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Correct title is "Gang-Plank Galleon"

Feedback / Re: The Great NSM Audit
« on: July 17, 2018, 04:41:41 AM »

Update time.

Today's update added a total of 3 replacements, 2 of which were taken off of the spreadsheet.
I could've sworn that The Decisive Battle was on the spreadsheet, but I guess it's not

This has been your NSM Audit Update™. We look forward to seeing you in the not-so-great sequel.

Site News / Re: Update, Friday 13th of July 2018 (Octopath Traveler)
« on: July 14, 2018, 02:47:17 AM »

I would definitely love to be a part of this! Only caveat being that I don't have many Mario sheets (and no Zelda sheets whatsoever). But, I'm sure I can come up with something!


it keeps happening

...Honestly, I don't know what to do. It opens just fine on my computer/version of Finale - it's likely a conversion error between people's differing versions of Finale.

Site News / Re: Update, Wednesday 4th of July, 2018
« on: July 04, 2018, 06:20:46 PM »
Today in a nutshell:

- Arrangement is spelled "arrangement" you have "arrangment"
...i must atone for my sins. Fixed.

- Playability in M. 1-4 & 21?
idk man. I suppose I could put a "leave bottom layer out if necessary" for m.21 like in my FFIV Battle theme? Not entirely sure how I could really condense the beginning, though...

Otherwise, everything else should be fixed.

Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl Version [NDS]
"Pokémon Center (Day)"MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginalNEW!!

Let's try and get the ball rolling again...

Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl Version [NDS]
"Pokémon Center (Day)"MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginal

Let's try and get the ball rolling again...

Piano Arrangements / Re: Yug Guy's Arrangement Emporium (6/24 - Dead)
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:35:30 AM »
Secret of Mana [SNES]
"I Closed My Eyes"MUSMUSXMIDIPDFOriginalNEW!!

This time, I'm actually dead.

Just browsing, do you think this would be better in D rather than keyless?
^ Gonna have to agree; I'm pretty sure this song is definitely in D major. (at least until m.17, which is in D minor. Whether or not you want to change the key for the last 6-8 measures is up to you)

Also, this game is coming to iOS & Android soon, so the category should be changed to [MUL]

Go one or the other, but not both. I'd say put it was q=whatever because that fits the 4/4 you have.

Don't forget about the other thing I said tho
I didn't forget, I was just waiting for a response to the other thing first.

Any reason the tempo is half=108 when it's in 4/4?
I was originally considering putting this in cut time because of its high tempo, but ended up only putting the half-note marker as a sort of compromise? Idk, I guess I was being pretty indecisive. i hate myself Any thoughts on what to do with it?

Feedback / Re: The Great NSM Audit
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:09:14 AM »
your url failed
Which one? All links appear to be working at the moment.

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