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Post-it Art #28 - Kokiri Boots


Music / Re: What music sheets are you playing right now?
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:06:29 AM »
Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 4 in Eb Major (K 282)

I was thinking about playing some classical music for piano, and after googling "Mozart piano solo" a very rigorous selection process, I came across this one. The first movement is relatively easy, and it sounds very nice. Again I get the feeling that this piece was written with the limitations of the piano in mind.

I arranged this theme as well some time ago (if you wanna check it out, it's on my thread) and decided to forego the offbeat harmonies and include the countermelody only in the gaps of the main melody. Trying to include those harmonies makes it significantly more difficult and messy-looking (not to mention some dissonant intervals), and I think simplicity would work better for this song. Including the countermelody when it went over the main melody obscured the main melody a little bit which I had mixed feelings about. All that said, my arrangement is relatively old and I haven't thought about it in a while, and what you do with yours is ultimately up to you. Good start.

I thought I checked that no one arranged this one before... oh well. I added in the offbeats just for the sake of having them for reference. I will likely take them out for both the playability and harmonic reasons. However, the countermelody does seem important because it distinguishes the first and second repeats of the melody, and I will likely keep the countermelody's harmonics in m17-18 because they add more harmonic "flavor" and are relatively easy to play. Thanks for the feedback!

Gave some attention to Legend of Skyloft. I halved the note values in the first section, which better reflects the beat of the track. I also added in the captioning in the prologue as text along with measure numbers for future reference. There's still way too much space in between the staves but NotePad can't fix that.

Arranged Mirror of Twilight Completed from Twilight Princess. Due to it's short length and simple notes, this was probably my quickest arrangement to make. All of the formatting that needed to be done (i.e. treble clef on both hands and an 8va on the right hand) was able to be done through NASF, and because it was in 4/4 I was able to use the copy of Lanayru Sand Sea which had four measures per system.

Mirror of Twilight Completed||The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
85%, little formatting errors; short and complete.mid.pdf

Started Beach Theme (Land) from Super Mario 3D Land. This one started out easy and got progressively more difficult to arrange. The first time the melody is played, only the bass and itself are played. However, on the repeat, two new parts are added - an offbeat and a countermelody. These are both in the treble clef and I couldn't find a way to give one to the left hand without sacrificing the bassline. When I arrange, I like to include every voice that I can find and then take out parts that are either unnecessary or impossible to play. I'll likely continue doing this until I find a better option.

Beach Theme (Land)||Super Mario 3D World
45%, playability issues, incomplete.mid.pdf

Started Fire Sanctuary from Skyward Sword. The vast majority of the main voices in this piece are some form of percussion, so I used a bunch of articulations to show the different voices in the piece. The percussion luckily has a semi-discernible key (mostly "Bb"s),which eliminated my main problem when arranging this piece. This piece also shares a problem with Village of the Blue Maiden and Beach Theme - it has a section that plays once at the beginning and repeats again with one too many parts to be considered playable. Because the other "tonal" voices carry more "information" than the percussion, I will likely remove the percussion. As to why I am not writing in the string hits and supplementary percussion in the YouTube video - the .mp3 that I am using starts off with what you hear on the arrangement and adds parts as the song repeats. (This also happens in the "Ancient Lanayru" (Lanayru Sand Sea) track.) If the updaters have any preference of which version to use, let me know.

Fire Sanctuary||The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
40%, percussion is "fun".mid.pdf

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Piano Cover - "Lanayru Sand Sea" from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Channel Art

As followers of my blog will know, I have started my very own YouTube channel for posting video game covers. Yesterday I have posted a performance of my arrangement of "Lanayru Sand Sea" from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You can see it here -

I wrote a lot in the description about the making of the video, so I won't go into a lot of detail here. As I have said in the description and the blog post, I didn't have a very long time to rehearse because of deadlines, so there are a few pauses in my playing. I hope to re-upload this video with a better performance. I plan to make more of these in the future (not near, just future), so please consider sticking around.
to bring the pageviews up higher than 0

New blog post -

YouTube Channel Art


Yes, I will be starting a YouTube channel in the near future. No, it probably won't replace the blog.

Alright, going through this one and making a bunch of changes. Here's a list...
- Space. The sheet needs more of it.
- The intro should be a 4/4 bar followed by a 3/4 bar. You can tell that the music just doesn't line up right in the version you have now.
- Also in the intro: Gb->F# (D major chord)
- m. 5 and 9: changing the dotted eighth on beat 1 RH to an eight + 16th rest; there's a discernible rest there.
- m. 6 and 10: changing the bass to have Bb-Fn higher instead of what you had before - it's more accurate, flows better, and is easier to play now.
- m. 11 and onwards - suggest omitting the bass note on beat 2 for simplicity and to reflect the way you wrote out the bass in the previous measures.
- m. 12 - beat 4 eighth->quarter
- I redid the LH of 14 and 18 in the way that I would personally write it. As mentioned above, I don't think keeping the extra layers is worth the sudden difficulty spike. See if you like.

Here's the file with changes: [MUS]

Put this onto the submission. Your left hand edits are good; they're both playable and accurate.

New blog post -

Post-it Art #27 - Ocarina of Time

4/21/17 Inpeach (intj.)- Help! I've been trapped in a peach!

This is amazing. I can't quite express how good this is with my clumsy words.
Good job.

Thank you!

New blog post -

Post-it Art #26 - Mask of Truth

Formatting should be good for this one, I double-checked it and even used the special requests thread. However, m12 looks a bit messy and I'm not sure what to do. I also checked the harmonics, but I can't figure out the one at bt.1 m15 (0:48). One question - there's also a fanfare which plays just before this in the original game which is only sometimes split up by soundtrack compilations; should I include it or should it be its own separate sheet?

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