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Feedback / Re: Contribution Resources on the Main Site
« on: Today at 03:27:10 AM »
make everything that could possibly go wrong go wrong.
Ah... Murphy's Law. Horrible thing, really. Anyway, I agree with Latios.

You think your life is bad?  People here do what people around you do, but WORSE.
I didn't say my life was bad. In all honesty, compared to a lot of people, I have a very good life that I probably don't appreciate as much as I should. Also, how do you know it's worse where you are? I doubt you've ever been to my town.

Triweekly Quiz Schedule v1.2
I'm literally just getting a link to the original bad schedule. Your links don't work for me. Or is anyone else having this problem?

Off-Topic / Re: The Rant Thread/My Life Sucks Topic [Don't be pricks]
« on: April 25, 2017, 11:55:53 PM »
What if they had those crappy earbuds and blast there music loud because they don't think other people can hear them when they really can. I hate that.
You think that's bad? The people at my school do that, but they know everyone can hear it.

Globlong (adj.) - Don't let the Flubber escape!

(Yay! A word I know already!)

Off-Topic / Re: The Birthday Topic
« on: April 25, 2017, 12:32:50 PM »
Happy Anniversary of the Day You Were Born, Olimar!

Right now, are we on track to have results for this contest by May 1 of this year?
E. Gadd has AP tests and a lot of them. It probably won't be until May 10th at the least.

I'm on your side, Dudeman. I unintentionally do that to my grandmother sometimes. Of course, that's not in a video game, so...

However, the last 2 melody notes of Bar 32 (G-Bb) sound incorrect to me--according to 0:45-0:46 of the video, they should be E-G instead.
I listened, and as long as you meant an En, you were right. I also noticed a couple staccato markings that were out of place, so I fixed those, too. Files updated.

But... I did do a Google Sheet... originally...
It was your set-up of said Google Sheet that people had a problem with, not the fact that it was a Google Sheet. Set up a Google Sheet in the same way you set up this new thing. Then it's perfect.

Locamotive (n.) - the reason behind a grammatical case indicating location.

(Ha! You guys thought I was gonna do something with trains when you read locamotive. Except for the fact that it's spelled with an O.)

Anyone wanting to re-enter the rotation, please speak up again.
I did... twice...

Also Levi, since the queue of judges are almost through, are you going to start taking a second round of judges?
I would love to go again. This time, I could make it tougher. And have correct rhythms to appease Maelstrom's OCD.

However, the last 2 melody notes of Bar 32 (G-Bb) sound incorrect to me--according to 0:45-0:46 of the video, they should be E-G instead. I don't know whether it's just my speakers at home, though (listening to some pieces during work is just plain disillusioning).
I'll check again when I have the chance, but thanks to Static I now have a way to listen to the channels seperately, so I don't think it's wrong. But it could be, which is why it's worth a double-check.

"If you want to enjoy a free game, you have to pay for some fun features"
That's not what I meant. I meant, "If you want to enjoy a free game, you have to get over the fact that it offers purchasable content".

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