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Piano Arrangements / Re: Deku Trombonist's Arrangements
« on: September 12, 2009, 04:31:41 AM »
Am I the only person on here who keeps getting incompatible format? I have finale notepad 2008 and I thought that should be good enough, but maybe not. I got super excited when I saw the Mario Kart 64 stuff because it is so underrepresented on this site. I'm totally going to learn it as soon as I can open the file.

Request / Re: SSBM request
« on: January 20, 2009, 04:28:41 AM »
I keep getting a page load error.

Well seeing as the site has changed its name it's now actually
and .

Now I can actually download it. And while I'm at it, does anybody have the sheet for Hyrule castle from A link to the past? I'm surprised it's not on here, but it's possible that it just didn't get added like the intro.

Help! / Using other Midi files
« on: January 06, 2009, 12:46:40 AM »
So I've started using midi files from other websites to try to make sheets for myself. What I've been doing though is taking a Midi file off say, Video game music archive, and cutting down, editing, and adding my own slight changes to the music that's given to me. At first I was just going to do it so I could play songs that aren't on here, but I've figured if I go through the trouble of making a sheet, I might as well put it on here for whenever they start adding things to the website again. I was wondering if posting my sheet music on here is even legal, or if what I'm doing is too close to plagiarism for it to be okay. If it isn't okay, where do you get your music from to start a sheet?

In case anybody's wondering I'm doing Guile's Stage from Street Fighter II.

Help! / Re: Difficulty
« on: January 06, 2009, 12:40:33 AM »

any level of difficulty below impossible is generally accepted, assuming all other parts of the arrangement are deemed good enough... i.e i think that the majority of players can not stretch beyond a 9th interval, thus giving intervals of 10ths, 11ths etc, can get a little uncomfortable and not difficult because of the substance of the music, but because of the inability for the hand to stretch that far...

I beg to a way...While most people can only play Blocked chords as far as a ninth, most people that have studied piano to a degree can roll chords up to about a 15th. Look at Chopin and Beethoven's music. They use a ton of chords beyond an octave.....and then there's Franz Liszt O_____O   BUT, having chords this large, even when they are rolled, ups the difficulty of the piece significantly. So it would be safe to downsize the chords, because about 70% of the people are probably not as advanced in piano as they would need to be to be able to play such chords smoothly.

True, but Liszt has massive hands and it's unrealistic to assume other people can actually play that. While rolled chords are good, they can't substitute solid chords under various circumstances. If you're holding a chord for one measure, it doesn't really make a difference, if you're playing eighth note chords in four four, then it gets a bit weird if you try to roll all them. The song in the back of the grade 8 repertoire for RCM is (or was) Gentle waltz by Oscar Peterson. He had huge hands, and there was one part in the song that had you holding a D flat below the bottom G of the bass clef (half note) and also playing a G flat just below middle C (quarter note) and while still holding said D flat, play the F just below the G flat. Needless to say you can't roll it and it's pretty much impossible to play it with normal sized hands.

These kind of chords should be avoided, unless you can roll them, which isn't all the time. Btw sorry if I sounded to harsh on my disagreement.

General / Re: wots the hardest game youve ever played?
« on: September 07, 2008, 12:23:22 AM »
For me it's ninja Gaiden on the xbox. You know that the game is difficult to a level of unfair when you have a sword and your enemy has a rocket launcher.

Here's a link to what I find is a good list, and an enjoyable watch

General / Re: whats your favorite game of all time
« on: August 05, 2008, 03:59:05 AM »
How has nobody said Ocarina of Time? That game was a masterpiece. I'm looking to get chrono trigger and final fantasy VI so I can't count them out (they're supposed to be up there). For FPS i'm incredibly stuck between perfect dark and every game from the halo series.

Microsoft / Re: Halo 3 pretty fun or just boring?
« on: August 05, 2008, 03:50:49 AM »
Well to be fair, I am somewhat prejudice towards the halo series, seeing as I put more time into one and two than my next top 10. I find that halo 3 made the campaign much more interesting, and worth playing through once or twice. The online however is unmatched in my opinion. I have CoD4 and everyone says how amazing the online is, but in reality I play halo about three times more often than I play CoD4. I also found that CoD4's single player was about the same quality as halo. The online will only get boring if you don't know the people you play with. Get some good friends and it's a really fun party game, (so long as you don't have one guy that really sucks and always drags your team down, then he gets upset and everything else just goes to crap).

Request / [SNES] Street Fighter II - "Cammy's Stage"
« on: July 14, 2008, 01:52:29 AM »
So I was just having a gander in this discussion topic thread thing here, and I noticed that there were no requests for Street Fighter II and it's iterations (turbo, and super SFII). That game's soundtrack has consistently good music and any would be great to have on here.

If you go to the third affiliate on the list, the one that just has midi files and search for it under SNES than you should be good for any song you want.

I hope somebody will respond to this but i'm new to being registered so I have no idea if people respond to threads made by someone other than a senior member.

Personal request is Cammy's stage from super street fighter II

link :

Feedback / Re: Triplets
« on: July 14, 2008, 01:25:54 AM »
Though triplets and other hybrids (sextuplet, heptuplets, so on) can be a hassle, they can be used for an entire song. I just played Minuet in C minor III for my grade 8 RCM and it is entirely triplets in the right hand with a 3/4 time signature. It really depends on the left hand for it to matter whether it should be triplets or not.

Btw, yes I did just sign up, so that's why you don't recognize my name.

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