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Forum Games / Whoevers post last wins. New rule.
« on: July 18, 2008, 12:16:40 PM »
Quote from: FFL2and3rocks
When this topic goes 24 hours without any posts, whoever made the last post wins!
-No posting more than once within 24 hours. It has to be a FULL 24 HOURS, not just one post during each day. Meaning if you post at 1 PM one day, then again at 10 AM the next day, your second post won't count because even though it's the next day, it hasn't been 24 hours.
-If you do post more than once, put (doesn't count) or (DNC) at the bottom of your extra posts to let me know. It makes it easier for me to see when someone wins.
-If this topic goes 48 hours without any posts, then that counts as two wins, and so on.
-If for whatever reason CharasNSM is down, wins won't be counted during that time because that would be too unfair.
-If you cheat, I have the right to disqualify you from any future wins.

New rule:
Quote from: Dude
"Whoever posts before Concerto locks this wins"

Winners so far: None

Concerto: How's it spam? People were actually playing, and it's only one post per day to prevent it from getting more and more and more posts.


Notice how it is 327 pages long. And people do lock threads there, for good reasons. So, either way, unlock the other topic and close this, or let this one be. Stop locking threads/threatening to lock threads because you want to D:<

By the way, so far I'm in first place again.

Forum Games / Topic Kicking
« on: July 18, 2008, 12:06:20 AM »
Yet another game. Quoting from another forum.

Quote from: Moosetroop11
I just thought of this game. Whoever gets the longest topic kick in this thread wins. For instance, if the record is 12 days and the thread's been 13 days without a topic kick, you can post and get the record, OR wait and hope that no-one else posts so that you can get a longer record.

You can type random crap in your post, but be sure to put the length of your topic kick in the post so we don't have to work it out.

Hopefully this game will be allowed...

To not make it a super frequent topic in a while, let's wait 24 hours since this post. Eventually, we'll see this topic rarely.

Forum Games / Word Association
« on: July 18, 2008, 12:02:11 AM »
Another simple game.


Off-Topic / Whoever posts last wins
« on: July 17, 2008, 11:56:32 PM »
Simple game, popular on a forum I used to frequent. You can only post on this thread once every day. If no one posts during the following 24 hours since your last post, you win :D Then, we start over again (on the same thread, don't worry)

Winners so far: None

By the way, so far I'm the closest one to win :3

Off-Topic / Issues with chatroom
« on: June 27, 2008, 01:33:10 AM »
Due to recent events, discussions, drama and etc, getting another mod seems to not have been enough. So, I'm just suggesting to implement DSP's chatroom's rules, which seem simple enough to follow.

Quote from: Sephy
The chatroom, which in reality is just a Java applet to access a specific channel on a certain IRC network, is not part of the main site or the forums.

While I'm very tolerant with people in the forums, the IRC channel has completely different rules. On a forum, people can just skip posts from people that aren't very bright. On a chatroom, they can't. If you're annoying the majority of the users of the chatroom, you will be kicked.

Therefore, I have an advice for you; if you are a complete moron, stick to the forums. Because the second you get in the chatroom and act like one expect to be:
a) Ignored
b) Made fun of
c) Kicked several times
d) Permanently banned

The chatroom is not PG-13, people can swear in there and they can also hold conversations about things you find obscene. Basically, if you can't handle it or if don't like it, stay out of there.

Replace Shnaps with Jamaha and you got it. #nsm rules.

Off-Topic / HugoMeister for Chatroom Moderator
« on: June 26, 2008, 04:20:31 AM »
Since the request area specifies only about music, I'm posting here.

Yes. People have actually supported it.

PC / Spore Creature Editor
« on: June 14, 2008, 06:58:24 PM »
Creature Editor was leaked. Get here:
Or for torrent users:

Post your creatures and etc.

Here are 2 of mine.



PC / Malivari Town (My game's Demo)
« on: June 12, 2008, 07:11:36 PM »
Here's my game. There are 2 types of download:

The 11.9 megas one, which most people, if not everyone, will need
Or the 800 kbs one. But you can't use this one UNLESS you have Rm2k and the RTP installed (chances of someone of you having them are quite low, I bet)

Specifications (Aka, copy-paste of another forum)

That's it. Malivari Town (Thinking of changing the title to Malivari Simulation to make it sound a bit more Malivari RPG-eske).

You're Nolypoom, a malivari who's father was a wealthy malivari until thugs took all his money after kicking him in the face. Your objective is to fulfill your father's dream, to create a town out of an abandoned one (not accessible yet).

Rather than embarking on a wide adventure of epic proportions, this one focuses mainly on it's random daily events. People say different stuff depending on the day, the place, if it's raining or if you're drunk. They can visit other places rather than staying in a single one. Businesses close from time to time. On day, you can go fishing, while at night you can go do some street brawling. All that matters is the income.

Features of the game (Don't read if you want to explore the game's features by yourself. But if you have some questions, they might be answered here)

- Day/Night system, which allows the game to switch between Dawn, Morning, Evening at Night, each moment with different events. Also, while you're inside a building, rather than the screen panning, there's an indicator that tells you the time of the day, so you're ready to leave or be kicked.
- A watch that can tell the number of the day, month, year, and the day of the week you're on, but not the hour >_>
- Blinking system. Makes your character blink, and that's it.
- Random rainy days. Most people don't like to be outside on rainy days, but there are exemptions.
- Bank and wallet system. The money you can hold is limited to 300 Money, although you can go to the "bank" (which is a dude outside your house) to deposit and withdraw as much as you need, as long as you have it. Stored money increases by itself every week.
- Enemy system that allows you to see your enemies on the map rather than random battles, since this game does not focus on them at all. You can either defeat them or flee in battle and you'll have a pair of seconds to run from them before they go for you again. If you're defeated, you'll be thrown out of the town and lose all the Money you're holding (Before anyone asks, the only way I could make the last part work was fully healing the character, so I know it looks bad to be healthy just after you collapsed and got robbed). Since the 3-on-1 battle is apparently impossible (unless you level up a few times), and you might not want to go to the inn to heal over and over again, whenever a new day starts, you'll heal some HP.
- Random NPC dialogs. Most NPCs will say different comments when you talk to them, ALSO based on the time of the day, the day, if it's raining and wether if you're drunk or not.
- Drunken system. Go drink a beer and realize that Nolypoom has absolutely no alcohol resistance. Be prepared for a trippy ride.
- Fishing. Buy a fishing rod and you can go fish right away. Fish sleep at night, but not on rainy days.
- Fame. Not fully implemented yet, but in theory it should work on the future. The more amazing deeds you realize, the more famous you'll be.
- Music changes at night or when raining in outside maps
- On Saturday night, you can buy Rum and Wine at the pub
- While drunk, during saturday night, at the pub, talk to Cospo, and you might have to fight him.

Things to change/implement in the future:- Title screen. I know I screwed up.
- Longer days
- Get the Rain Fish while you can. Future update will have it rain way less than it actually does)
- Increase the game, of course
- Items to change the day of the week, the weather, and to heal the drunkness
- Cooking fish
- More items to explore places, and weapons to fight the thugs
- Monthly events
- Ways to remove the junk of the house and replace it
- Anything that comes to my mind later

In the case someone asks:
- You can buy the fishing rod for 100 Money on the fishing pond's shack at Dawn or Night as long as it's not raining.
- Even if you heal your drunkness in battle, if the effect of the beer(s) have not wore off yet, you might return to being drunk.
- You can't access the area below the "Kenbrow town" or whatever sign, because it's not made yet :P
- There's a house that you can't enter (The one with the goat on the evening). It'll be locked for a while

Suggestions are appreciated, questions might be answered.

Art / Egnio's little hell hole of stuff
« on: June 11, 2008, 08:05:30 PM »
Hugo's request:

Off-Topic / Vending Machine
« on: June 07, 2008, 04:26:08 AM »
Yet another forum game. Are you surprised?

I'll "insert a coin". Next person tells me what I won, and then that person will "insert a coin". It can be anything :D

*Inserts a coin*

Forum Games / Let's count to one thousand
« on: June 02, 2008, 10:54:04 PM »
Post an image of the following number. That's easy, isn't it?

Forum Games / Caption the avatar above you
« on: June 02, 2008, 10:46:49 PM »
Just thought this place needed a game.


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