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Feedback / Re: How do you submit a replacement
« on: Today at 12:19:53 AM »
Your concerns about the submission process are totally valid. It's just the attitude and unnecessary word use I had a problem with, but moving past that...

Personally, I would just copy the game name and paste it into the box. From there, I'd put a hyphen and just click the down arrow to whatever track I'm looking for. I was never really concerned with its "inconvenience" since it usually only took me a few seconds to find the sheet I was looking for. In fact, I always found it easier to submit a replacement than to have to type in all the game information, but that's just me.

I never gave it a second thought since it worked for me well; however, I do understand your concerns about the inconvenience it is to type in the entire game name (especially when it's lengthy) and your idea about improving the system. Unfortunately, most of the staff, as well as myself, don't know much about the system (its interface, coding parameters, etc), so I would encourage Deku and anyone else familiar with the system to share their thoughts.

Feedback / Re: How do you submit a replacement
« on: August 17, 2018, 05:18:28 PM »
The screenshots are taken of this:

Maybe read the tutorial of said function before throwing a fit.

Also, garbage is quite a relative term since the submission system is working perfectly. Your view of it and lack of knowledge about it is the problem. If you have an idea for improving the system or believe it is not the best it could be, then bring it up like a civilized adult instead of acting like an angsty teen. People will not want to respond to that or take you seriously if you're acting like that.

Maybe Deku can shed some light on why replacements are different. Personally, I find it just fine the way it is. I've never had an issue with it and I believe it does it's job efficiently. Reading the submission guide really isn't that hard.

Feedback / Re: How do you submit a replacement
« on: August 17, 2018, 01:37:22 PM »
Um...maybe learn to read before you start throwing around unfair and false statements about the site and staff...?

Literally tons of people (including myself) have asked about this at one point. Please read around next time before throwing a hissy fit.


Revenge -
- Once again, I'd zoom it out to 85%, space the systems, move the copyright down, etc.
- In M. 2 & 4, go ahead and turn the tied quarters into a half note (also anywhere else that returns).

Notes sound good. Thanks for picking 8-bit songs.  ;D


Evil Devil -
An interesting song here.
- I would put a dotted line (shows voice crossing) here so this doesn't look like it was sporadically placed.

- Personally, I think M. 6, in general, is a mess. I would remove those 16ths. They're unpianistic in my opinion and serve little purpose. Also, the Ab seems unnecessary.

- The layout is a bit of a mess. The page is currently at 95%. I would put it down to 90 or 85, use the staff tool and click the top box (so it highlights all the stop staves), spacing them that way, and then moving the copyright down a bit. This will also solve the problem of the mp dynamics looking like they're a part of the top staff instead of wondering which they're a part of. As for the dynamic markings, I would recommend putting them in the middle of the grand staff, but I understand this is your preference.
- When playing through this song and coming to M. 8, the 16ths confused me because it looked like there was an E# and then a subsequent F (natural) when in fact it's an F# sharped somewhere previously in the same measure. To purge any ambiguity, I'd put a parenthesized courtesy accidental on the F# on beat 4.
- The second dotted half in M. 11, 13, & 14 (and any other measure like it) change to like M. 6 in my screenshot (eighth tied to quarter).

I think that's all I have for this one, but make the changes and I'll double check. The notes sound good.

Site News / Re: Update, Wednesday 15th of August 2018
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:56:36 AM »
Nice work, everyone.


[SWITCH] Super Mario Odyssey

Shiveria Town     

Here is the first of hopefully many more Super Mario Odyssey sheets! By the way, this one is already accepted, but any feedback is still appreciated greatly. Stay tuned for more sheets...

Feedback / Re: The Great NSM Audit
« on: August 14, 2018, 03:38:32 PM »
I thought that you would be interested to know that I deleted a sheet from the site. There was a copy of an arrangement (under a different title) in the Super Mario RPG game that was never deleted after being replaced.

I'll be submitting a different one and leaving this on the back burner, but I still plan on getting this done soon.

I too support the use of a pickup measure. Even though the 16th notes are in strict time, they serve as a, well... pickup to the main melody; I'd personally almost consider them grace notes. Besides, you're not including the percussive intro, so I don't think it's needed to count in. That's not saying you have to use the pickup measure, though, if you don't want to. But that's why I'd suggest doing so.
That's a good point. Besides, anyone can count an extra measure in their head if they need to. Fixed.

Small thing: the grace notes in m. 34 are difficult to execute properly. Take another look and see if you want to keep those or not.
Oh, poo. I meant to make that measure similar to the other LH measure with parentheses. Fixed.

Other than that, it really looks terrific to me! That's all I have, very nice work!
Thanks! :))

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Hollow Knight - "Dirtmouth" by Maelstrom
« on: August 14, 2018, 03:09:52 AM »
Nice 2.0.


This is a swell sheet, but why not just use a pickup measure at the beginning?
Usually, in 6/8 time, I'll leave the measure whole. Also, I like it for counting reasons and I feel it'd be helpful for those that want to count out the song. If encouraged more, I guess I could change it.

Also, I've wondered something about your recent sheets; the 8va doesn't look like the general Maestro format. Is there a reason?
I don't use the Maestro font. I use the Engraver font set.

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