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The videos have been coming faster than my new sheets lately...!

Sure, no problem!

-not sure what to do with the three note chord in m16 without removing it, any ideas? I know it can be awkward to play but will be missed sonically to just have nothing there
Whoops, sorry, I think I meant measure 6! That's what this was meant to apply to:
- The notes in the three layers in the middle of m. 16 look a bit mixed up. Were some of them moved between layers to keep things looking nice? And is the hollowed-out notehead for the B intentional?

-not sure what to adjust with the margins either
You've got a half inch top margin which is good but the header info and page numbers float above that. Please refer to this post:
- Your header info as well as copyright are all currently outside the preset margins. While using the Text Tool, right click those and select "Edit Frame Attributes", and make sure the V (vertical) number is set to zero.

Here it is.
I just edited the bassline and added slurs for grace notes, so you can probably copy+paste that line in
Err, grace note lines are still amiss. We can edit that in for you if you want.

Other passing suggestions:
- Omit the G# in piano 2 m. 33 RH? It's a slight stretch, and piano 1 already has that note.
- Measure 39-40 are fine to emphasize, but I'm not much a fan of the octave tripling in piano 1 - it feels a bit out of place to me. Would you be willing to try something else there?
- I'd suggest a clef change for piano 1's right hand from measure 37 to 45.

Here's my first Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon sheet in ages! Thanks to daj for advice on arranging this one, as well as providing a polished final performance!

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
NEW!   Grass Continent: Capim Town[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

I may continue being slightly inactive posting new arrangements for a little bit while I focus on some real-life things as well as work on a personal project of sorts (which will end up here on NSM after I finish).

Great! Now checking the rest right now:
- m. 14 left hand, eighth note should fall on beat 2.5, not 2.
- m. 25 left hand beat 3 - consider inserting an A on the bottom? (A7 chord)
- Consider flipping beat 3-4 of measure 9 - this would preserve the contour of the notes both in the octaves leading into this part, and the E# leading into the next measure. If you do this, be sure the staccato is flipped back the right way.
- The last system is awkwardly written with a bunch of overlaps between the hands. While it's nice that you've noted it with parentheses in some places, I'd suggest thinking a bit more about what you want the performer to do, and notate is as such. Do you want the performer to sustain the A from 29-31? If so, you can just omit the A's in the left hand. And vice versa, if you think the performer should play the A's in the chords, don't sustain the note in the right hand. What you have written in both staves right now directly contradict each other. (Same thing with 32, here would suggest dropping the A in the left hand chord.)
- Also space the systems out a bit more (most notably on page 2 where the 8vb lines get close to other systems, but page 1 as well). You've got unused space at the bottom of the page.
- Refer to this post regarding text being outside the page margins. (Your staves are fine.)
- Your header info as well as copyright are all currently outside the preset margins. While using the Text Tool, right click those and select "Edit Frame Attributes", and make sure the V (vertical) number is set to zero.

Submissions / Re: [PC] Yume Nikki - "FC Field" by Rwars
« on: April 14, 2018, 02:28:34 AM »
Nice sheet! Just to clean up, please put up with me for a moment as I point out some things to keep in mind about the layout now and for future sheets:
- Your header info as well as copyright are all currently outside the preset margins. While using the Text Tool, right click those and select "Edit Frame Attributes", and make sure the V (vertical) number is set to zero.
- Similarly, while the staves all lie within the page margins, the staff braces are not, skewing the appearance of everything on the page to the left. One way you can change this is by using the Page Layout Tool. Right click and select "Edit Margins", and insert a small value (around 0.1 looks right) to nudge the everything the correct amount to the right.
- Uniform spacing between systems isn't always the best solution, because objects have varying distances from the staves. Here, the second system doesn't have the eighth notes beamed upwards like the third and fourth systems do, so alotting it a same sized gap after the first system results in a disproportionate amount of whitespace. You'll generally end up with more visually pleasing results if you manually adjust the spacing between systems that have objects at different vertical levels.

These are small things, but paying careful attention to spacing in the layout can really make a difference in how polished your sheet looks. I would recommend updating the template you're using.

Another optional thing you may want to consider is using the extra space you have on page 3 instead of pushing 5 systems onto page 2. This would also result in a section break across the page break. See if you like.

[Here's a file with the updated layout.]

I recommend it when a song is split into multiple repeating sections, like here.

Yeah, that's fine since the first four bars are a repeating section.

Awesome, no problem!

Really immaculate job, extremely well done. Accept!

Uhhh yeah. New game, but came out in 1999. That's about it for now.

Also, some more recent performances of my arrangements from the past month or so! I've got some really amazing fans... <3

"Crimson Loftwing" / "Link and his Loftwing" by daj:

"Mipha's Theme" by daj:

"The Water Maiden" by SymFloNy:

"Warmth Is Gone" by daj:

"Main Menu" by Sayshi:

"Mipha's Theme" by veganpianist:

Added a new replacement for the Wind Waker project (minor fixes will come later) -

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
NEW!   The Legendary Hero[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

I don't think it matters if the playback doesn't repeat everything. It's about the sheet innit
Indeed! Don't let the musical notation program impede how you want to write something out - and there's often a workaround as well. Like here:

I tried doing this but to no avail. It looks fine, but the playback doesn't repeat the entire form, instead just ending after playing through it once. I marked in a D.S., so that it could repeat back to the top, and remembered to make sure that it would reset on repeat action. How do I get around this?

(The reason I wrote it out the way I did before was because of this problem; initially, I did want to make it 8 bars rather than 16 bars, but I wasn't sure how I would've gone about doing it, because I anticipated that this could've happened)
Here you're looking for a D.C. instead of a D.S.! (Also no "al fine", since the song repeats forever.) As for the playback, if you set the D.C. repeat marking to "Jump on pass 2" and "Target measure 1", as well as check "Reset on repeat action" for the end repeat bars, it should function as you want it.

And here's a file with the above changes, as well as a slightly adjusted layout to allow things a bit more space.

Bar 5 - If you move the High G in the LH into octaves in the RH, it becomes a lot easier all around.
You could do that, but I don't feel like it's something that improves the sheet all that much - instead of having a large jump in the left hand, you'd have to somewhat awkwardly hit the high G at the end of measure 5 with your pinky. Personal preference: I'd rather keep it as is, but that's up to the arranger to decide! (Though making this change would make the right hand part look messier, so there's that too.)

Submissions / Re: [MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes - "Main Menu" by Latios212
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:16:22 AM »
Sorry. I'm definitely prone to exaggeration, but I wasn't trying to distort your words.
It's alright! Do try to be mindful of your tone when giving feedback though, else it could be ill-received.

Looking through it once more, it seems to me as though the sixteenth notes in the second half of beat 5 (measures 5 and 7) would fit this division as well, since they resemble the second half of beat one. In any case, I meant that, while attention isn't drawn to it outside of measures 12–15, it's not contradicted either, which is another reason why I don't think it should be ruled out.
For the right hand, perhaps, but the left hand doesn't strike a bass note on beat 5, so I still think it'd be a strange point to divide the measure at.

It's perfectly countable and actually makes perfect sense because it's a hemiola. You see those in waltzes quite regularly, for example. I find this much easier to count in 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 3.

Having said that, the one thing that having a /8 time signature doesn't take in to account is that in bar 3 when the snare drum comes in, it plainly plays on every quarter note beat.
That's interesting! Although I will admit that maybe the snare drum has been a large part of what's driving me to use 7/4 (I hadn't brought it up before). 7/4 still feels like the most solid option to me.

As for the later bits, there's nothing wrong with changing to or 7/4 at bar 12 and then changing back to 14/8 four bars later with 3+3+3+3+2.

So in the end, I don't know what I'd choose. Both have their merits and negatives. If it was my sheet, I'd do /8 but I'm not saying that's necessarily correct.
I could change to 14/8 temporarily, but I feel the sheet's naturally most coherent sticking to the /4 time signatures - that way there's a solid beat at 100BPM to follow the whole way through.

Thank you both for your input!

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