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Does my sheet warrant being replaced? (Open question)

Doesn't that break some formatting guidelines though? I would think that a submission would require measures/obvious rhythm dividers within the sheet.
The purpose of the sheet music is to clearly communicate to the performer what needs to be played, in order to reflect the original song. So naturally, how something is written out will rely upon the source material, although there is some room for interpretation. Here are a few examples:

"Temple of Time" from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - a sparse song with a lot of silence; the sheet communicates measured gaps between different piano riffs.

"Lethal Lava Land" from Super Mario 64 - a constantly moving but free-flowing song that doesn't quite fit into any strict rhythm; the sheet uses many different rhythmic figures but deliberately lacks a time signature.

"Field (Day)" from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - a song that contains distinct phrases in strict tempo that are played spontaneously in-game; the sheet doesn't tie them together as a result.

These sheets use rhythm notation and measures in a way so as to make it clear what's expected of the performer, not to adhere to some standards or guidelines. What I'm trying to say here is simply that how you write it depends on the original song, and how we can best communicate the rhythm and phrasing (or lack thereof).

Nice, looking good. Really glad to see another KSS replacement! :)

- Main thing - this sheet would benefit from some more articulation directions, specifically staccatos. There are important distinctions between staccato and legato notes/sections in this song; I'll leave that up to you to sort out.
- Watch the positionings of your 8vas/staves. The 8va line is squashed between m. 13 and 17 for example.
- Beat 3 LH of m. 13 should be D.
- The last few measures have a bunch of incorrect dyads, see here:

Title changed.

- Is there a reason you have the offbeat notes in the first measure written as a second layer in the right hand instead of part of the left hand layer?
- m. 5 beat 3 should be a C.
- Watch the slurs in m. 3, 4, 7, 8 around the D and A flat/natural. Also on page 2
- You use different chord tones in m. 11+ for the arpeggios, just checking that was intentional (so as to not duplicate the bass?) Also leaving out the offbeat bass in 15, 17
- m. 29 beat 1 LH is D?
- Is that a custom ending? Regardless, I like it :P though I'd suggest flipping the layer 3 ties downwards at the end.

Agreed! Great work Sebastian and congrats Levi!

Awesome, looks great! Just one small thing about m. 28 - did you consider moving the dyad to the left of the dotted whole note to avoid collision with the augmentation dot? There's a pretty big gap between the two layers and the dotted whole note is awfully close to the barline - but if you want to "prioritize" the top layer by keeping it leftmost I understand.

Sure, sounds good. Lemme know if you need help (although I'm sure Insig can help resolve that)

Nice work. Key change looks good to me.

I'm personally not much a fan of how the parallel thirds interfere with the melody in places like m. 12-14 but I suppose with enough skill the melody can be brought out, or the performer can choose to omit the parallel thirds, so looks alright to me.

- The parallel thirds are present in beats 1-2 of measure 30 as well. All the other pitches look good to me.
- Although, you may want to think about how you want to denote overlap between LH/RH in m. 24 beat 1 and 27 beat 5.
- The half rest is too close to the slur in m. 8.
- Is there a reason for the slur between the C-Bb in m. 8-9? There's already a slur above that whole phrase.
- Adjust the slur coming into m. 13; it's at a very odd angle.
- Did you mean to reduce the tempo at m. 20? Half note = 56 is the same tempo as the rest.
- Whole rest is misaligned in m. 24.
- Half note is misaligned in m. 28. Drag it to the left of the whole note perhaps so it doesn't collide with the augmentation dot?

Looks great other than that!

Yay replacement! This is a good one, your sheets have been looking great lately :P

- Watch your margins. Your copyright into and second page header info are well outside the set regions. I'd suggest moving a system over to page 2; you have ample space there to use, so why bother squishing things onto the bottom of page 1.
- I'd suggest getting rid of the octave 16ths, since I doubt anyone will take those seriously at tempo. You can also move the staccatos above the notes since there's nothing above them. Instead of moving them manually, since in this sheet those are the only places you use two layers, you can simply go to Document > Document Options > Layers and uncheck "Freeze stems and ties" for Layer 2.
- Actually on closer inspection I'm not sure this riff is right... the lower notes are definitely not octave doubling the higher layer in the original, for one thing, and what I'm hearing is a semitone off from what you have in places. Maybe it's detuned a bit? It sounds weird when I play it back, would be nice if you could double check or someone else could weigh in.
- The last two right hand notes in m. 18 could use staccatos. Beat 1.5 of m. 15 as well. Conversely, I don't think you need staccatos on the 16th notes that follow a dotted eighth like in m. 6, 10, 16, and 18.
- F's in LH beat 4 of m. 22 and 24 are G an octave below in the original. Kind of a big jump but probably doable.
- Is there a reason m. 25-31 are half notes instead of whole notes? The noise in the original starts to fade away but doesn't just stop mid-measure.
- I'd strongly recommend some percussion notation for the last 8 bars - hands aren't busy there and it sounds really empty otherwise so why not? :P

Here's the original!

Site News / Re: Update, Wednesday 15th of August 2018
« on: August 15, 2018, 01:54:35 AM »
And now we return to your irregularly scheduled update.

I was moving bookcases.
that sounds like a great poem

Nice work, everyone!

Yep, Static's right. I've got that updated for you real quick. Good to go.

Levi told me via Discord I could make the edits for him, so I did.

Looks good.

I think this would work better in D major.

Splendid! Approved.

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