones: BrainyLucario

3. David Bowie Fan: Davy
4. David Bowie Fan: Trasdegi
5. David Bowie Fan: Mikey
6. David Bowie Fan: Toby
7. Newbie: Olimar12345
8. Addict: ThatHiddenCharacter

Third Party:
9. The Ghost of Andy Warhol: Maelstrom

Actions List:
Night 1:
THC: Seer THC, Seer Dudeman, Seer mikey, Seer Brainy (red result because Addict)
mikey: Seer THC, Seer Brainy
Davy: Seer Toby (result blue)
Olimar: Seer Brainy
Toby: Seer mikey
Trasdegi: Seer mikey

Maelstrom: Paint Maelstrom Blue, Paint THC Blue, Paint Olimar Blue, Paint Brainy Blue, Paint Toby Blue

Wolfing: Toby, mikey
Dudeman: Paint Dudeman Blue, Seer Trasdegi, Seer Davy
BrainyLucario: Seer Maelstrom

Day 1:
Maelstrom: Brainy
Trasdegi: Brainy
Dudeman: Brainy
Brainy: Brainy

Night 2:
davy: Seer Olimar
Olimar: Seer Toby
Trasdegi: Seer Olimar
Toby: Seer Maelstrom

Maelstrom: Paint Davy Orange, Paint THC Orange, Paint Trasdegi Orange

Dudeman: Wolf Maelstrom, Paint Dudeman Blue, Seer Olimar

Final Story:
David Bowie: *sniff sniff* Does something smell a bit... rotten to you, Duncan?

But Duncan Jones was out retching on the lawn.

Duncan Jones: I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE!!!!

From out the window, Bowie caught a glimpse of his son sprinting off into the distance.

David Bowie: Huh, wonder what's up with him.

He got up to get a drink. Just before he got into the kitchen, he felt a couple loose floorboards. He tried hitting them with his foot to put them back into place.

David Bowie: Stupid boards nev...

CRASH! He fell through the floor. The smell that had been spreading throughout the house was suddenly amplified. All around him were dead bodies! Well, two bodies, actually: the bodies of Mikey and Maelstrom had been buried under the floorboards!!!

David Bowie: *retch* WAIT! Wait for meeeee!


Later, elsewhere...

David Bowie: Huff huff. I'm tired of running. This here warehouse looks like a good place to stop and rest, don't you think son?

So the two went inside.

THC: !

Trasdegi: !

Davy: !

Toby: !

Olimar12345: ?

Toby: It's David Bowie, and the director of Moon, Duncan Jones!


They all piled on top of David and Duncan, and pretty soon they had tied both of them up.

Toby: Hahaha, we did it guys. And we didn't even have to leave the building to do it!

THC: So what do we do now?

Toby: idk

Davy: idk

Trasdegi: idk

idk: Olimar12345

David Bowie: Wait guys, don't leave!

Duncan Jones: Don't leave us here please! Untie us, please!!!!

David Bowie: Please, come baaaaaccckk!

Ending Theme:


Player Analysis:
Despite the game thread itself being only 5 pages, there was a ridiculous amount of chat in Discord, especially through private group chats, which I'm guessing would've easily quadrupled the amount of pages the game occupied. Had the two wolves not been caught quickly, it would've been interesting to see how the behind-the-scenes-vs-public activity would have developed.

BrainyLucario gets the With Great Risk Comes... No Reward award for his shenanigans that quickly ousted himself as a wolf.
Maelstrom gets the War-hair, Don't Care award for being The Ghost of Andy Warhol and claiming (leading to one of the wolves being caught) despite the possible risk to himself.
ThatHiddenCharacter gets the It's Not the Side Effects of the Cocaine award because you were the Addict, and also because Noc kept chewing you out in the deadchat for not posting logs which he claims could have solved the game a lot faster... which didn't really change much anyway, to be honest! :P
Dudeman gets the FUG DAVE BOWE award for doing his best under the circumstances.
Trasdegi gets the idk what award to give him, does that make me a bad host award because, um, i'm out of ideas, sorry
Mikey gets the I Knew Everything All Along award for, well, knowing everything... or so he claims. ;)
Davy get the Anti-Manti award because, surprisingly, this game a lot of people seemed to ignore you: the wolves didn't plan on wolfing you and pretty much everyone ignored your (rather logical, IMO) plan to seer the person below you rather than just randomly seering people (which led to multiple people picking the same person to seer).
Toby gets Overall MVP, as promised in deadchat. Although I would describe his early performance as a tad rocky and suspicious-seeming, his reaction test in the chat is one of the most logical and well-thought-out reactions tests I've seen in a while, and the pressure he put on Dudeman helped the game end so quickly.
Olimar12345 gets the We Trust This Guy? award for this post, which, for me as a normal human, would have had my radar buzzing. Yet, somehow, people somehow still trusted him for his seering plan (except Davy, who seered Olimar himself, and THC, who figured out he was the addict).

Game comments/analysis:
Thoughts for improving this format in the future:
- Make both wolves red.
- If there are more players, add another wolf and a human megaseer who always gets the default color results.
- Make Andy Warhol's painting not go through if they're wolfed, giving them incentive to either not betray the wolves, or be more careful about how they claim and who they claim to. Also, force them to paint every color at least once in order to win.

The Werewolf Game / TWG CIII: Seerious Moonlight
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:58:42 AM »
TWG CIII: Seerious Moonlight

The year is 200_. Famed musician David Bowie is reminiscing about the Serious Moonlight Tour, which, while not as good as the Isolar II Tour, was still a pretty good tour. Meanwhile, a group of obsessive superfans are plotting to kidnap David Bowie and... well, they don't actually know what they'll do once they have him.

1. David Bowie: Famous musician who is unknowingly at the center of a kidnapping plot. Each night, he may paint one player of his choosing either blue, red, or orange, and seer another player of his choosing.
2. Duncan Jones: Director of Moon and son of David Bowie. While the superfans aren't looking for him particularly, he's still an obstacle to their mission. Can seer one player of his choosing each night.

3. David Bowie Fan: Each night, they can choose to seer one player.
4. David Bowie Fan
5. David Bowie Fan
6. David Bowie Fan
7. Newbie: While they're still an obsessive fan of David Bowie, they don't own a copy of Santa Monica '72, so they're looked down upon by the other fans. Is told they're a David Bowie Fan.
8. Addict: Takes inspiration from David Bowie a bit too seriously. When they seer a player, they get a random color result. Is told they're a normal David Bowie Fan.

Third Party:
9. The Ghost of Andy Warhol: Can paint up to three players each night either blue, red, or orange. If they forgo one painting, they get an extra lynching vote. If they forgo another one, they get another vote. If they do not paint anyone, then they are immune to the wolfing for that night. Wins, non-overriding, when all players alive at the end of the game have been painted at least once. Can win when dead.

Cardflips show apparent color.


1. BrainyLucario
2. Maelstrom
3. ThatHiddenCharacter
4. Dudeman
5. Trasdegi
6. Mikey
7. Davy
8. Toby
9. Olimar12345

1. Blueflower


It is now Night 1. Night 1 ends in two days, on Thursday, April 5 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (9:00 PM Eastern Time).

Music / BDS Presents You With Unsolicited Musical Opinions!
« on: August 06, 2017, 10:03:26 AM »
Reviews of soundtracks, albums, EPs, standalone pieces; top 10 lists, bottom 10 lists, and just plain unordered lists. You don't want it? We have it all!

Chuck by Chuck Berry

Chuck is the twentieth and final studio album by Chuck Berry, released in 2017. Of course, going into this, there's a lot of emotion and certainly high expectations behind it, being an album that was so hyped from such a legendary artist—and the final album nonetheless.

The album's three singles, "Wonderful Woman," "Big Boys," and "Lady B. Goode," are the epitome of Berry's classic style found in songs like "Johnny B. Goode," "Roll Over Beethoven," "Sweet Little Sixteen," "Around and Around," and many more. However, unlike the other three, the "intro" to "Lady B. Goode" feels somewhat tacked on and like it could have been given some more, if only a little more, variation, which is only a slight blemish on an otherwise fine song. On the other hand, most of the other songs, especially the two covers ("You Go To My Head" and "3/4 Time (Enchiladas)"), diversify the sound of the album, though not entirely in a bad way. The only song on this album I actively dislike is "Dutchman," which does absolutely nothing for me, isn't very compelling to listen to (and is, in fact, quite confusing), and doesn't have good enough instrumentation to, in my mind, justify the entirely spoken—not sung—lyrics. Though the fact that "Wonderful Woman," the very first song on the album, is also the one I consider its best is a tad disappointing for the consistency of quality of the album, as I mentioned before, it is most definitely not the only good one.

Overall, it feels and sounds almost entirely like I expect a modern Chuck Berry album to sound, and that only makes Berry's timeless sound and groove all the more wonderful. It leaves us with several songs I feel are worthy to be among the artist's best, and that's saying something for someone consider to be one of the pioneers of rock and roll.

Track List Overview:
1. "Wonderful Woman" – 5:19
2. "Big Boys" – 3:05
3. "You Go to My Head" (Haven Gillespie, J. Fred Coots) – 3:21
4. "3/4 Time (Enchiladas)" (Tony Joe White) – 3:47
5. "Darlin" – 3:20
6. "Lady B. Goode" – 3:00
7. "She Still Loves You" – 2:55
8. "Jamaica Moon" – 3:50
9. "Dutchman" – 3:47
10. "Eyes of Man" – 2:27
Total Length: 34:51
Track listing information from here.

Tracks in Platinum are the one I consider to be the absolute best of the album.
Tracks in Gold are ones I consider to be among the artist's best.
Tracks in Red are ones I consider to be standout tracks on the album.

Consistency: 7/10
While tracks like "Wonderful Woman," "Big Boys," and "Lady B. Goode" certainly represent the work that Chuck Berry is most known for, a few other tracks stray from the overall "sound" of the album, which is not entirely a bad thing.

Quality: 9/10
"Dutchman" is the only real blotch in this album, but only because it's not much of a song. Even the two covers on the album are great.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Any fan of Chuck Berry's works, or fans of oldies in general, will be sure to enjoy this album, a final note from the legendary Chuck Berry.

Reviews by score
David Bowie (1967) - David Bowie - 6.0
David Bowie (1969) - David Bowie - 7.0
The Man Who Sold the World - David Bowie - 7.2
Chuck - Chuck Berry - 8.5
The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd - 8.9
Electric Warrior - T. Rex - 9.2
Imaginary Friends - Freezepop - 9.5
★ - David Bowie - 9.8

Off-Topic / The NSM Ultimate Ranking Topic
« on: August 04, 2017, 05:24:19 AM »
Due to NSM's list-organizing tendencies, this topic is where you can rank whatever you want. Whenever you want. Go wild.

Shameless ripoff of LLF's Ultimate Ranking Topic.

Creativity Corner / The NSM Heroes III Adventure
« on: September 08, 2015, 01:58:15 AM »
Inspired by the NSM RPG... Jub said that such a project would probably be quite a complex thing to do, so I thought, why not try something a bit easier and more up my alley?

Here's how I plan to do it: users can sign up as a character under a faction (I'd prefer to limit it to six four people per faction at most; also, choose whether you want to be a might hero or magic hero). After a number of people have signed up, we can decide on which factions will represent the "good" side, and which will not (depending on how many people sign up, I'd like 2-3 "good" factions, with the rest, possible 4+, being hostile to the good faction, and any others remaining being "neutral" or otherwise self-serving for story purposes). After this, we can suggest and vote for a number of broad story options (for example, a story suggestion would be "Quest to retrieve the MacGuffin that will enable the hero to do X," or "Venture through the unexplored lands to find X that will make your country rich" :P).

Along the way, as I'm writing the story and other events that take place, I'll ask the users how they want the story to progress (e.g. Let's say there's a certain mountain pass you have to cross. I would then ask users what should happen here, for example, would there be an ambush, would there need to be a particular item or other obstacle your need to clear before you can, or would the mountain be in the vicinity of an enemy faction who controls the area, etc.). Other decisions could be stuff like "Who will be a boss-like character/powerful hero/main protagonist?" "What terrain is the town on?" or "Is the area mountainous, forested, etc.?" Again, while this project will be much easier than a full RPG (and will likely be completed much quicker), it will be less available to the users (however, if we want, it could be posted elsewhere for others).

This project will be made for the fan expansion to Heroes 3, called Horn of the Abyss, because of the additional tools and resources it offers. To read about the game and factions, go here. To read about HoTA, go here.

Dude (Magic)


AwesomeYears (Magic)

Dudeman (Magic)
davy (Magic)

K-NiGhT (Might)
mariolegofan (Might)

BDS (Might)


Yugi (Might)


braixen1264 (Magic)
NocturneOfShadow (Might)

Story Thus Far:
Basic premise: An important diplomat is captured by villains. The hero has to travel across the land, defeating the villains and retrieving artifacts that open the way to the heavily-guarded mountain prison. If the hero doesn't rescue the diplomat in time, war will break out with another country.

Good factions are Stronghold and Cove.

Evil factions are Castle (boss: Dude), Inferno (boss: K-NiGhT), and Fortress (boss: Dudeman).

Neutral factions are Dungeon and Necropolis (boss: AwesomeYears).

braixen1264 is the protagonist of the story.

Progress (Screenshots, etc.):



Request / [NES] The Guardian Legend - Multiple Songs
« on: August 30, 2015, 02:01:27 AM »
Title Screen -

Corridor 0: Approaching Naju -

Corridors 1, 2, 11 & 12 -

Areas 3, 4 & 8 (Forest Labyrinth)

Role reveal:

1: Miju-maron: Greg
2: Ryu-jin: Mr. Tanooki Suit

3: Tour Guide 1 (Seer): davy
4: Tour Guide 2 (Psychic): Boo Guy
5: Tourist: zoroark1264
6: Tourist: FireArrow
7: Tourist: NocturneOfShadow
8: Tourist (Herring): Toby
9: Tourist (Miller): Bird
10: Tourist (Miller/Wolfsbane): The_Subjective_Thought

Actions list:
Night 1:
Seer - Bird and Greg
Shaman - Bird
Wolfing (Greg) - Boo Guy

Day 1:
Lynch - FireArrow

Night 2:
Wolfing (Mr. Tanooki Suit) - Nocturne
Wolfing (Greg) - TST Overruled by previous wolfing.
Seer - Mr. Tanooki Suit

Day 2:
Lynch - Mr. Tanooki Suit

Night 3:
Seer - zoroark1264

Day 3:
Lynch - zoroark1264

Night 4:
Wolfing - davy
Seer - Toby

Day 4:
Lynch - Toby

Night 5:
Wolfing - TST (technically Bird)

Final story:
     Bird, T.S.T., and Greg ran all the way back to the ship. They stumbled over rocks, vines, creatures, and everything else you could think of. They were so close to the surface, when they were overtaken by a strange fog. Terrible screaming noises could be heard all around them, as if the very planet was in pain from every single one of their steps.

"Over here! Grab onto me!" Greg offered the others.

     Bird stumbled forward and grabbed onto Greg. Together, they made it through the fog, and collapsed on the elevator as it made its way up to the surface of the planet.

"Wait a minute... where's T.S.T.?" Bird asked.

"I... I guess he didn't make it."

     Finally, the elevator reached the top. Bird ran off as fast as he could towards the ship. It was gone.

"But... but... it's... not here..." he began twitching violently. "WHERE DID THE SHIP GO!" He turned around and grabbed Greg's shoulders.


"Yes, I know Bird."

     Greg's form dissolved, as if it were made of nothing but mist. Around Bird, terrible things began to take form. Plant tentacles erupted from the ground around him, and a horrible thing approached him, its blade-like arms swinging back and forth to a soundless rhythm. As it reached him, with one hand, it picked him up.

"Your nightmare is only beginning."

     Bird fell to the ground, clutching his head and shaking it back and forth.

"NO! NO!"


"We found the ship, sir. It was floating derelict in space. When we went to the planet, we found absolutely no trace of them."

     M. Z. Micro sat at his desk, his fingers nervously tapping the desk.

"Not a single one of them? No logs as to what happened?"

"No sir."

     He sighed and sat up straight in his chair. He knew that his company would surely never recover from this.

"What now?"

Player analysis:
You were seered green Night 1, which was certainly helpful, but your actions only enhanced the humans' view of you (to the point where the seer had claimed to you), allowing you to make it through the game and to victory. Specifically, towards the end, the way you behaved allowed suspicion to be directed away from you and towards Toby. Also, you got lucky Night 1 and wolfed the Psychic. Wolf MVP

Mr. Tanooki Suit:
You were doing pretty well at the beginning of the game, but unfortunately, a combination of a red seering, Bird's actions, and your reaction, led to you getting lynched. It's a shame that Ryu-jin wasn't a conversion wolf...
Day 1, however, I was a little bit surprised that you openly defended Bird instead of reminding people that they were in the place where the red wolf got two votes, and suggesting to keep an eye on Bird because of that. That seems to have come back to bite you.
You also wolfed Nocturne, the mouthpiece for the alliance, which is a point in your favor (and later allowed Greg to take over for Nocturne), although I'm not sure whether that was luck or an educated guess? :P

Other than seering the Master Wolf and Miller Night 1 (which you couldn't have known of beforehand due to it being Night 1), you were a great special, especially evident rather early on from those two huge posts on the 18th, where you analyzed a few players in depth. Most unfortunately for you though, since there was no permanent guardian due to the size of the game, you were especially liable to be wolfed, which is, of course, what happened. You also seered Mr. Tanooki as well. Honorable Mention

Boo Guy:
You died Night 1... yeh... :-\

Due to a green seering that "tied" you to Mr. Tanooki Suit (I think this is one of the few times when somebody is lynched because of a green seering), you were lynched, but before you went, you voted for Greg. A little bit on the weak side in terms of reasoning, though. :P However, I think that if you had been a little more active/contributive/expressing knowledge of the game (to quote Bird, he didn't "even know if Zoroark understands the mechanism for wolfing"), you might not have been lynched, which is something you might want to learn for future games.

Although you were lynched Day 1, you managed to contribute a bit, with one big post (granted, in it, you mostly suspected Davy :P). Your lynch was semi-random, as it was Day 1, but I felt you could have at least tried just a little bit more to defense yourself and make bold accusations against other players (if even just to show that you could be helpful to the humans later in the game)! ;)

You did quite well, I do say. You were able to demonstrate your humanity, which led to the seer having somebody to claim to. It's too bad that the Psychic had been wolfed, and wasn't around to save you.

You did pretty well during the game. By Day 3, you had pieced together a possible wolf team of Bird and Greg, noticing how quick Greg was to agree with Bird's vote on Zoroark, but in the end, being overly suspicious of Bird (and less suspicious of Greg) is one of the things that got you lynched in favor of Greg (combined with Greg's convincing actions, and the fact that Davy died before you were seered).

You were usual Bird throughout the entire game (which is a very good thing), and you even managed to get through a red seering! Though, unfortunately, in the end, due to a number of circumstances, you ended up siding with Greg. Human MVP

Earlier in the game, you were one of the first (or the first?) to vote for Mr. Tanooki Suit, although your main reasoning relied on his knowledge of LLF's TWG rules (where you can't vote for youself); it was still a step in the right direction, though, saying in the same post that "He seems too quick to tell everyone of his 'humanity'." At the end, however, you went along with the Toby suspicion (makes me wonder what would've happened had Greg not been seered, and thus, not become the mouthpiece for the alliance, which seems to have been one of the reasons for him not being lynched later, along with the seering).

Game comments/analysis:
At first, I was worried when the Psychic was wolfed Night 1 and both the Master Wolf and Miller were seered. However, the humans actually recovered from that blow fairly well, Bird managing to convince the others that he was human after all (although the seering of the Master Wolf so early was pretty bad luck for the humans).

Overall, it's unfortunate how the game couldn't have more players (and I think it would be interesting to see how different the game would be if it had more players), but I think it went fairly well as it was. Now that I look back, I probably could've kept the two other locations, and adjusted their effects, but the smaller amount allowed all the locations to be visited (as well as the next result being easily determined by a simple internet coin toss). :P

Coincidentally, on the night Nocturne was wolfed by Tanooki, Greg also submitted a wolfing for TST. Just for curiosity, I checked to see who would've been wolfed. Yep. Nocturne. :-\

Thank you everybody for a wonderful game!

The Werewolf Game / TWG LXIV: The Dangerous Flora and Fauna of Umbra
« on: February 13, 2014, 10:59:53 PM »
TWG LXIV: The Dangerous Flora and Fauna of Umbra

Backstory: Many years ago, the war on the planet Umbra ended. The war hero Agent 819, who single-handedly took out the dark leader UMBRA, went back to the galactic capital planet, never to return to Umbra until the year of his death... but his story is another story, not to be told here...

Umbra is quickly becoming a point of interest for tourists. The super-company Micro Budget Ships Inc. is funding a new, experimental program to safely guide boatloads of these tourists through the planet on a predetermined route, highlighting the planet's natural wonders.

Unfortunately for the company, the illusions still remain on Umbra, even after the evil left the planet: the local flora and fauna have gotten hungry, and weak-minded tourists are on the menu...

The Flora and Fauna; Wolves
1: Miju-maron: Master Wolf (as the Miju-marons are giant, carnivorous plants, they can't do much unless people walk right into their lairs, though this doesn't affect the role any)
2: Ryu-jin: Wolf shaman.

Micro Budget Ships Tour; Humans
3: Tour Guide 1: Seer; is told results at end of night phase.
4: Tour Guide 2: Psychic; is told the number of wolves and if the red humans are left in the game (not how many red humans, however) at the end of every day phase (after lynching).
5: Tourist: Human.
6: Tourist: Human.
7: Tourist: Human.
8: Tourist: Herring. Is told he's a human.
9: Tourist: Regular miller. Will be told he's a human.
10: Tourist: Acts like a wolfsbane, except that the wolfing is redirected to another human player. Will be told he's a normal human.

Because wolves do not know each other, only the first wolfing vote is accepted. Wolves cannot be wolfed- if they are, it is considered that there is no wolfing.
There are no special victory conditions.

This game will have a story, revealed between phases (both day and night), in average-sized paragraphs (so hopefully there won't be any delays with the story).

Special Gimmick: Navigation; throughout the game (changing every day and night phase), the tour moves across various parts of the planet Umbra, on a course determined randomly (though areas cannot repeat until at least one other location has been visited).
Each area gives special, temporary effects to certain roles; the expedition always starts on the Overworld, as that is where is ship lands, but might not return there.

Night Phase Only:
Overworld: Two players can be seered.
Sacred Catacombs: Psychic can guard one person, excluding self.
In Specus Caverna (cave inside a cavern underneath the volcano): Ryu-Jin is seered as blue. Can find out the exact role of player seered, at the cost of being seered blue.

Day Phase Only:
Palus Magna (swamp): Miju-maron gets two lynching votes.
Ignis Parva (inside of a volcano): Ryu-jin gets two lynching votes.
Ruins of Ultima Fini (mechanical core of the planet): No effects.


1: Bird
2: FireArrow
3: Boo Guy
4: Mr. Tanooki Suit
5: NocturneOfShadow
6: davy
7: Toby
8: Greg
9: zoroark1264
10: The_Subjective_Thought

1: Dude

It is now Night 1. Night 1 ends in two days, on Saturday, February 15 at 3:00 PM PST (6:00 PM EST).

The Expedition is currently at The Overworld. Two players can be seered.

Request / [GEN] Mega Turrican - Multiple Songs
« on: February 07, 2014, 12:36:33 AM »
Opening Theme

Stage 1-1

Stage 1-2

Stage 1 Boss

I'm not sure if this is exactly the best time to post this, but it's better to have a peaceful request topic, right?

TWG LXIV: The Dangerous Flora and Fauna of Umbra

Backstory: Many years ago, the war on the planet Umbra ended. The war hero Agent 819, who single-handedly took out the dark leader UMBRA, went back to the galactic capital planet, never to return to Umbra until the year of his death... but his story is another story, not to be told here...

Umbra is quickly becoming a point of interest for tourists. The super-company Micro Budget Ships Inc. is funding a new, experimental program to safely guide boatloads of these tourists through the planet on a predetermined route, highlighting the planet's natural wonders.

Unfortunately for the company, the illusions still remain on Umbra, even after the evil left the planet: the local flora and fauna have gotten hungry, and weak-minded tourists are on the menu...

The Flora and Fauna; Wolves
1: Miju-maron: Master Wolf (as the Miju-marons are giant, carnivorous plants, they can't do much unless people walk right into their lairs, though this doesn't affect the role any)
2: Gialux: Wolf
3: Gi-Jinado: Wolf
4: Ryu-jin: Infective "oni" wolf. In the case that Ryu-jin is lynched, the player sends a PM to the host, "passing" the role on to another player (player is turned red). If the player is a wolf or tour guide, the power does not take effect. Is the only wolf who does not know his teammates.

Micro Budget Ships Tour; Humans
5: Tour Guide 1: Guardian; can guard one player per night, excluding self.
6: Tour Guide 2: Seer; is told results at end of night phase.
7: Tour Guide 3: Psychic; is told the number of wolves and if the red human is left in the game at the end of every day phase (after lynching). This excludes the "revived" Ryu-jin.
8: Tourist: Human.
9: Tourist: Human.
10: Tourist: Human.
11: Tourist: Human.
12: Tourist: Human.
13: Tourist: Human.
14: Tourist: Human.
15: Tourist: Human.
16: Tourist: Acts like a wolfsbane, except that the wolfing is redirected to another human player. Will be told he's a normal human.

Because Ryu-jin does not know who the other wolves are, and visa versa, only the first wolfing vote is accepted.
There are no special victory conditions.

This game will have a story, revealed between phases (both day and night), in average-sized paragraphs (so hopefully there won't be any delays with the story).

Special Gimmick: Navigation; throughout the game (changing every day and night phase), the tour moves across various parts of the planet Umbra, on a course determined randomly (though areas cannot repeat until two other locations have been visited).
Each area gives special, temporary effects to certain roles; the expedition always starts on the Overworld, as that is where is ship lands, but might not return there.

Night Phase Only:
Overworld: Seer is told exact role of seered player; on subsequent visits, only allows two players to be seered normally.
Dire ad Aqua (underwater ocean): Gialux is seered as green.
Sacred Catacombs: Guard can guard two people.
In Specus Caverna (cave inside a cavern underneath the volcano): Ryu-Jin can seer.

Day Phase Only:
Palus Magna (swamp): Miju-maron gets two lynching votes.
Stone Causeway: No effects.
Ignis Parva (inside of a volcano): Gi-Jinado gets two lynching votes.
Ruins of Ultima Fini (mechanical core of the planet): No effects.

1: Bird
2: FireArrow
3: Boo Guy
4: Mr. Tanooki Suit
5: NocturneOfShadow
6: davy
7: Toby
8: Greg
9: zoroark1264
10: The_Subjective_Thought

1: Dude

If possible, I can rebalance this game for 14 players (or at least try to), but only if we're not able to get enough players (as I'm unsure of how negatively it will affect the Navigation if we remove one option from each phase).

General / BDS Wastes Your Time With Silly Game Reviews!
« on: December 04, 2013, 03:53:58 AM »
Title says it all.

King's Bounty (Sega Genesis)

"I want YOU for U.S. Army!" - Uncle Sam

Today, we shall begin our time-killing sessions with a review of an instant classic: King's Bounty, first released in 1990, for multiple systems; for the purposes of complete accuracy, I shall be reviewing the Sega Genesis version.

Now, many old video games captivate the player's sense of wonder and imagination. Doom, for example, provokes many questions: What is that demon doing behind those bars? What is that wall made out of? Who put that biohazard suit behind the acid? Why does it only protect me for a limited time? King's Bounty is another game that can give rise to many wondrous questions. Why can I only recruit 10 sprites if there are 110 at the creature dwelling? How am I supposed to build up my armies to fight the overpowered rogues that hide in castles? How the hell do enemy creatures counterattack you after you've already killed them? Why do I feel as if the interface if fighting against me more than the game's enemies? What's wrong with the day system? What kind of king leaves his scepter right outside his castle and then hires somebody to find it!?

The objective of this game is to hunt down villains and find the King's scepter within a limited time period, because apparently he'll die if you don't. You'd think he'd want to protect his scepter more. However, the villains put up quite a fight- I never beat a single one of them. The first one I fought, some pirate dude, had these insane berserker-like warriors who carved through my troops. Then the king proceeded to lecture me on strategy after I miserably failed due to a lack of troops. WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME SOME MORE TROOPS INSTEAD!?!? ISSUE A DRAFT OR SOMETHING! HIRE MORE HEROES!!!!! NAEUIAERUGHAYUEEWEEE!!!!1!!!!1

I fondly remember two things about this game when I was young:
1: I couldn't get very far.
2: I couldn't recruit any creatures.

Playing the game now, I don't have any clue why I remembered those two things in specific.

According to Wikipedia, a reviewer from Computer Gaming World magazine said that he "finished it in six hours." One must wonder what kind of wizard he was to finish the game at all, let alone in six hours. He also called the battles "exciting." Tense, more like it. What, is the computer version that different from the Genesis version?

+ Cool fantasy setting.
+ It was the predecessor to Heroes of Might and Magic, I guess.
+ There was a boardgame version too?

- Confusing user interface and controls.
- Confusing battles.
- Confusing objectives and day system.
- What? You can't buy a boat?

Final Score: 7/10

Reviewer notes:
  • Play Heroes of Might and Magic instead. Or even Might and Magic.

Games by Score
Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing (DS) - 2
Lode Runner (SG-1000) - 2.5
Anticipation (NES) - 3.0
Congo Bongo (SG-1000) - 3.5
DOOM (SNES) - 3.6
Dragon Wang (SG-1000) - 3.7
Family Dog (SNES) - 3.8
Sonic the Hedgehog (NES) - 4
H.E.R.O. (SG-1000) - 4.1
Super Rub 'a' Dub (PS3) - 4.2
The Monkey King: The Legend Begins (Wii) - 6.2
Alien Hominid (GBA) - 6.5
King's Bounty (Sega Genesis) - 7
Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest (PC) - 7.4
Fez (PS3) - 7.4
Fat Princess (PS3) - 7.5
Zoom 909 (SG-1000) - 7.6
Alien Soldier (Sega Mega Drive) - 7.8
Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods (PC) - 7.9
Rocket Knight (PS3) - 8
Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA) - 8.2
Gain Ground (Sega Genesis) - 8.2
Heroes of Might and Magic III: Horn of the Abyss (PC) - 8.4
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars (PC) - 8.6
Undertale (PC) - 8.6
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS3) - 8.8
Castle Crashers (PS3) - 9
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS) - 9.2
Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS) - 9.2
Sonic Mania (PS4) - 9.2
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sega Genesis) - 9.4
Perfect Dark (Xbox 360) - 9.5
Mega Turrican (Sega Genesis) - 9.6
Gunstar Heroes (Sega Genesis) - 9.8
Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) - 10
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia (PC) - 10

Story Telling / BlackDragonSlayer's Short Stories
« on: June 24, 2013, 09:57:33 AM »
Yes, I know I haven't finished a... certain other story yet... but I don't care!!! I have ideas! :3 And I shall write them!

The Final Choice:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Author's Notes Coming Soon

Angel Wings:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Author's Notes Coming Soon

Halloween Horror Special 2013:
Part 1: Pizza Delivery
We all have our inner demons, but some more than others.
Part 2: She Will Come
Mistakes, murders, and revenge centered around a sickly young boy and his parents.
Part 3: The Tale of Dr. Goode
An unsettled spirit comes back from the dead hundreds of years later to seek victims in revenge for his untimely murder.

Annie and Zed: Into the Pirates' Den:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Annie and Zed: The Heart of Mt. Coldclaw:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Halloween Horror Special 2014:
Part 1: HELP ME
A retired superhero coming back into action is plunged into a world of chaos as he is faced with a realization about his own life.
Part 2: The Man Who Treads With Death
A disillusioned, suicidal man finds a friend.
Part 3: Cold is the Night of Revenge
With a powerful alien creature at his beck and call, the crazed man begins to unleash his plan upon the world. But can that keep him from his own mortality?

Halloween Horror Special 2015:
Part 1: The Love Which We Deny Him:
A nice quiet neighborhood is not all that it seems, for there are monsters lurking just out of sight.
Part 2: I Think I Might Die Here:
A man, a woman, and a killer robot meet in a fateful encounter.
Part 3: I Knew a Man:
In space, nothing will hear you scream except Death itself.

Chilling Winter Tales:
#1: My Little Christmas Miracle
#2: Looking Sallow
#3: The Lazarus Tree

Halloween Horror Special 2016:
Part 1: A Thing I Do Not Know:
Chased by an enigmatic creature. Alone. Trapped. How can there be any escape?
Part 2: The Tree of Tears:
"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair."
Part 3: The Tusked Mask:
An aging news reporter's quest to get to the bottom of an urban legend that might be true turns into a tale of survival in a barren wasteland.

The Man Who Left Our Earth:
A suicidal man finds that, one day, he has gained the ability to elicit the truth from anyone.

The Fall of the Renegade Eclipse:
An experimental battleship is ambushed out in the middle of space.

Halloween Horror Special 2017:
Part 1: Itty Morning Bitty Balm:
Is a dream but a dream, or is there, perhaps, something more to it? Can our dreams become reality, or are we but grounded in the imperfect world around us?
Part 2: My Lady of Grey:
One more day I wait, for things might change tomorrow from today.
Part 3: What a Pretty Thing:
Come with me, my pretty thing. Stay with me, forever, and ever, and be mine.

Assorted Poetry:
Oda de las Palmas
The Rays of the Sun No Longer Shine On Me

In Progress:
A Quiet Peace:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Retriever:
Part 1
Part 2

Coming Soon:
Cold Planet:
Inspired by episodes of the Twilight Zone. Takes place during an alternate Cold War, where nuclear war has engulfed the planet, and attracted the attention of an alien force...
The Adventures of Louise:
A tale told from the perspective of a dog named Louise (her entire life; spoiler: the dog dies in the end), who strives to please her owners: "Sir," "Ma'am," "Boy," and "Girl."
Frozen in Time:
In the future, a disgraced detective is given a chance to redeem himself by using an experimental time machine to solve a murder that has baffled all others. He soon finds that the culprit has a few tricks of his own.

NOT Coming Soon:
Annie and Zed: Mystery at the City of Crystal
A murder on the coastal-half of Coral City prompts Annie to once again seek Zed's help. There, they find an ominous message from the murderer, warning them to stay away. The message is signed only with the name "Shadow Hand." Who or what is the Shadow Hand?

Art / Rogues' Gallery: BDS's General Art Thread
« on: March 01, 2013, 01:21:19 AM »
I'm not sure if having multiple art threads is much of a good idea, but so that I don't keep posting things in the Pictures/Videos topic, here is some of my "general art" that does not fit into the category of sprites (for obvious reasons).

Main Gallery





Betledye and Thoraxun






Golden Silver
Or, Golden Silver: The Process of a Work in Which I Display the Colors of the Faber-Castell Colored Pencils (and yet again display the mediocrity of my scanner)


Without Color


To do: Get better at drawing robots and weird-looking feet.

Brickshelf Gallery

Original Creations


Video Game Creations


Toa Savage
I decided I wanted to experiment with the new Bionicle pieces in LDD. They didn't have them, so I did it anyway!

Defender of Shadows

Creations of Silaa, the Defenders are much more hostile than the Protectors which aid the Toa Okoto. This Defender prowls the depths of the ocean near the volcanic coastline, and is the enemy of Toa Drasden and Toa Ailana.

Defender of Sky

Creations of Silaa, the Defenders are much more hostile than the Protectors which aid the Toa Okoto. This Defender soars through the sky over the jungles of Okoto, and is the enemy of Toa Rodgert and Toa Lila.

Defender of Underground

Creations of Silaa, the Defenders are much more hostile than the Protectors which aid the Toa Okoto. This Defender causes earthquakes deep underground with its sonic drills, and is the enemy of Toa Janson and Toa Harmon.

Hovercraft Defender

A creation of Silaa, this Defender has somehow become more intelligent than the rest, and has stolen a hovercraft for its own use.

Silaa, Destroyer

Silaa was a creature created by the essence of Makuta inside the Mask of Control in order to defend it from the Toa Savage, exiled villagers transformed into Toa by the Mask of Creation. Silaa himself can create minions to aid him in his quest to defeat the Toa.

Silaa has the strength of three Toa combined, but as he improves his skills with his weapons, he becomes even more dangerous.

I don't think his legs move at all, but he looks cool, right? Riiight? Unlike the Toa, he doesn't have any gear functions.

Toa Drasden, Warrior of Fire

Drasden was an exiled villager transformed by the essence of Ekimu inside the Mask of Creation. His weapons are the Flare Swords and Burning Chain. His mask is the Mask of Rage, which allows him to channel his emotions into balls of energy which are thrown from his Burning Chain.

Drasden is somewhat hot-headed, but can be a ruthless tactician if he sets his mind to it. He respects Lila's leadership, but has a rivalry with Harmon for the second-in-command position.

Toa Rodgert, Warrior of Ice

Rodgert was an exiled villager transformed by the essence of Ekimu inside the Mask of Creation. His weapons are the Double Frost Sword and Blade Shield. His mask is the Mask of Telepathy, which allows him to communicate to others through his mind and improves his reflexes.

Intelligent, loyal, and caring, Rodgert gets along with everybody on the team, and is often the mediator of peace when fights break out, especially those between Drasden and Harmon.

Toa Janson, Warrior of Earth

Janson was an exiled villager transformed by the essence of Ekimu inside the Mask of Creation. His weapon is the Power Spear. His mask is the Mask of Empathy, which allows him to impart his state of mind on another being in order to pacify them.

Janson is calm, yet fierce. His immense concentration allows him to focus in even the most difficult situations, allowing him to put his mask power to great use. However, he is quick to irritate when faced with somebody or something that repeatedly disturbs him.

Toa Ailana, Warrior of Water

Ailana was an exiled villager transformed by the essence of Ekimu inside the Mask of Creation. Her weapons are the Elemental Fists. Her mask is the Mask of Electricity, which allows her to transfer a strong bolt of electricity to whatever she touches with her weapons, and grants her immunity to electricity.

The scout of the team, Ailana usually prefers to be alone. She is also skilled with using and making weapons; she is the one who improved the weapons that the team current use.

Toa Harmon, Warrior of Stone

Harmon was an exiled villager transformed by the essence of Ekimu inside the Mask of Creation. His weapons are the Dual Arm Blades. His mask is the Mask of Strength, which gives him extraordinary strength and the ability to deliver powerful blows with his fists.

Usually laid-back, Harmon is loyal, and very trustworthy- due to these traits, he is always uncertain of those whom he feels are not loyal enough, such as Toa Drasden. He only uses his strength when he has good reason to do so.

Toa Lila, Warrior of Jungle

Lila was an exiled villager transformed by the essence of Ekimu inside the Mask of Creation. Her weapon is the Double-Sided Forest Blade, which can separate into two smaller Forest Blades. Her mask is the Mask of Allure, which allows her to confuse and distract the person or thing she is targeting. The less intelligent a creature is, the greater her ability to deceive it is. She is the leader of the Toa Savage.

Lila has natural leadership qualities, but isn't good at settling disputes among teammates. In most circumstances, she tries to take a neutral stance. She is very clever, and can be deceptive... sometimes unintentionally. Out of all the others, she has the weakest moral fiber, having no qualms stealing from the villagers. However, becoming a Toa has made her somewhat more caring.

The Mutara are built with the 2015 CCBS, but, unlike the Toa Savage, are more... uh... experimental with their gearboxes. Even the Protectors have slightly different styles of building than the standard Protectors.

Protector of Iron

Satifaction: 9/10

Protector of Lightning

Satisfaction: 7/10

Protector of Plasma

Satisfaction: 8/10

Ardant and Mutara Hound

The villain of the wave, Ardant is a mad scientist who seeks the three legendary masks, in order to experiment on them and make new and even more destructive creations. Ardant has also figured out how to create masks, and has made a few for his mutants.

I cannot express how satisfied I am with this. Ardant is taller than a Protector, yet shorter than a Protector, the perfect height I wanted to express his status as a villain, yet still being of the same variety as the other Protectors, his turret is neat, and the posability of his arms is AWESOME (in addition to being able to move his arms as normal, they can also rotate at the "shoulders" due to the way I constructed his back).

The Mutara Hound is also pretty cool, and looks neat in a lunging pose, such as the one in the above picture.

Satisfaction: 10/10

Takua, Master of Light

More like, Takua, Master of Running.

I enjoy the way it looks- tall, bulky, powerful, etc. but according to LDD, the posability is lackluster. Although the arms seems to pose fine, the only pose the legs can really be put into are standing poses and the "running" pose I put them in for this picture. Shortening the length of the shells on the lower leg would probably help, but that would compromise appearance. Also, the swords on the back would probably be more spread out in the final version, like Tahu.

Satisfaction: 6/10

Roarna, Mutant of Stone

Roarna was once a creature from the stone region on the island of Okoto before it was taken by Ardant to his lab and experimented on. Although its new body is more humanoid, it can still put its deadly feet to good use. Its mask is the Mask of Endurance, which gives it the ability to run and attack foes for great length without tiring.

Roarna uses the gearbox for foot motion, rather than arm motion, and idea which has been tossed around by the community already. Overall, I feel Roarna is so-so: the foot design is great, and the arm design is fine, but the tail, which I feel is a somewhat integral element of the build, has a very disappointing weapon- I'm not sure what else could be used in place of that, however.

Satisfaction: 6/10

Clincher, Mutant of Earth

Clincher was a former warrior who was kidnapped by Ardant and fused with an underground claw mole. He is very angry and confused due to the experimentation, making him a fierce opponent. His mask is the Mask of Bersekers, which keeps him in a near-constant rage, greatly enhancing his strength, at the cost of tiring him out very easily.

Clincher uses a fairly standard build, and thus, is unique in the sole fact that he is different from the rest of the mutants. I am satisfied with the usage of the claws, the main "gimmick" of Clincher. The ball joints do stick out a bit far, though, which might interfere with the arm motion.

Satisfaction: 7/10

Locker, Mutant of Ice

Locker was a former warrior who was recruited by Ardant and "enhanced" with deadly claws, powerful legs, and better vision. He puts his vision and mask powers to good use, using his Sniper Bolt Staff to strike opponents from afar. His mask is the Mask of Sights, allowing him to lock onto opponents more easily.

Locker was built to be a larger set, but was replaced as one of the larger sets by Beeler (mainly because I decided that the larger sets should be more animal-like)- piece-wise, he is larger than Beeler, and I feel all of his parts are put to good use. The legs are good, the clawed arms connected to the gearbox are good, and the weapon-holding arms are also very good. I love the use of the slope piece as part of his armor.

Satisfaction: 8/10

Illas, Mutant of Fire

Illas was a former hero of ancient times, who, near death, turned to Ardant in desperation for more life. However, since then, Illas has come to regret his actions. His mask is the Mask of Rampant Action, allowing him to greatly speed up any action, such as when he is charging forward, as in the picture. However, the mask has a high recharge time.

Illas is so awesome. He looks fierce and powerful, and the color scheme is good. I would love to see his arms all flailing with the gear functions. Not much more to say about him. :P

Satisfaction: 9/10

Quasaan, Mutant of Jungle

Quasaan was a beast from the jungles of Okoto who was experimented on by Ardant. Originally a fierce hunter, Ardant's modification have only made it larger and more dangerous. It can use its leg-claws to snap at opponents beneath it, and its hand-claws to attack nearby foes. Its mask is the Mask of Pain, allowing it to inflict debilitating pain on an opponent. However, this mask power takes great concentration to use.

Overall, I like Quasaan. The only con I have for it is that I'm not 100% certain the legs use a legal connection (and thus, can't bend very well in LDD, hence the straight-legged pose). :P

Satisfaction: 8/10

Beeler, Mutant of Water

Beeler was a beast from the oceans around Ardant's island. It used to be a peaceful creature until Ardant's experiments turned it into an aggressive monster. It can survive on land, although without its mask, it has difficulty moving. Its mask is the Mask of Aerial Movement, allowing it to levitate above the ground or water and move at high speeds.

Beeler is probably the most unique out of all the Mutara. I'm satisfied with the front fins, REALLY satisfied with the middle fins, and fine with the back fins (which are connected to the gearbox). It has great bulk, which captures the body style I was aiming for, and the blade tail is a great addition.

Satisfaction: 9/10


Ant Caves - Designed as a "$10" set.

Zarok's Lair - Designed as a "$20" set.

The Pumpkin King - Designed as a "$30" set.

Scarecrow Fields - Designed as a "$40" set.

Dan's Crypt - Designed as a "$60" set.

The Graveyard - Designed as a "$70" set.

The Hall of Heroes - Designed as a "$90" set.

Toa Titans
Listed in the order they were made.

Toa Rubach, Titan of Fire

183 pieces total.

A retired hero from a time long past, Rubach is said to be many eons older than any of the villagers living on the island of Okoto; how he has stayed alive so long, nobody knows, but it might have something to do with his mask power... or perhaps with a destiny which greatly eclipses even his own wildest imagination. Before being brought together with the other titans, he lived out in the volcanic wastelands, using his blades to chop through wood and stone alike for his own purposes.

His mask is the Mask of Willpower, which allows him to persevere in situations where things may otherwise seem hopeless. Many a time in his career as guardian of the island, his mask power was the only thing that gave him the energy to survive.

Toa Virillion, Titan of Jungle

165 pieces total.

Although a Toa of Jungle, Virillion greatly despises his own element and its nature of being so firmly rooted to the ground. Thus, some time ago, he sought out an unscrupulous scientist for help, which led to him becoming mutated and getting Rahi wings grafted onto himself. Although weak, stripped of his mask, and trapped for a time by the mad scientist, Virillion eventually was gifted a mask which had been secretly stashed away by a dying fellow prisoner, and used the mask's power to fashion himself a weapon and escape. Many years later, Virillion was mysteriously brought together with the other titans for an unknown purpose. During this time, Virillion has begun to have more of an appreciation for his natural element, although the air will always be his preferred home.

His mask is the Mask of Metals, which allows him to take any non-organic metals and fashion them into any shape he desires, or even simply manipulate them for use as projectiles.

Toa Karook, Titan of Stone

199 pieces total.

During a battle many decades ago, Karook was gravely injured. Although he survived long enough to be brought back safely to his village, he ended up losing his right arm and both of his lower legs. For a time, he thought himself incapable of doing anything aside from sitting around and telling stories of heroism to amuse the younglings, but one day, Karook was hit with a seemingly divine inspiration and went to work, fashioning himself new legs, a new arm, new armor, and hover jets to attach to his back. Inspired to be a hero once more, Karook set out on a journey, eventually running into the other titans.

His mask is the Mask of Durability, which allows him to encase himself and those around him in a tough layer of stone. However, while the barrier is intact, all those surrounded by it are almost completely immobile.

Toa Malwie, Titan of Water

251 pieces total.

Nobody really knows what Malwie is. Some say it's a Rahi, others say it's definitely the same species as the villagers, but regardless, everyone can agree that it seems to have Toa powers nonetheless. Although the other titans sometimes doubt it, Malwie is the most straightforward and determined of the bunch, being the first to begin seeking out the others. However, because it cannot speak at all (only grunt and squeal), they often have great difficulty trying to understand and coordinate with it. When Toa Karook tried to develop a translator in order to speak with Malwie, but upon being asked a personal question, it would erupt in a great rage and flail around and scream rather miserably. After the third question, Karook gave up.

Nobody really knows what Malwie's mask power is, but the others speculate that it might have something to do with enhanced vision, as each group member has reported numerous times that they have woken up in the middle of night to the sight of Malwie staring at them intently and unblinking. Despite apparently being an aquatic creature, Malwie is sufficiently adept at moving at land thanks to a pair of combat fists it carries, which it most commonly uses to drag itself along the ground.

Toa Akkberg, Titan of Ice

185 pieces total.

Toa Akkberg was once a legendary Toa of Ice whose name was sung joyously all across the island. One day, he set out on a perilous journey to defeat his arch-nemesis, a horrible mutant who had been terrorizing the villages all across Okoto, and who had evaded Akkberg for many years. On the peak of an icy mountain, Akkberg finally caught up with and destroyed his enemy in a battle so intense and epic that words could not begin to describe it. So overjoyed at having brought peace to the land, Akkberg began his trek down the mountain, his enemy's head in tow. However, partway through his descent, he slipped on a really bad patch of black ice and tumbled into a deep crevice near the foot of the mountain. Though the name of Toa Akkberg was quickly forgotten, myths from the area would tell of a horrific, skeletal monster that prowled the region, eating any stray travelers. The first mission of the united Toa Titans was to find this monster and restore his sanity, breaking him of the curse that was put on him by an unknown necromancer. Although he is still undead, Akkberg nonetheless maintains his honor as a Toa, albeit a somewhat bruised honor.

His mask is the Mask of Rot, which allows him to keep his otherwise fragile skeletal form together. He can also use it to briefly reanimate beings that have not been affected by a necromancer's curse, using them for information or as allies in combat.

Toa Kroniss, Titan of Earth

161 pieces total.

Once a cowardly warrior who would flee from all but the most decisively favorable battles, Toa Kroniss spent so much time underground that she began to morph and evolve features resembling those of the underground creatures she lived with, including a drill-equipped tail, night vision, and glowy arms. Spending many years in training, Kroniss has built her skills in combat to the point where she is finally ready to face her fears, and her destiny... or so she says. Only time will tell whether or not she is ready to step up and join the Toa in combat, but the fact that she had to be dragged from her cave by Toa Malwie (a fact she has tried to keep hidden) does not bode well for her.

Her mask is the Mask of Glowing, which can light up at will, to a brightness only limited by the user's strength and concentration. However, due to the changes which she underwent, the mask is now only able to fire an intensely concentrated beam of light out of her single eye, which everyone agrees is a much more useful power than its old one.

Request / [PC] Heroes of Might and Magic V - "Haven"
« on: January 21, 2013, 01:05:50 AM »
Composed by Paul Anthony Romero (who does most of the music for the HoMM series, even after the series ended up with Ubisoft).

Orginal version, as it appears in the game:

Arranged, as an example:

Arranged; look at who commented on the video (:P):

Story Telling / The Tragic Tale of Emperor Zin; Discussion!
« on: December 23, 2012, 11:53:08 AM »
Here, you may discuss The Tragic Tale of Emperor Zin.


Main characters:
Il-Kalin, the Hero of Our Story: Thought to be the chosen hero, Il-Kalin (or Ilk, as he is called) must gather an army to stop Zin.

Sasha Ehle: Damsel, but certainly not in distress. Daughter of the chieftain of a warrior-bandit clan, she can fight as well as our hero.

Emperor Zin: Antagonist; although he is more than two times the age of Il-Kalin and Sasha, he has used potions taken from the Rising Pool to keep himself young.

(more coming as the story progresses; I don't want to give away too many spoilers)

The kingdom of Dunzhol, home to a wide variety of terrain, is a semi-futuristic, yet underdeveloped, country. The best way to describe it is like a blend of ancient China and Japan with technology like rockets to propel their ships (which are most comparable to Chinese Junks), or solar energy to power the houses of the elite and rich.
Ancient technology explored making weapons powered by this solar energy, but after its failure, the areas of the kingdom resorted to using what some might consider more primitive weapons.
The planet where Dunzhol is located is much larger than earth (though not relevant to the main story); even with rocket technology, it takes quite a while to travel across the oceans. There are only two major continents, and a few small ones (at least "small" by their standards).

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